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Minerva McGonagall

6th year Prefect, Gryffindor

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Minerva is the middle child, of three. Her parents run a Magical Fine Arts and Crafts business in Scotland, and expect her to make a good match during her last year there. They are starting to get a little worried that she doesn’t date, and her leftist pro-equality stance is beginning to strain their tolerance of her actions. In the past, they were able to overlook such things, convincing themselves that her political interests were just passing fancies.
Her older brother, Marcus, left school two years ago and is now working at Gringott’s as a number cruncher. A rather conservative young man, he’s beginning to worry how Minerva’s egalitarian actions might reflect back on his aspirations in the Wizard banking world. He’s dropping hints of young men that he works with who would be suitable matches.
Her younger sister, Mary, is a sickly child and as such, is not expected to attend Hogwarts. She would be a 4th year, and is greatly jealous of Minerva and Marcus. Her parents have received special permission from the Ministry to teach her magic at home, and for Minerva to tutor her in the summer.
Minerva can be a bit reserved at times, and believes in following the rules. Laws and rules, to her, are guidelines to live a successful life. However, she is the first to admit that rules and laws can be grossly wrong, and will defend her ideas until the end. She is adamant that purebloods are not any better than first generation magic makers, and even though she herself is pureblood, it doesn’t matter.
She doesn’t want to marry; marriage and children are not aspirations of hers. She wants to be the Minister (Ministeress?) of Magic someday. She knows that she can accomplish a lot in such a position. However, like many women in the 1940s, her knowledge of real politics is woefully small. The outside Muggle war and the new ideologies of Grindlewald are pushing a more conservative train of thought, which will make things more difficult for her initial attempts to enter politics. It will be these difficulties, as well as the urgings of Albus Dumbledore, that will convince her to change her mind and become a Transfiguration teacher.

((This is a Harry Potter RPG. I am not really Minerva. All characters and names belong to J.K. Rowling and are not mine. All pictures of Maggie Smith are legally her own, too.))