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The Adventures of a Cultural Material Girl

25 May
Meg. 21. Cultural material girl. Aspiring Indiana Jones. hula-hoopist. Overly affectionate. Made in China Australia. Stiletto-fetishist. Admirer of pretty shiny things. Candy Warhol. President of the Save the Meg Foundation(tm). Co-Founder of the PIMPs and HORs, Decliner of nouns. Conjugator of verbs. Batman.

Oh, and for all you self respecting lovers of using mass-produced, commie-socialist images to adorn yourself with, remember this:
Che is so passe,
It's all about Mao now.

- - -

"Let's get down and tessellate"

Meg's Global Adventures and Wicked Dalliances. In a new user-friendly format!!! First 100 readers will recieve super magical breathing powers! Sucks to be person 101.

80's pop, absolut vanilla, acting, alice in wonderland, amélie, andy warhol, anthony keidis, archaeological jokes, archaeology, arrested development, art, arthouse films, asterix and obelix, astro boy, australopthecenes, baby doll, bad education, bal du moulin rouge, batman, black and white photos, black books, bollywood, boy-harems, broadway kebabs, cairo jim, cirque du soliel, cocktails, cream, david bowie, desperate housewives, diego luna, disney movies, doonas, douglas adams, dr. seuss, dramatic lighting, duncan chao, edith piaf, elephants, eskimo joe, estonia, ewan mcgregor, foreign films, formula 17, gael garcia bernal, galactic domination, glam rock, globe-trotting, gold paint, gustav klimt, harry potter, hats, hello kitty, hot-bottomed turkish boys, hula hoops, ice skating, indiana jones, jake gyllenhaal, james dean, jamiroquai, jane austen, jazz, jimi hendrix, judi dench, julie andrews, kisses, kitsch, knickers, kylie, led zeppelin, little britain, lord of the rings, m*a*s*h, malibu rum, mao tse tung paraphenalia, markets, maypoles, melbourne, mills and boon, monty python, moose, mulvaney, musical theatre, neon fluorescent flamingo lamps, nirvana, oasis, oil paint, old carousels, op shopping, oscar wilde, paris, paulo coelho, penguin classics novels, perfumeria gal madrid lipbalms, piano, pina coladas, pink floyd, pirates, plastic easter chickens, pseudo echo, queen, radiohead, rainbow paddle pops, red hot chili peppers, rocky horror picture show, rollerskates, romance novels, salvador dali, satc, scissor sisters, sepia ink, sleeping, smut, softball, star wars, sting, stratigraphical sequences, technicolour, tequila, tequila pants, test pits, the beatles, the cat empire, the dandy warhols, the dresden dolls, the fast show, the killers, the motorcycle diaries, the muppets, the oc, the smilers, tolkien, trainspotting, tripod, tutus, u2, underworld, van morrison, vanilla, velvet goldmine, venus figurines, vikram seth, wander-lust, watercolours, wayne thiebaud, william dalrymple, y tu mama tambien