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Nick Stokes
Jul-19th-2009 10:31 am - Meme [from no_bedof_roses]
Give me a career. Any career. Legal, illegal. Old, new. Just any career that comes to mind and I will write a drabble with your muse interacting with my muse in their new career.

Muses to pick from: _nickstokes_, sara_alexis, sara_inspace, hi_jake, jackharkness51, any random muse I've had in the past.
Jun-30th-2009 09:42 pm - Annoy Your Muse [muse_academy]
I saw that
Mun Inquiries: Have your muse answer the following "silly questions", in their own, special way. Yes, I know that many of the more "serious" characters will balk. Make them do it, anyway, and have fun with it. Consider it the official "Annoy Your Muse" exercise.

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Jun-28th-2009 02:28 am - OOC: I'm back!
OOC Le Petit Nicolas
Working on some new storylines and RP stuff. Revamping journal stuff. More details in the morning when I can string together words that make sense.


Alrighty then. Nick is going to be played in two new verses. We're still working out all the details, so bear with me, but in one verse, the Nick/Caro clan are shipping off to Europe. This is forward five years from now, after Nick has left the Las Vegas Crime Lab. Let's just say he needed a change of scenery and occupation after everything that happened. (OMG how much CSI did I miss???)

The second verse will be at empireof_boukun, in the year 2310. Although Nick would rather have experienced time travel (Nick's a dork), he and his family were brought back (regenerative technology FTW) and are now hanging out in space. The kids are all grown up and it's shaping up to be a heck of a lot of fun.

So yeah, I'll post more details as I figure them out.

Intro for empireof_boukun
Jul-26th-2008 12:37 am - Vay-cay!
Nicky and Carolee





Check. Check.

"Wha's a check, Daddy?"

"It's just a way of making sure we have everything we need, Babygirl." Nick shoved an extra bag of diapers into the car.

"Ohhh." Blink. "Mickey?"

"I don't know. Do you have your Mickey?" Nick grinned.

"Yah. I gots him." Nod.

"Good. Go tell Mama we're ready to go."

"Okee!" Squee. "MAAA-MAAA!!"
Mar-11th-2008 02:06 pm - OOC - Public Service Announcement
OOC Le Petit Nicolas
For anyone interested in backing up their journals, I recommend LJ Archive.

It works for both personal and community journals. Only users with maintainer status will be able to download threads in the community journals.
Feb-17th-2008 12:33 am - Getting away? (for carolina_stokes)
Nick and Carolina
Nick had been planning something special for his and Carolina's one year anniversary. He wanted them to have some alone time, but he also wanted her to be completely surprised. With five kids, a surprise getaway was going to be difficult to execute.

Their anniversary and Valentine's Day were so close together, Nick knew Carolina would notice any sneakiness on his part. And if she didn't notice, Sara or Dwee would surely spill the beans. In fact, Nick knew he was going to be in trouble when he overheard Sara telling Carolina in the kitchen that "Daddy is making s'prises." After that, Nick knew he needed to do some serious cahooting.

It was the day after the masquerade ball. The new nanny had just called to let them know that all hell had broken loose in the Stokes household. Emmie had begun teething, Jacob was upset because Emmie was upset, Dwee was shrieking to get attention, the cat was hiding because of the noise, and Sara was crying because she couldn't get the cat out of it's hiding spot. Nick and Carolina should return home right away.

As Nick heard the report from home, he looked at Carolina with a worried look.

"At least we made it one night baby free."
Jan-29th-2008 03:13 pm - Lost Thread
gotta eat
I did this once before. I hate losing threads. Here's one I was particularly fond of, between Nick and antigone_grace, from when I first started writing Nick.

(Rescued from LJArchive)

October 15, 2005

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