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Child porn = Harry Potter? NO-NO!

August 8th, 2007 (04:35 pm)

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Well, I’ve just come back to LJ and I’m a bit… dumbfounded about their new policy regarding child porn and how it has affected our HP fandom. While I’m pretty sure the 99,99999% of people find child porn aberrant, (I’m myself included, of course), to consider *any* drawing of fictional people (as any HP character) under 18 years old in a sexual situation as child porn is bit… well…

English is not my native language, and that is why I find the word “teenager” enlightening. A teenager is not a child. Two old teenagers (sixteen, seventeen) fumbling around, exploring, yes, even having explicit sex, is not aberrant, is… almost natural. That is the age when young people finds about sex. That is how the thing goes since the night of the time, no matter what religions and social convections want to impose on us nowadays. Not that long ago, in our occidental society, legal marriages were set between 15 years olds. I don’t think that is good, mind you, but the development of young people includes the awareness about sex.

It’s not porn. It was never about porn.

And now, LJ consider depicting that awareness between fictional characters a crime. Sigh. I’m a fanartist, so naturally I’m a bit worried. All of my sexually explicit drawings depict adults, as my preferred ship is old Severus/Remus, but it pisses me off that I cannot draw them younger. That doing it so, makes me a “child molester”. I’m a 28 years old woman, with an established relationship since more than three years, and my boyfriend knows my HP-fan facet, knows that I write and draw slash and doesn’t mind. I’ve always felt fortunate that I didn’t have to hide my fannish interests from anyone. Till now… I suppose.

(no subject)

August 1st, 2007 (09:59 pm)

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I should have been working, but oh well... I got bored and an image conjured up in my mind... And that is strange, because due to all my work-related stress, I haven't thought of HP or Snape in a (little) while... Anyway, here is it. A sad picture for a very sad moment of Deathly Hallows.

DH spoilerish pic...!Collapse )

As always, made with Photoshop and my old dear mouse. ;)

I'm back... with the DH book under my arm! ;)

July 23rd, 2007 (04:18 pm)
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Hi all. I don’t know if I have still some friend reading this… it’s been so long since I last posted… and in truth, I didn’t checked LJ for more than a year. Life is like that, interests come and go, and I’ve been rather busy as well… I’m sorry I didn’t answer any comment in that time, just… I was out of LJ. I hope you understand and forgive me.

I have still not finished my career, but I’ll will soon, at last! My great date is October fifth, so my summer has been so far working as crazy in front of my computer, and I foresee it will go like that till I’m finally done. I have only a couple of months left, and there is so much to do yet, but I cannot wait anymore. I WILL finish it.

But- I yet don’t live like a monk (although it’s a near thing, lately), and of course I went out to pick my Deathly Hallows book. Yes, my little HP fangirl is still alive! I confess, I never completely left… Sometimes… sometimes… I lurked… silently… though my old pages, my old comms, seeking, seeking a bit of HP fanfic… Snapefics to feed that little hpfangirl…

So… yes. I’m back to post yet another DH review (/laugh)

Spoilers on the wayCollapse )

Love, noe

ART: myself (more or less... Lets put the emphasis in 'less' ;)

February 23rd, 2006 (11:37 pm)
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current mood: sleepy
current song: Bird Cage - Escaflowne OST

Lately I'm disappeared working... Some days I'm horribly depressed, others I have faith in what I'm doing… mostly I'm tired like an old dog.

Today I've done a little break and tried to paint something in Photoshop. For once, it's not Severus Snape, it's not related to HP… It's… a portrait of myself.

No, not exactly. It's a portrait of myself… if I were a vampire! :D

You see, I'm still playing that little game, Vampires. I'm in a clan, and from time to time I RP with the other 'vampire' members there… Nowadays I'm kinda 'flirting' with one of them. So he asked me to describe myself… and this is the result: an image as how vampire!noe would look like. Quite improved over the human self! *laughs*

Still, I had fun drawing this. I wanted to try a "painted" look, and I'm quite satisfied about the result.

Image hosting by Photobucket

Vampire!noeCollapse )

As always, made with Photoshop and my old dear mouse. ;)

Albus, welcome home...

January 21st, 2006 (06:00 pm)

current mood: enthralled

For the past decade, my closest family has had five members: my father, my mother, my sister (even if she doesn't live with us anymore), myself and… my sweetest cat Luna. But now… now we are six.

