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Thursday, December 13th, 2007

Time:2:16 pm.
"Not a second time"
The Beatles

You know you made me cry,
I see no use in wond'ring why,
I cried for you.

And now, you've changed your mind,
I see no reason to change mine,
I cried, it's through, oh.

Oh, you're giving me the same old line,
I'm wond'ring why,
You hurt me then, you're back again,
No, no, not a second time.

17 Forever zine out now
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Sunday, January 21st, 2007

Time:9:01 pm.
Men who Lunch (9:00:04 PM): last week he was on medium
Men who Lunch (9:00:09 PM): and he was a dead congressman
Men who Lunch (9:00:14 PM): who had killed himself
Men who Lunch (9:00:16 PM): by hanging himself
Men who Lunch (9:00:19 PM): while looking at porn
Men who Lunch (9:00:25 PM): in an autoerotic asphixiation
Men who Lunch (9:00:29 PM): 'they then solved the crime
Men who Lunch (9:00:42 PM): and it turnedout he was actyally a pederast too
GuessWho6259 (9:00:51 PM): ahaaa
Men who Lunch (9:00:57 PM): he gets the best parts!
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Sunday, December 10th, 2006

Time:4:42 pm.
Hey guys and dollz

thanks for everyone who came to my party or wished me a happy birthdya. this years brithday presents seemed to be filled majorly with books and booze.
i got some books and i got a big bottle of rum, chardonay, alot of beer (imported) and a 6 pack of Odouls--the best gift anyone could ask for infront of his parents!
thanks everyone. anbd ryan--be my guest-tell matt peterson about this shit! Drunk Punx 06 mothafuckazzz
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Tuesday, September 5th, 2006

Subject:Bill Cosby RIP
Time:12:44 am.

Bill Cosby RIP
"Bill Cosby RIP" on Google Video

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Tuesday, August 8th, 2006

Time:10:35 am.
Hello Interneters in Interland!

Men Who Lunch has some shows comming up, as well as a Summer Tour 2006 in brooklyn.

Firstly- this saterday August 12th we're paying at abc no rio with abi yoyos (awsome punk), shakey brones(folk punk) and Hoover Flags (punx)
The shows at 3

Then on Monday August 14th we will begin and finish our summer tour of brooklyn 2006.

At 9PM we will play with Oogle Orphanage, Defiance Ohio and Gloryhole. Men Who Lunch goes on right at 9. B there or B Pear. 252 Grand St. btw. Roebling and Driggs, 5 bux

Then at 11ish-we will be playin afew blocks away with NOATS at North 6!66 N.6th St., Brooklyn, NY 11211 probly 5ish bux

Mark your calenders and enjoy the show.

<3 ben
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Friday, July 28th, 2006

Time:1:56 pm.
yo so i finally got some anitbiotics for the feva. so im down to like 99 98ish so im ok
but my house is hectic it seems like the end is near for my grandmother soo idont no when ill see you all. my uncle is flyin in and my other uncle is gonna be here and my house is mess and my moms under alot of stress soo like ill give you guys a call. haa
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Time:8:14 am.
hey guys im back from france but for the last 4 days oir so ive had a fever well over 100 and been in bed for most of the time. maybe i will or wont go to gillie show on sateryday but well see how it does
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Tuesday, June 27th, 2006

Time:1:20 am.
be in fracne for like a month
back the july 2 6
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Monday, May 22nd, 2006

Time:4:21 pm.
Mothafuckin bug flew into my eye

It took like motherfuckin 20 minutes to get it out
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Tuesday, May 16th, 2006

Time:6:24 pm.
Ok so the video of the plane hitting the pentagon was finally released.

I was afraid that my aspiring intnetions of blaming the tovernment on some conspiracy theory would end, and everyone would prove my dissallusioned self wrong.

Yet i will not be undaunted!


its jsut hte stills relased 2years ago--wtih 3 minutes of liek nothign going on. The same no plane can be seen. Also questions arise like why would the Pentagon have shitty survelence cameras with still shot capturing. I meen fucking 7-11s have better surveillance. This is the pentagon. And also if your like --welll this was 4 years ago and like there alwasy rolling, let me redefend. THe PENTAGON.

If we can have google earthon our PC--then what technology does the govenrment have?!? they would invest in pentagon secuity cameras.
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Sunday, April 30th, 2006

Time:11:40 pm.
fuck hipsters

will sombodyPLEASE spare me FOUR FUCKING MINUTES
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Thursday, April 20th, 2006

Time:12:48 am.

now for the annual 420 rant.

refer abc kto fucking previous yers. i haev ntohign new to say

Ye Marcus!

to annie, amy, micah, sam

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Friday, April 7th, 2006

Time:8:27 am.
just got up frmo 18 hours of sleep
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Saturday, March 25th, 2006

Time:10:45 pm.
so im lsitening to dead kennedys--havent listened to it in along time

my dad starts singin--Claifornia uber alles California

so great

good times yo
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Wednesday, March 1st, 2006

Time:5:13 pm.
I’m not gonna lie
being the adventures of a Westchester upper middle class rich white kid who doesn’t pay taxes, whose never been homeless whose never been in dire poverty it seems Hippocratic that I’m theorizing along the lines I am.

