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Ming Doyle

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'lady gotham', dc fancomic, 6 pages. [Mar. 2nd, 2007|07:51 pm]
Ming Doyle
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character: martha wayne
rating/warnings: melancholic foreboding.
media: pen, ink, & ps7
artist's note: growing up is hard to do.

i've been working on this short comic on and mostly off for the past couple of months. it's just a small tone poem, and a little glimpse into a lonely woman with her eye on the prize and one foot in the grave. since batman's mom is basically a character that canon forgot beyond guilty flashbacks, i thought it would be interesting to try my hand at fleshing her out a bit. i found myself feeling very sympathetic towards her and wanting her to have a happy life with her husband. bruce seems to think that she did, so here's hoping.

lady gotham, mrs. wayne.Collapse )
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he is the night. [Feb. 27th, 2007|09:19 pm]
Ming Doyle
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characters: thomas, martha, and bruce wayne
media: pen, ink, & ps7

bruce wayneCollapse )
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