Because on this past Monday, my father appeared at home with… a little kitten!

It's two months old, male, white, and it's name is Albus.

Ah, and I'm in love with himCollapse )

keko Snape and other HP happenings...

January 16th, 2006 (12:58 am)
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It seems my life is going in circles. When it seems I can safely leave (more or less) Snape out of my life, and go on with my RL career… kekoSnape appears!!!

My, aranluc, you are right, I must be suffering Snape-withdrawal, and J has noticed it, because he gave as a gift…

KEKO PROFESSORSNAPE!!!! And his lovely, smooth, and completely black wand.

Ah, look at them, look at them…

Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.com

Several pics of keko snape, because I'm in the mood :DCollapse )

It's not lovely?

Well, I can tell my mother was horrified J would have spent his money on those… but the truth is that I have quite an amount of HP things…

1) The first four HP book in Spanish, along with "Quiddicht through the ages" PS, CoS and Quidditch were a gift, I bought PoA and GoF:***Collapse )

2) In English, OotP and HBP (adult edition), from my own hard earned money: ***Collapse )

3) In Spanish, Barry Trotter! XD A gift, too: ***Collapse )

4) PS, CoS and PoA dvd's, the first was a gift: ***Collapse )

5) The Erised Mirror Clock! Was a gift, and the clock broke within months. ;) ***Collapse )

6) Ron wand. A gift… before it was known Snape's wand was on sale. ***Collapse )

7) My wizard Hat!!!! I made it myself and wore it when I went to see PoA (aranluc, I got in the news, in Telecinco news… XD) I have also an homemade cloak and slytherin scarf, but I don't remember where I put them… ***Collapse )

8) A PoA poster and several little plates. All of them… gifts. ***Collapse )

OMG, what is happening to my room!!!! ¡¡¡HarryPotterización!!!

----+++ Signed: Snapecoholic noe

Snapecoholic Noe is talking

January 10th, 2006 (10:51 pm)
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Errr… do you remember that rant… two months ago, stating I was going to concentrate in finishing my career and leave Snape out of my head?


Well, I will consider it one of those goals people intends to achieve when a new year starts. Like giving up smoking, or going to the gym. I must try not to think in Snape and concentrate in my career.


I can do it.


I will start tomorrow. Because today… today I've spend the afternoon drawing Snape. *sigh* At least, this time it was with a good reason… You know I've been like a child with new shoes about the Secret Snupin Santa Exchange, right? This time this drawing is a gift to McKay, the exchange creator and Santa, for all the work she put in it.

And here it is:

Title: Trapped
Author: _noesumeragi_
Rating: A big N-17 here, because McKay deserves the most explicit hot sex between our dearest Severus and Remus!
Notes: Made using Photoshop and my mouse, as always. The picture is a bit large.

A little house elf told me she liked alpha!Remus, and that two of her kinks were "against the wall" and "partially clothed" sex…

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

So… you know what you are going to find… ;)

Severus Snape y los Tres Reyes Magos.

January 6th, 2006 (10:13 pm)
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current mood: artistic
current song: Mischief Managed - HP and PoA OST

Well, today has been Reyes Magos day in Spain! (something like Santa Claus; they are Tree Magic Kings bringing gifts for the good children... :)

I'm a good girl (of course, of course) and got my wonderful gifts. But little Severus was also a good boy! Now, a secret about the Reyes Magos and Santa: (top-secret!)Collapse )

And knowing that... time to discover what little Severus got!

the morning after the Reyes Magos had came, little Severus found a great gift!Collapse )

…and yeah, I was bored again... ^^

Secret Snupin Santa

December 29th, 2005 (01:29 am)
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current mood: complacent
current song: Power of denial - OST American Beauty

Well, Secret Snupin Santa Exchange is over, and all the names and gifts are in the open!!! This has been the first time I have participated in an exchange like this, and I loved it.

kinky_kneazle was my particular Snupin Santa (thank you!!!), who wrote Why Didn't We...? for me; a very sad story, post HBP. I certainly requested drama-angst, and got a full cup for that. I requested a happy end, too… but it was not to be. *sniff* Beautiful story, anyway.

My gift was a picture for xochiquetzl, tittled The Winner Collects; based in one of her fics (of course, hot smutty Snupin NWS. Go check!).

