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looking through the eyes..

of kaitlynn

1 June
letss see.. matchbook romance, kayleigh, nikki, stephanie, erika, ice tea, maxeen, scarfs, braclets, eye liner, eyeshadow, mascara, smackers lip gloss, fall out boy, senses fail, ice cream, startbucks, headbands, bowes, skirts, whatches, nail polish, chatcher in the rye, cell phone, cheetos, showers, coffee, movies, little black book, the forgotten, stripes, sleeping, modest mouse, painting, cuddling, hugs, smiles, yellow card, thursday, guys, kisses, love, hearts, baking cakes,tv, cameras, pictures, photoagraphy, doves, musicc,summer, parks, pools, snow, ice, lakes, oceans, lips, eyes, plaid, checkers, pens, re-decorating rooms, holding hands, gadzooks, mac make up, early november, candles, caring, the 50's,takes 3 to tango, syling, stars, swiming, dreaming, friends, pok-a-dots

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AlwayS been there for me.^

boyfriend ray! ;)