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January 9th, 2008 (09:11 pm)

I'm updateing two days in a row! It must be some kind of record or something! Not that I really have anything to say right now. I pretty much did nothing today but play Rockband. I did go to Applebees with my mom for dinner. When we came home we played Rockband together. It was really fun.

Well I've got bages to win on pogo so I'm going to gogo. (HEHEHE)

Let's hope I update tommorow!!!

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May 20th, 2007 (10:16 pm)

I didn't realize how hard it was going to be to keep my journal up everyday. I hope Mattie is making better progress than me. Anyways.... I've realized the error of my ways for Thursday's trip. I know I can be a total bitch and I was. The PMS factor does not help my mood in any way either. Hopefully by the time the boys come back from Texas I'll be feeling much better.

I went to Kevin's house today. He made me spagehtti with homemade sauce and some homemade garlic bread. The sauce was a little too spicy but it was still good. And the bread was pretty good too. I enjoyed myself. I almost didn't get to go home though. I was on rte 21 going home and just as I got to the Ludlow/Belchertown sign there was a road block and a sign that said no thru traffic. I was pissed. I pulled over and called my mom and she told me to go to the end of rte 21 and take a left. Then follow that road until I see a Dunkin Donuts and to take a left on the street right after that and it should take me straight home. Well.... there was no Dunkin Donuts. At least if there was I didn't see one. It was dark and rainy out though so I guess I could understand if I missed it. I eventually found my way to Memorial Drive in Chicopee. I can get myself home from any point on that road. I used to work on that road.

Speaking of work... I have to tommorrow. It's easier on me to work for my pops, but I hate going there everyday. The entire building is dirty and his apartment specifically smells like old person and dirty socks. I seriously hate going there everyday. He drives me absolutely crazy too. He's rude and he's a little bit racist. It is unbelievable the stuff he says about the people that live in his building. He complains about the section 8 housing people (the people that live there because the government pays for it). But the thing is, he only lives there because of section eight housing. People who throw stones shouldn't live in glass houses. But whatever, if he wants to complain I'll let him. I'm getting paid good money to vaccuum his floors and do his laundry so I'm not going to say anything. But I will say that the next time he calls a black person the N word I will be leaving. I don't care if he's old and crazy. There is no call to use that kind of launguage. Especailly in front of your granddaughter.

OK now that I've got that rant out of the way I shall go. A show I like is on and I really want to rewind it and watch it. Talk to you all later!! ;)

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May 17th, 2007 (10:29 pm)

Today was quite the day. Mattie, Deo, Kevin, Sarah and I went to Northampton today. The day could have gone better in my opinion. I had some fun, but it wasn't as fun as previous trips to Noho. I'm not mad at any one, and I hope no one is mad at me, but I'm just saying the day could have gone better.

In other news... the Greys Anatomy finale was pretty good. I think Mattie was a little upset with the ending, but it was still a pretty good episode.

I heard Veronica got cancelled. That makes me extremely sad. I really liked that show. But my sources tell me that the CW network gave the writers of Veronica an extension to come up with a script to sell to the network and if they like it Veronica may come back. That excites me. Well I'm pretty tired. The boys just left. I'm going to go to bed now. Goodnight all!

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May 16th, 2007 (08:26 am)

OK so I missed two days. No body kill me please. I have a lot to say about the past two days but I have to get my behind in gear right now and get dressed for work. I will inform ya'll about everything that happened when I get home. So... ttyl!

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Today was a blast!

May 13th, 2007 (11:18 pm)
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Today Is Mothers Day! Happy Mothers Day mommy!!!! ;) Anyways.... I went to lunch at Mount Holyoke college with my mom and my aunt and a slew of my uncle Daves family, and my mema and papa, too. Lunch was great. It was more like brunch since there were breakfast and lunch choices to pick from at the buffet. I ran a stop sign on the way home, luckily no one was coming in the other directions, and there were no cops. I'm really lucky there wasn't an accident and that no one got hurt. That was the only horrible thing that happened today.

Acctually something horrible did happen today.... Matthew and Amedeo came over today. Just kidding guys!! You know I love you. I really had a great time today. I got to spend time with all my boys. Kevin was there too. Now I just need a little time with my girl Sarah. We totally need to have a CSI party or VM party or something where we stay at my house all day and watch TV or some movies or something. We can make all the noise we want because my mom won't be sleeping or anything like her dad would be. I miss my Sarah something awful. I missed Mattie and Deo too, but now that I've spent the day with them I'm better. I still want to spend more time with them but I suppose if things come up I can wait a little while.

Yeah so today the boys came over and I made them mac and cheese, french fries, and greenbean casserole. They loved it of course. I'm not that bad at cooking it seems. Although I probably won't know if I poisened them until tommorrow....

