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Jan. 29th, 2007 01:50 pm it's been a while...


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Nov. 4th, 2005 12:17 pm working!

sorry, no goth photos, mike refused :( all we did was eat candy and watch the shining. we'd tried to get lots of pumpkins to carve but they were all gone! LOTS of candy though. fun. and we watched every Simpsons Treehouse of Horror, too. :)

and now i'm working! actually getting something done, and enjoying it! this is why i'm here, and finally i get to actually DO it. its nice to know i'm doing the right thing by being here. i can work for hours and not want to stop.

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Oct. 31st, 2005 06:00 pm

feeling a little better than i have for a while, so thought i'd wait till now to write so as not to just whine.

felt like shit, thought pills werent working, thought whats the point in anything for a while, same old same old, but then got my period and decided to blame that and now i feel better. (its way more to do with the fact that things have slowed down enough for me to a) get a decent meal b) get a decent night's sleep and c) do some work on my DPhil!)

and tonight is HALLOWEEN! woo, spooky! (rather impressed i just did that there... praise please...) and im going to pin mike down and paint him up all goth against his will, and probably me too, and then go eat loads of candy and watch scary films and carve pumpkins with my lovely hertford friends. ahhh, thats better. life IS worth living!

i think i'm gonna be ok. at least for a while.

ps, anna, i talked to Jo, and she said it was only cos she couldnt afford it, and she DOES love me, and that made me feel much better. i mean she does spend any spare money travelling to see her boyfriend, and that's gotta be hard to be far away from him and unable to have any money as you have to spend it on going to see him.

Current Mood: relievedrelieved
Current Music: the dripping of my fridge

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Oct. 26th, 2005 09:31 pm bristol & london

mum did her final exam for her open university law degree on wednesday, and i went down to bristol to celebrate. i even got some quite expensive bubbly. however when i got there, she was really depressed and convinced she'd failed. she didnt talk about anything but what had happened in the exam for the next few days, although i told her thinking about it wouldnt help anything.

i took her to the relaxation centre spa for a day of chilling out, sauna/turkishbath/hottubbing, and massage (for her birthday treat originally, but it turns out she needed it!)

then we went up to london and saw billy elliot the musical! it was amazing, the talent of the boys and the energy of the main boy's performance although he's done it a hundred times! the only problem was i could only see the bottom half of the stage because our seats were right at the back of the upper circle, so i missed some of the things that took place either up on a raised bit that was suposed to be billy's bedroom, or parts where billy was lifted up on the wire and did spinning things. mum loved it, dad and charlie didnt really get why us girls liked it so much. guess its a girl thing!

and now i'm back, and feeling much more stressed cos i've managed to get lots done FINALLY and get my internet connection back in my room (i was banned for a month for downloading stuff, tee hee)

so all should be better soon!

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Oct. 16th, 2005 11:56 pm my birthday!

well, this was a pretty shit day. i had a committee meeting from 10 till 3, mostly talking about the budget, which goes right over my head. i cant contribute cos i dont understand a word, so there's no point me being there but they wouldnt let me leave; i actually got up and left TWICE saying i had to take stock in the bar or wash glasses from the night before (matriculation ball) but each time they came and got me and said 'come back so we can carry on'. what the hell did they need ME for? humph.

anyway i had wanted to go to the Trout pub for my birthday lunch; you have to cycle out along the river and it's really nice, and the pub is on the water by a wooden footbridge and there's (surprise surprise) lots of trout there. so finally when the meeting ended, we managed to get out there for a very late lunch.

then when we got back, we were only just in time for anOTHER meeting (bear in mind we had a 5 hour meeting on friday about the sodding budget too!) this time a general meeting which means the whole mcr is there not just the committee. so that went on for another 4 hours, making 14 hours of meetings this weekend, 9 of them on my birthday. i was feeling very disgruntled, and also forgotten, because no-one remembered to wish me a happy birthday except mike (who didnt even give me a card) and deedy, who gave me a really cool usb lava lamp (i've wanted one for ages! it's all sparkly and fantastic!) and a cactus keyring which i've named Reggie. anyway the people at oxford were crap, so i was feeling very unloved, and i told mike i wanted to leave and go home, and he said 'no'. just 'no'. i was slightly puzzled. and then tanzil the mcr president said 'we just have one more point of business, it'll take about half an hour' and i just felt like bashing my head against the wall, then he said 'this is very important. we have to eat cake and celebrate mel's birthday!' and mike brought in some ice cream cake, and my brother turned up, and they all sang happy birthday to me! julie and kate and emily each got me a present, too. so i dont feel so unloved now!

anyway mike says my present from him hasnt arrived yet. my brother's forgotten, but my parents said they'd get me something when i went to visit them. so people do care about me...! it cant beat alex turning up at my door with cake and candles though, that was such a surprise and i was feeling so depressed untill he turned up. i hate birthdays. i love other people's birthdays though.

