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dress up one, dress up all!

happy birthday, oxboxer! i hope you are partying hearty and eating so many sushis and/or other delicious delicacies and swanning around town in beautiful glass birthday slippers, et cetera. <3

this is my new ringtone. i love it! i used to have "hey" by the pixies, but frank black kept startling me rather badly. andrew bird should be suitably soothing.

in less joyous news, my throat was sore all day so i had to beg out of going into cambridge tonight with leapingcustard to play, which was the pits. but it's just too cold and slushy to revel outdoors in anything less than prime physical condition, damn these picturesque new england winters!

not all was a loss, however. i discovered this most charming regency era dress up doll made by a talented lady on deviantart called savivi. and my, there's even a male version!

of course i went ahead and regency dolled myself right up. you guys do it too, then we can all have a big comments tea party!

what's that? you like the wisp of baby's breath in my hair?
i know, it's pimping. oh, this old purse?
yeah, it's totally full of mad coinage.
i got a crucial dowry. no big.

i'm just a sassy foreign-lookin' regency lady, hangin' out
on this country road waitin' for mah girlz so we can go
buy some frivolous ribbons, tee hee!

ooh lady shirkingbottoms! hullooooh! i say.
you do throw the to-dying-for-est indoor parties, my dear.
dig my new oh-dah-parfoom? i ordered it from paris.
it is the distilled essence of the finest of
beautiful french orphan toddler tears.

just a regency lady partly from the orient here,
hittin' things with mah fan and eatin' canapes, haw!

i am so interested in learning flash so i can make fun animations and my own dressup dolls. maybe sometime after i finish my hugely delayed pileup of commissions, secret character sketches, chinese new year cards and online store preparations. sigh.

anyone know of any good flash tutorials? :)
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