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Nick Stokes


18 August 1971
Nick here. Hi. How are you? That's good enough, right?

Current Relationship (RP history): Nick is married to Carolina Jacks (carolina_stokes). They enjoy long walks on the beach, dancing, and bad karaoke.
The Kids: When they were engaged, Carolina already had three kids - Lizzie, Sara, and Dwee (Nick adopted them all when he and Carolina were wed). Emmie and Jake decided they didn't want to wait until after the wedding to be conceived. (Oops!Nick)

  • Elizabeth (bethka_moya) age Old enough to drive. NEVER old enough to date boys with motorcycles >:|
  • Sara (sara_alexis) age 4
  • J.J. "Dwee" (baby_dwee) age 3
  • Emmie and Jake, "The Twins" (NPC). age 1

    Additional Background Info HERE

    made by me cantcookfood

    Grissom: You wanted to work solo.
    Nick: Yeah, but it's like Night of the Pifflings out there and I'm on a smash and grab.
    Grissom: Pifflings?
    Nick: Puffin offspring. First time out of the nest every year they crash land in this town near Iceland because they are attracted to the lights of human civilization. It's the same way people flock to Vegas for a fight.
    Grissom: Animal Planet.
    Nick: How come when you talk about bugs everyone says you're a genius but when I talk about birds everyone says I watch too much television?

    Catherine: So what were you in high school, Nick?
    Nick: Me? I was...dependable.
    Catherine: Dependable?
    Warrick: He's trying to say he was unpopular.

    Nick: Yeah, but I got her a chem set.
    Sara: You keep that, might learn something.
    Nick: Stop flirting with me.

    Nick: Aww, want me to make you a bottle and go night night?
    Warrick: Aww, you want me to clock your jaw and make you go night night?

    Sage: I'm really sorry, but you are really radiating this crazy femine energy.
    Nick: Really?
    Sage: Do you believe in past lives?
    Nick: No, ma'am
    Sage: How come?
    Nick: 'cause I'm just trying to make it through this one.


    Muse: Nick Stokes
    Fandom: CSI

    I do not own Nick, nor am I affiliated with CBS, CSI, or George Eads. Though, it'd really be cool if I were.


    The mun is cantcookfood. Hello.

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