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Oct. 4th, 2005 06:30 pm back at oxford

Here is the story of my week so far: Monday: 10am till 4pm meet &greet freshers in grad centre, show to rooms, carry bags etc. 5.30pm, take them to college. 6pm college tour. 6.30 drinks in MCR president's room, followed by drinks in the turf. Tuesday: repeat. Wednesday: repeat, with much reduced enthusiasm. Thursday: repeat, intermittently banging head on various walls. Friday: set up octagon for cocktail party; much carrying of heavy alcohol & furniture. Drinks mixed & arranged. Evening; serve aforementioned drinks, accompanied by loud music and the occasional fresher pouring a drink on my head. (Bastard. I spat in his drink after that). Saturday morning, 1am: cleanup of octagon, 4hours sleep, further cleanup of octagon. Meet parents and grandparent for the occasion of my brother's graduation. Much politeness and very slow walking ensue, due to immense age of grandparent. Brother graduates. Much Latin ensues, accompanied by pride and photos. Tea with provosts at Worcester College. Much boredom ensues, accompanied by teeny sandwiches. Escape to octagon to stock-take and load alcohol into taxi; taxi to Grad centre, set up for quiz night. 7pm quiz night begins. Flu also begins. Flu greeted with less enthusiasm than quiz night. Unfortunately cannot attend quiz night as am due at dinner to celebrate brother's graduation at 8. Dinner duly attended, accompanied by complete lack of ability to taste food, and complete lack of sparkling wit (missing, presumed killed by flu). Regret inability to be better company for family. Dessert foregone in favour of getting to bed by midnight. 4 hours sleep. Sunday morning: cook breakfast for 80 freshers. Much cleaning up and general carnage ensues. Midday; run treasure hunt for freshers. Go on strike because of flu; mike takes over duty. Much adoration of mike ensues. 5.30pm three hour long committee meeting. What little enthusiasm was apparent at start utterly missing by half way through, and usually very patient Mel becomes increasingly tetchy, almost to point of grouchiness (very unusual for me). Monday: due at induction in psych building, 11am till 6pm. unfortunately, flu has set off recurrence of glandular fever AGAIN, so am unable to move all day. 3pm, decide completely out of order to miss whole day, struggle into induction. Pass out at back of lecture theatre; woken up by wonderful lovely academic secretary and sent home. Just make it. Freshers movie night; provide drinks & food, nearly pass out again and sneak out when movie starts. Am berated by president of MCR committee for neglecting duty. Feel like punching said president. Tuesday: due at 2nd year psychologists’ presentations at psych building 9am till 5, followed by double booking of 'meet the department' 6 till 8pm and duty to set up alcohol for live jazz in the octagon event for freshers, involving carrying 5 crates of beer from grad centre to college (a task physically impossible for a completely HEALTHY bar manager, and obviously unattainable for one with glandular fever) and buy £250 worth of spirits and transport same to college. Find self unable to get out of bed. Several hours later, attempt to get to kitchen to get cereal. Give up and lie down from exhaustion. Decide carrying beer and spirits not particularly likely in the current circumstances. Committee greet this with much irate abuse (via phone, email and text messages). Feel very upset. Wish THEY would all get glandular fever, just for 5 minutes, to know how it feels. Consider snogging them all to make them ill. Thought enduces nausea; decide against it.

Tomorrow: due to do all the above a day late. Wonder if some miracle will occur to make this possible. Outlook not great. Wonder if lynching by committee will occur instead. Likelihood increasing. Hope dwindling fast. Off to quietly pass out, just kick me aside if I get in anyone's way...

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Sep. 20th, 2005 01:49 pm STILL leaving...

Went and got breakfast as early as possible (7am, even though I couldn’t sleep till 3am) then went back to bed, just to kill time until my EVENING flight. They kicked me out at 12, saying it was check-out time, so I went to the airport and read and did fuck all until my flight several hours later. The flight itself went very quickly however, as mike had left me with two xanax pills (one is enough to knock me out) so I took both of them just as I was boarding, and when I sat down I strapped in, put my head against the wall, and instantly fell asleep. Woke up with only 2 hours to go (I’d missed the only inflight movie; GOD delta SUCKS!!). discovered that while I’d been asleep the guy behind me had reached over and unreclined my seat! Cheeky asshole! I tried to re-recline it, because I had NO room cos the guy in front had reclined HIS, and the asshole behind me kept pushing on my seat so hard that I physically couldn’t recline it! Luckily at that point the air hostess came round and offered him a drink, and as he reached to take it he let go of my seat so I reclined it. He instantly started having a strop, going ‘son of a bitch! For fucks sake!’ and stuff. Like, WTF??? We all have a right to be comfortable, why should I suffer just cos he’s a dick?? Fucking DICK. Anyway, I got the train with the ticket I already had, cos it was valid for any return trip within a week of when I said, not just on that day, but I had to buy a new £8 bus ticket cos mine wasn’t valid anymore cos of the delay. Bastards. Aargh I hate delta so much. But I’m finally home, looking forward to seeing everyone again, and getting some sleep.