In other news... my room is clean now and my closet is getting there. I made a lot of progress the last two days. I'm very proud of myself for getting up off my toosh and doing something with the mess that was my room. I should take pictures and post them sometime. For now I'm going to stop here and go. It's past my bedtime now and I have to get up and go to work tommorrow. So today was day three of updating everyday. Hopefully I make it to day four and beyond. Goodnight everybody!! ;)

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Day two of updating daily....

May 12th, 2007 (09:12 am)

I think that maybe I can really do this. I'm pretty sure updating everyday from now on won't be a problem. I'm here today which was half the battle. Every other time I said I was going to update everyday I started out with the first day okay then the next day my resolution was shot to hell when I didn't update. So this is a good thing here.

I guess I should say thank you to Mattie cuz if it wasn't for his comment which I got in my e-mail I probably never would have come here to update today. So... Thanks Mattie!!!

My mom took my car to New Hampshire... or was it Vermont??? I don't remember, anyway she is headed up to some mountain an hour away from where I live to pick up my aunt Nancy then they are going to a wedding shower in another state. I suggested that my mom take my car so the ride would be more comfortable for both of them. Last night she told me she wass't going to take my car. This morning I wake up by the alarm of my car going off so I look out the window and my mom is getting in my car and leaving. I could care less if she takes my car, she left me her Jeep for the day so I'm all set. I do have to feed the dog later today, but I've done that before so it's not a problem.

Well I don't have anything else to update today so I'll be signing off. Later!

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TGIF... or not

May 11th, 2007 (08:45 am)

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I decided that today would be the day that I try to start updateing regularly. I've just finished school for the semester. I think everything went well. I know I passed my speech class, and I'm pretty sure I did well in my creative writing class. My creative writing class is actually why I decided to start my updates again. For the class I had to write morning pages at least four times a week, and I want to try and keep up with it even though I'm done with the class. I probably won't say to much interesting stuff because I'm not very talented like that, but you never know.

So.... updates because I haven't writen in a while.....

Today is Kevin's first day at his new job. Kevin is my boyfriend in case anyone didn't know. He works at Dunkin Donuts now. It's not the most ideal place to work, but at least its a job. I'm very proud of him and I love him so much. I haven't seen him in a few days, and I can't wait to see him again. I really hope everything works out today.

Matthew and Amedeo are coming home really soon. I think within the next day or so acttualy. I can't wait for them to come home. I saw them a few days ago when they came home to bring Deo's stuff to his house. I'm going to make Mattie some greenbean casserole when they are home officially. I make wicked good greenbean casserole.

I don't know whats going on with Sarah lately. She should be coming home from college soon too. I think I'll call her tonight. I hope everything is okay with her.

In other news.... I didn't get to watch last weeks Veronica Mars episode. I put it on the list to record on the DVR and the little light came on which indicates to me that it is recording, but when I looked in the list the next day to watch it there was nothing there. I'm switching cable providers today though. We are actually going back to the satelite which is awesome, and I'll have a DVR in my bedroom AND the living room. I'm super happy about that. I'm extremely sad I didn't get to watch Veronica, I guess I'll just buy it off of iTunes when it gets put up.

Well I Have to go to work now so that's all I'm going to say today. Laters everybody! ;)

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A short diddy I wrote for Creative Writing class...

April 9th, 2007 (10:42 pm)

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Melissa Gibson

There isn’t any one interesting moment in my life since I’m only twenty years old, I haven’t had many chances to get out into the world on my own. But, I have a lot of events that have occurred in my life. Some good, some bad. I’ve put some together in a sort of highlight reel for you.

I was born on June 26th 1986 in Springfield Massachusetts. I was rather short at just 18 inches- I guess I’m still on the short side. I don’t remember much about the birth but to hear my mom tell it…well lets just say it was a painful event for her. My mom loves to talk about how long she was in labor. It seems with each successive year the labor part of the story gets longer and longer.

Anyway , lets move on. I went to Disneyland when I was two. But again I don’t remember much about it. My mom says I had a good time and that’s about all I can say about that.

Moving on again, my first school was Our Lady of Hope School in Springfield Massachusetts. I enjoyed school for the most part but there was a little incident in kindergarten…well maybe not so little, I was almost suspended from kindergarten when I bonked another girl on top of the head. My mom had to beg the principal not to suspend me. Yet another story my mom loves to tell that gets longer and longer as the years go by.