I feared that I wouldn't be able to complete my task since I've been so busy, but I made it out quite early, and got posted in the first week of the running exchange. And… surprise-surprise, my art must be incredibly characteristic, because in the posterior guessing poll, it seems I was 100% correctly identified by those who voted on my work…! should I feel smug? ;D

And I confess... I've spend time reading the entries (not all of them, sadly), and some of the fics posted were simply wonderful. There were tons of marauder-era and post HBP (and post war) fics, and those two are my favorite timeframes for Snupin. So, here are my recs:

snupinsnupinsnupin!Collapse )

And of course... Merry Christmas to you all!

Young Snape casting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

December 17th, 2005 (12:26 am)

current mood: shocked


I DON'T know if this has beeen discussed or what, but I've just read in Mugglenet that "Also, casting for the younger versions of Lily, Snape, Lupin, James, and Sirius is now in the final stages."

Oh. My. God.

I can't believe it. They are going to make the Pensive scene!!!??? Kill me now.

A young Severus!!! *squeeeeee*

(no subject)

December 2nd, 2005 (10:53 pm)
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current mood: devious

Hi! it's been ages since I updated here, and truth be told, I have almost not checked LJ since my last post... I'm sorry about that. But on the good side, I've doing my project work, and things are going well. Not superb, mind you, but at least I'm not going in circles as before.

That said… I've watched Goblet of Fire!!!! XD Yeah, I know, everybody has probably watched it already and you must be sick of hearing comments about it, but after all this time going without my HP daily doses, I need to give my opinion…

So… there I go! ;)

LONG and FULL of SPOILERS, of courseCollapse )

And talking about my HP doses… just before giving up LJ, I joined the Secret Snupin Santa Gift Exchange! at lupin_snape. And incredible enough, I pulled off time to make my assignament! The first gifts have been already posted, and I just know I won't be able not to check it next days… I don't want to miss my gift! And neither when the one I did get posted… Sure next month I'll be a bit (even if it's a tiny bit) more around here…

To hope it's free... ;)

Feliz Cumpleaños!!!

October 19th, 2005 (11:29 pm)

current mood: giddy

pos eso, aranluc, espero que hayas tenido un dia genial, y que a Gato no se le haya olvidado felicitarte.. Ahhh... Tenia un post-it amarillo en el ordenador xa que no se me olvidara al conectarme, que con el lío de curro que tengo... XD

1 besazo enorme!

art (salazar/godric)

October 14th, 2005 (01:06 am)
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current mood: complacent
current song: way to Alhambra - Denis Stern

I'm sorry If I don't comment that much lately, I'm very busy now…

And because of that… You see, I use daily an HB pencil as a tool in my work. Usually, when I'm tired, I sketch to no end in the other side of used sheets, little doodles that usually end in my wastepaper basket.

But today… I started to draw Salazar Slytherin. My own version of the poor man, mind you, nothing as Rowling described him. Anyway, I had to be more inspired that usually, because the "doodle" took half the paper.

And here it is. I don't like my scanner, and that is why I learned to draw using photoshop. But it's so nice to use my pencil, sometimes… ;)

Title: A matter of perspective
Characters: Salazar and Godric
Rating: PG

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I'm not sure that potion is a good idea, Salazar….Collapse )

And… about the vampires game… ^^UUUCollapse )

art (merope/tom)

October 6th, 2005 (12:21 am)
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current mood: pensive
current song: lonely -21st - Akon

I've been experimenting again. This is the result. A welcome break from all those bones and muscles I'm doing lately… ;) Thanks to everybody who hugged me last post!

Title: The forbidden magic
Characters: Merope/Tom
Rating: PG-13
Media used: Photoshop and my dear mouse.
Notes/comments: well, I suppose I had in my mind all those Merope/Tom fics I've been reading lately… Done for hp_fringeart's October 2005 Challenge: Kisses

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

merope's magicCollapse )


September 19th, 2005 (09:19 pm)

current mood: touched
current song: Jazz on tour 2005

Today I'm going to rec yet another Salazar/Godric story.

Again, you are going to think, and truly, I read this story because of its pairing. But… this story is more that that.

This story… is an unique and rare jewel, a well-written text, where the words are weaved with care, beautiful as poetry and yet powerful, so full of feeling that I felt like bursting when I was reading.

This story strikes at you, and nearing the end each word will be a punch to your guts.

