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Oh,My Life is Good

I think of You and Everythings Alright

I think of ♥ You♥ and Everythings Alright
1 March
♥ i'm currently 15 and live in THOMPSON,CT
♥im a sophmore @ TMHS // class of [o7]
♥i love all my friends more then my life!
♥i love to go out and have a good time with friends
♥i love music, mostly any kind out there, im not picky.
♥shopping is a MAJOR hobby of mine, i do it alot!
♥i dont like to be told what to do, im a rebellious sorta girl
♥im not the quiet typical girl, im VERY LOUD AND OUTGOING!
♥i want someone who wants more then just a bootycall.
♥i like to play pool & go to the diner with friends ALOT!
♥i love to go clubbing & party
♥i love making out & little kisses
♥i do very unexpected things &will most likely try ANYTHING once
♥i am very random and spontaneous with the things i do
♥i have my own opinion on things and you cant change them either
♥i may come off as a bitch ,but im not. you just need to get to know me
♥i have alot of favorite colors, the ones i like the most are pink &black
♥if you are a nice person, i guarentee we will get along just fine.
♥i love the summer: beaches, bikinis, tanning, and hot summer nights.
♥i love to drive with music blasting and windows downnn! :)
♥im me - E R 1 C A X3.. or go to my livejournal _MORN1NGXSTAR_
♥ u should contact me & make me ur friend ASAP. kthnx! ♥

she is a third-trimester baby girl. she has no name. her mother chose to abort her august 8th, 1987 in houston, texas, shortly before she would have been born. abortionist John B. Coleman ripped off her head during a routine abortion... without anesthesia. her tiny body was thrown in a plastic garbage bag with other babies similarly killed, and left in a rat infested alley, where stray animals eat whatever they find during the night. this is the reality of freedom of choice. do you want it to continue?