When I was seven we moved to Ludlow. I spent a year in public school in Ludlow-without incident- but my parents decided to send me back to the schools with the nuns. I went to St. John the Baptist school and I also took piano lessons from a nun after school. I volunteered to be an altar server the very first year they allowed girls to do it. During these years my family decided to take a cruise through the western Caribbean. We went to Florida and I went to Universal Studio’s theme park which was brand new at the time. In fact, they hadn’t finished building it. There were movie themed rides-like, Back to the Future and Jaws- it was fun. I also went to nickelodeon studios while we were there. After that, we got on the ship and sailed out of Miami. The first place we stopped was Mexico where I was attacked by a giant lizard that crawled from the sewer. Well, maybe it wasn’t exactly giant…in fact I guess it was probably only six maybe seven fee…I mean inches long. I guess I’ve got a little of my mom in me. Huh?

We took a few trips here and there after that. I’ve been to Canada but that was only for a day. We went to Washington D.C. during the whole Monica Lewinski thing. I had a great time there and I wasn’t attacked by any giant lizards. We saw the Washington monument, Vietnam memorial, the zoo which was really cool, the Holocaust Memorial, the Air and Space museum, Smithsonian, Fords theater where President Lincoln was shot while watching a play. We were everywhere. It was a blast.

Not much happened to me after that. In 2000 I started my freshman year of high school at Cathedral in Springfield. During this time I turned sixteen and got my learners permit. Which worried my parents and anyone who might have seen me driving. It took a while but my mom finally thought I was ready in the summer of 2003 and we went down to take the drivers test. After the trooper yelled at me for running a stop sign during the test… I got in line to get my picture taken for my new license. Yet another story my mom loves to tell.

I graduated from Cathedral high school, by the skin of my teeth in the class of 2004. My parents gave me a car as a graduation gift. Which leads me to another incident in my life. A little over a year after I got the car a dump truck took a left turn in front of me and I crashed into it. It so wasn’t my fault though. The car was a total loss and I had a few bruises but nothing else major happened of it. It took me five months to get a new car, which I never crashed. In fact a year to the day that I bought that car I traded it in for something brand new. I have yet to get in accident with that one, and knock on wood, never will.

My first car wasn’t the only car I’ve crashed. This is yet another story my mom likes to guilt trip me with. I was driving along route 21, it was starting to get cold and it was raining a little bit. I was talking to my boyfriend, who was in the passengers seat, one minute and the next I was on the other side of the road upside down with a telephone pole next to me on the road. I had slid on some black ice and it was scary. A twelve thousand dollar truck and a five thousand dollar telephone pole later I’m still alive and kicking. It was my dads truck, and when I tell people that they say he must have been mad at me. You have no idea how much I wish he was mad at me. I lost my father recently. It was very sudden and its still hard to talk about.

It seems like tragedy blows through my life like a tornado, uprooting everything, creating chaos. I guess I’m waiting for the dust to settle, and then I have to choose. I can live in the wreckage and pretend it's still the mansion I remember, or I can crawl from the rubble and slowly rebuild. Because after disaster strikes, the important thing is that you move on. But the moving on part is hard. Everybody wants things to go their way, and often times I see people get what they want. It seems like life doesn’t want me to have that.

Maybe next time I’ll be able to write about my dad, but for now I’ll stick to the guilt trip stories my mother loves to tell. So looking back now, maybe I have had some interesting moments in my life. I guess I’ll leave that up for you to decide.

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My thoughts on VM...

November 15th, 2006 (09:57 pm)

So there are only a few more episodes left until we find out who the Hearst Rapist is, and I thought it was about time that I share my thoughts on the subject. I also wanted to say a few words on last nights episode as well. I think last nights episode, "Of Vice and Men" was by far the best and most up to par episode of Veronica Mars since the third season started. There was no Mac, Dick and I don't remember any Wallace (although he might have been there I just don't remember, I'm not even sure I know what he looks like anymore...)but there was a lot of Piz. I've heard mixed reviews on Piz. Some people really like him and his woobieness, and some people absolutely hate him and want him to stay the hell away from Veronica. I'm on the fence about him right now. I guess I'm just frustrated with the whole Logan/Veronica relationship right now, and until those two work their shit out, I'm going to go with a go away Piz right now. I will always want Veronica and Logan to be together on the show. I love them as a couple (although in the fanfic world I tend to stray into the V/Lamb V/Vinnie and V/Weevil territories) but I really wish they would just be like the normal LoVe couple that I have come to expect.

But enough about them, on to the important stuff. Last nights episode was incredible. The one thing I didn't think that Rob Thomas would do, he did. I so thought that Veronica would be safe from the rapist, but I was wrong. I loved the line she said in her head on her way to her car after getting drugged. She said "I can't believe this is happening to me... again." I don't know why but it stuck out for me. And then Logan was there and saved her from getting her whole head shaved at least, and she wasn't rapped. Although I'm not sure he would have rapped her out in the open parking lot like that. I hope Veronica decides that she really does love Logan and I hope that Logan takes her back.

