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7/16/05 08:07 pm

Further to my first post, i have some alarming news. It turns out there are said people. A friend of mine explained how her own virginity was taken by a man who it transpires did not actually care for her but was attempting to see just how many virgins he could screw. This sickens me. Does this therefore mean there are many other similar cases? :(

7/15/05 10:03 pm

Well it does seem wierd posting before friends have been added, but there you go.

My thought of the day is this:

I know no man among my friends who can honestly say he has had sex with a virgin. Yet most of my female friends say they have had relations with an inexperienced man. So my question is: exactly how do women lose their virginity? Are there a small number of mindless girls going round participating in the act of defloration?

7/3/05 09:21 pm

Friends Only I'm Afraid. Though i always welcome new people! Comment!
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