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Sep. 19th, 2005 01:43 pm leaving

Horrible early start to get the hire car and drive to Chicago. Mike’s grumpy as hell in the mornings too. :) He’s a cutie. (Why do I find his grumpyness cute? Must be love…) They all hugged me goodbye and said I was welcome back anytime. His dad even said it was a pleasure having me here, which Mike said was unheard-of for his dad!

Got to the airport without any hitches, said goodbye to Mike (we’re on different flights, he’s got a direct one with BA while I change in Atlanta with Delta) and he was all emotional, saying how much he loved me and stuff, as if I was going to be gone for ages or he was afraid one of us would die. I guess when your best friend suddenly dies in a house-fire you learn that every goodbye should be a proper goodbye. Or, he’s afraid of flying and thinks one of us actually WILL die! Then he left and I boarded (no delay, I was thinking it was all too good to be true) and he boarded about 30 mins after me. Then our plane queued up to take off, and the pilot said one of the queues had been shut down so we’d be waiting a while in the queue. We finally got to the front of it, and then OURS was shut down so we had to go to the back of another fucking queue! Only a 90 minute delay but it was enough that I missed my connection in Atlanta AGAIN, and this time the next flight wasn’t just 2 hours later, it was 24 hours later. I cried. Delta very kindly told me I was welcome to get a hotel, and of course it would be paid for by them NOTTTTTT; delta said ‘oh yes your flight’s in 24 hours. You better go find a hotel. Good luck’. So I found a hotel and it cost $60, and I was starving to death and the hotel had no food until morning (it was 10pm by then) so I got about 15 packets of hot chocolate and sat up drinking cup after cup of very strong hot chocolate.

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Sep. 18th, 2005 01:43 pm last day

We were going to go to mass this morning, but overslept. Ew, mass. We spent the day chopping down dead trees with a chainsaw instead. :) Oh that was fun. The trees make a huge smashing noise when they fall. And they break into lots of bits, just from the force of impact on the ground. The hard work is then chopping them into useable logs for firewood. We were exhausted after that. Then went shopping and I bought mike’s parents a magnolia tree as a goodbye and thanks present (Mrs McCabe likes magnolias), and mike bought a suitcase set so we could get all his extra stuff (and the stuff I’d bought here) home. Packing was a mammoth exercise, helped a lot by the vacuum bags Mrs M gave us (it’s really fun watching all the air go out of them when you attach the vacuum nozzle).

Finally, we went to mike’s grandma’s house. She died in February, just after we got together, and mike’s parents are selling the house in about a month’s time. It’s really just a shack that mike’s granddad nailed together, but it was the only place that was always there; mike’s parents moved around so often that mike never had anywhere that remained HIS for more than a couple of years. This was the only place that was constantly there, and the next time he comes to the states, it won’t be there any more. He cried. I’ve never seen him cry before, but it wasn’t weird, I just cuddled him till he was done. Then we set off a couple of bottle-rockets, just so his grandma could ‘go off with a bang’ as it were.

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Sep. 17th, 2005 01:42 pm 6 flags

6 flags amusement park all day. OH yeah. This is like Alton towers times 5, with NO QUEUES! Because ALL the parks are like this and there are thousands of them, so people don’t have to all go to the same one! There were rides just like at Alton towers, then also really scary ones that go upside down twice then straight up, then just stop with you facing directly up, then fall straight back down again and go round the course again backwards! We rode that 3 times in a row. And there are proper wooden rollercoasters, and these mothers are FAST; way faster than anything at Alton towers! And some are slightly jolty but some are smooth, and they’re the scaryest things I’ve ever been on simply cos of the speed! And they have a water park attached as well, but it was after Labour Day (signalling the end of summer, although it’s all still warm) so it was closed :( Kerry came with us, and we got on really well. She’s crazy. In fact she’s just like I was at her age, which is why we get on so well. It’s good she was there as well cos mike wouldn’t go on any of the rides. Well he went on the bumper cars which were lame, and the waltzer, and the swings and the spinning thing that sticks you to the side from centrifugal force. But that’s all. He spent the whole day sitting OUTSIDE rides, waiting for us to go on them. It must have sucked. He got really pissed off when me and Kerry rode the scary zero gravity one 3 times. You let go of a couple of pennies at the top and they just float in front of you, it rocks.

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