The scene in the River Styx was incredible. I'm watching it and thinking to myself that I could so see some fanfics coming out on that one. I might write one myself. I always liked Vinnie, and I'm glad that I rooted for him now. My friends think I'm nuts to like Vinnie, but look!!! He saved Veronica from Liam!! He is so sweet!!! Plus Ken Marino is just a great actor in general so it's not surprising that he did a good job in that scene. I loved how he was all concerned about Veronica. That so made my night.

Well I think that's all I really have to say about the episode. Now on to my predictions on who the rapist is.

I have a few people in mind so I'll just go with who comes to mind first.

Dick Casablancas. I love Dick dearly (get your minds out of the gutters now please), but he's been through so much shit since Cassidy jumped that I think he could have very well snapped. I'm not sure if there is any alibis or anything that clears Dick at this point, but I figured that if RT could kill off poor Cassidy then he could very well just get rid of the other Casablancas brother as well.

Another one of my suspects is Chip. I hate the guy. I think he's skeezy. I kind of wish it was him, then he would go away and my world would be a happier place. Those are my thoughts on him.

Tim Foyle. The actor who portrays the teachers assistant, also happened to play Lucky from a previous season. He was the bad guy then, who's to say he isn't the bad guy now? He also clearly doesn't like Veronica because she's now Dr. Landry's new favorite. Whcih also brings me to my other point...

Dr. Landry. What if Veronica isn't his favorite. What if he really is feeling threatened that she knows he's screwing the deans wife. What if he's trying to commit the perfect crime or something. Rapping girls on campus and not getting caught. What if after the convo woth Veronica he decided that she would be his next victim. Yeah, those are my thoughts.

I also have a theory that the rappist isn't a guy it all. It could be a girl, but I'm not sure who it could be. So I won't go further than that.

Whew! That was long. Sorry if I bored anyone, or if I'm taking up valuable post space. I don't update often though so I ask that you all just grin and bare it. Now i'm off to work on a fic, possibly a Veronica/Vinnie fic or maybe even a Veronica/Lamb fic. See ya'll later! ;)


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(no subject)

October 21st, 2006 (12:02 am)

O.k. so I was sitting here thinking about all the things that I like/dislike about this season of Veronica Mars. I'm about to get very random so if this starts to not make sense sorry. O.k. here's a few things....

I really like that Veronica hasn't cut her hair. I've heard that a lot of people don't like the long hair because it seems too much like the old Veronica. To me the old Veronica and the college Veronica are two completely different people. Veronica 1.0 looked innocent. College Veronica looks like your average mischief maker. That's just my opinion.

I dislike that RT got rid of both cars. The Le Baron and the Xterra are gone! I miss them greatly and now will be forced to write Xterra fic for that new community I saw. Wish me luck with that one!!!

I'm on the fence about a few things right now too. Piz is high on that list. I'm not sure what I feel about him. He was really cute in episode one when he immediately fell for Veronica, but in episode three I find him to be stalkerish in a way. I mean, eight emails? That is a little overboard. I think Logan needs to step up and take care of business on that front.

I miss Wallace. That's all I really need to say. We haven't seen much of him and I think we need to see more. He was gone for a majority of season 2, so we need to make up for that and see him a little more this season. Maybe he can help Veronica on a case or something. That would be cool.

Logan is a total mush ball. I miss the snark. Although I heard a rumor that LoVe wasn't going to last the whole first nine episodes so.... But JD is not allowed to leave the show. He's too hot to get bumped off.

I hate that Parker was raped. That so totally sucks. But I'm glad that Mac is bonding with her. Hopefully we get to see Mac a little more often.

The lack of Michael Muhney is extremely heart breaking. He's listed as a series regular so we so need to see him more often. MM is way to hot to get bumped. (Wait I said that about JD didn't I?.... Oh well it's true for both of them anyway!)

It seems that Francis Capra is over acting a bit this season. The first episode he was on (3x03)he was just so akward. I'm not sure if he's trying to play Weevil in a different way now that time has been served, but I just wish the old Weevil was still around. Plus, no one could ever replace Veronica. Ever.

I hated the sunglasses Veronica was wearing in the begining of episode three. They were awful and she needed to take them off. Just thought I'd mention that.

I feel bad for Dick. He is still in the self destruction mode right now, and I just want to go and cuddle with him and make him feel better. Ryan Hansen is just to hot. That's it. He's just too hot to be upset about something.

Anyway.... just ignore this weird long post. I'm tired and haven't slept in two days so ignore me please. I'm going to bed now. Have a good night all!!


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