Because the love between Salazar and Godric cannot be soft. Because if they are fleshed and become alive and are not mere shadows; if you can believe they were like that, that the past was like that, and I believed it; then this story can only finish as it does.

Making you curl in your seat. And wondering where your breath has gone.

Of Gods and Monsters (Godric/Salazar), by malefics

Ya se me había olvidado escribir en castellano...

September 14th, 2005 (10:53 pm)

current mood: bored
current song: Jazz on tour 2005

Bueno, pues mi aburrida e inexistencial vida continua. Vamos, que casi me alegro de que aranluc me haya apuntado al meme sobre tu escritorio, y así tengo algo que postear...♥

curiosea…Collapse )

Y otra cosa... me he estado riendo con las leyes del anime. digitx ha dado en el clavo... Echadles un vistazo, te partes... ^^

Y siguiendo con el jueguecito de los vampiros (despistad@s, ir AQUÍ), hoy he conseguido mi primer poder, el de robar nivel 1. ¿Por qué robar? 1º, porque da dinero para pagar el resto, 2º porque era más o menos barato y no había ninguna prueba que hacer, sólo ir y pagar; y 3º porque estoy hasta los mismos de que me roben a mí. Mi primer atraco ha dado como resultado 3 monedas… XD. Además, me han ofrecido entrar en un clan de vampiros (estoy en un grupo de yahoo sobre el juego, Freedom Trade Alliance), ¿lo podéis creer? Porque yo parecía una persona interesada en moverse y mejorar... (vamos, slytherina) A ver como son las condiciones, pero suena divertido... ^^


September 11th, 2005 (10:02 pm)
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current mood: stressed
current song: Mi primo Juan - Chambao

I'm starting to feel horrible addicted to Vampires... (if you don't know what I'm talking about, click HERE; joining is free, you don't even need to give an email, only to choose a name and a passport) That is, my life is truly boring lately, so I've got to check this mad game two or three (or six) times at day.

Vampire!rant + vampire!drawingCollapse )

Art, and more art

September 4th, 2005 (09:35 pm)
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current mood: creative
current song: Cosmos - Vangelis

First… I'm so glad! I've been invited by cmere to post my art in hp_spotlighting! As it says its userinfo, "it's a community for the writers and artists who are underappreciated, only just breaking into fandom or deserving of more attention than they currently attract."
Is it not wonderful to have got invited? Someone had to rec me… Whoever you are, thanks! :)

On the other side, I've been experiment again. Since I saw the cover for the French translation of HBP, I've been enamoured of its stile, of its colour... I had planned to participate in hp_fringeart's September Challenge (which is Reflections), so both things mixed in my head… And this is the happy result.

Title: In the cave
Characters: Albus and Harry.
Rating: PG.
Warnings: HBP spoilers. Is still someone there who has not read it???

Very green potion on this way…Collapse )

Godric/Salazar rec.

September 1st, 2005 (12:14 am)
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current mood: ecstatic

Ok, someday when I feel on the mood to write a long and thoughtful text in English, I'm going to describe why Godric/Salazar pairing makes me go nuts with pleasure, as it chocolate would do to sylvadin or aranluc. Really, a just love everything!Snape, but Godric/Salazar... that is delicatessen...

Little jewels, so rare, so unique... And I've found a beautiful one.

Wayfarers, by alchemine. It's hot, and well written, and so in character... delicious.


August 31st, 2005 (08:35 pm)
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current mood: accomplished
current song: Soon this space will be too small - Lhasa

I've written a little Snapebabble, that means 200 words on my beloved Potion Master. Considering how bad I am at writting this kind of short stories, I'm happily surprised. Even more because... well, I wrote exactly the required two hundred words in the first try! :9

Title: Goodbye
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Not betaed. Feel free to point me any mistakes.
Notes: I wrote this for toilntrouble's Drabble the Drawble #5 Challenge. This is specially for you, sesptwd!

SnapebabbleCollapse )

On I side note, I've cut my hair. From past-shoulders-long curly hair, to... a very, very messy Harry-ish short. Why I've done this, when summer is almost over? When in a month the cold and the rain will come, and my poor ears will freeze? I don't know. Just... I hated my hair. My wonderful long and full-of-work-if-you-want-it-to-look-nice hair.
So, no more. I'm wearing a fashionably short and comfortable haircut from now on. Still, I left a little long plait pending from my nape, as tribute to those long years letting my hair grow... ^^UUUU

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