Yet as the lower class works, and the upper class ignores it is up to us middle class--who doesn’t have to worry about the squabbles or being hungry--or the time consuming occupation of being bourgeois--that can enrich ourselves with information--therefore making us aware of the injustice going around in the world as well as the problems with our current system.
it is the same for young Westchester conservatives--yet they take a capital approach--whether flooding there free time with information about money making and business theory and all that bs.
you can call me a hypocrite--frankly I am aware. yet throughout history all of the great 'radicals' (for use of a better word--my thoughts may be called radical--yet that is the ignorant scapegoat given to them--as the radicals of post civil war America were the reformers looking for equal rights among all people[black and white]) all the great thinkers, leaders and or revolutionaries-whether be Marx, Engel’s, Lenin, Trotsky, Castro, Che, Marcos, Mao--were all born with a silver spoon--to these upper middle class families--all went to universities and studied ideology etc. Though I shouldn’t be directly comparing myself to these names--I do find comfort in sharing this hypocrisy.
One must also acknowledge that hypocrisy comes in many forms even away from this syndical socialist reform idea. Capitalism is hypocrisy. The State is/ and if you ought me for being a hypocrite-one whose trying to do some good in this fucked up world- then you are the ignorant feeble minded.
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Tuesday, February 21st, 2006

Time:1:11 am.
a mid-night conversation with Kevin Yankou

Men who Lunch: wudap pops!
NoOneSomebodies: not much. how are ya?
Men who Lunch: im good
Men who Lunch: just trying to re-examine my life
Men who Lunch: thinking about pyschology and how fake it is
Men who Lunch: and beliveing that osama bin laden lives in china
NoOneSomebodies: yeah. seems right
Men who Lunch: and then realizeing that if he does live in china , he could quite possibley be the uprising of militant islamic chinese rebellion
Men who Lunch: which will in effect lead to the decline of china as a world power, which wil in contrast decline to the world economic system
Men who Lunch: which will finally lead to the truth we all cant see--money has no value
NoOneSomebodies: i see
Men who Lunch: yea
Men who Lunch: so hopelly my hypotheis wil someday com true
Men who Lunch: and everything we think is meaningfull will be rendered meaningless
Men who Lunch: every theoretical political system will fial
Men who Lunch: and we will just be people
Men who Lunch: turning the clocks back thousands of years
Men who Lunch: but hey man
NoOneSomebodies: and then the love-fest begins?
Men who Lunch: eh what do i know
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Friday, February 3rd, 2006

Time:6:56 pm.

Well Super Bowl Sunday is a'commin up fast.
Im def wtaching Puppy Bowl and taping it.
whos with me
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Saturday, January 21st, 2006

Time:10:44 pm.
we are all swimming in a river of hypocrisy
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Tuesday, January 3rd, 2006

Time:4:12 pm.
its such a pleasent surprise when emma, ky and steve yanko call you up and say there a block away, lost.

hahahaha what a greeat surprise seein them
made mah dayy
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Sunday, January 1st, 2006

Time:11:58 pm.
the idea of being part of something or labelign yourslef is soo obsoltele and so ridiculous.

take anarchists.

i personally agree with most of there views, but if i was to go around callin my slef an anarchist, i would only be a hypocrit. seriosulyl i wouldnt throw out all my name brand clothes and be vegan or whatever and say i am ana anarchist and liek not buy shit and shit. like cus if i just say i was an anarchist and didnt follow the little guidlines then i would be a hipprocit.

of course most of you know this.

but i absolutly hate these hyppocrits. these "anarchists", "vegans", "straigthedgers", "socialists", who march around parading to everyone how "core" they are, how "anarcho" they are, how theyve read Das Kapitol and dont go to starbucks or shit and like YELL at you when you buy or eat meat or support capitalism.

Then the hypocrosy coems in when they do one of those things, and thjink its acceptable somehow, because they think theyve made a point to be in this group of people, so now its perfectly acceptable for them 'eat meat or buy shit or not follwo there little guidlines' once in awhile, becasue they are already part of the group. yes keep yelling at me for it but once in awhile its cool if you do it.

its kindof just degrading yourself to the point of everything you dontwant your image to be. You wanna wear a fucking black and red flag. Wow, be an anarchist, follow there guidlines. you wanna tatoo X's on yor hands, go edge, do it. But seriously dont buy an ipod or drink once in awhile and find it acceptable, when your in my fuckign face being liek DONT BUY DONT EAT DONT THIS DONT FUCK GOD!

an d back to the beginign, the only reason why im not anarcho-edger-socialist-vegan is so i dont have to live a life of hypocrisy, whilke agreeign with many of there views.


YOU THINK YOUR "ANARCHO-______" but your really just " HYPOCRO-______"

follow your own guidlines, dont be apart be one



( Nick, this post was no way aginst you, its someone else hahahah, your not a hypocro-vegan)
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LiveJournal for ben.

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