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_marti's Journal

Marti Mortenson (yes, I know!)
10 September 1979
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Okay, right. Where to start?

I'm Marti. Short for Martine, but I'd really rather you didn't. Same goes for babe, doll, sugar, sweetheart, etc. You get the idea?

I grew up on the family Stud back in Boston. I have one older brother (he's 27) called Etienne, and a younger sister (23), Davina. Oh - I'm 24 by the way.

My parents are both dead. Mom died in a riding accident when I was 12. Dad - well Dad died just over two years ago now. We don't know the details - we never knew what he did, beyond that he worked for the Military. He just went on one mission too many and ended up coming home in a box.

We knew his work was dangerous, and that it put us in potential danger too. That's why he taught us how to defend ourselves - in his own way. Put bluntly, if it fires I can shoot it, if it's got a blade I can thow it, if I can see it I can usually hit it. If I miss, it's because the range is too great, or the weapon itself is faulty. Bigheaded? No, not me. Just saying it like it is.

Have I had to use my 'talents'? Once or twice.

So, what's a Boston girl like myself doing in New York?

Well, at first I thought I'd been headhunted. Which, in a way, I was. But not for the reasons, or skills, which I originally thought.

See, there were people who knew me...knew things about me...even better than I did myself. You've heard of the Slayer, right? Well, I hadn't. But now I help her. I'm one of a whole team that helps her. And yes, my weapons skills come in handy at times. But that's not all.

I'm a Witch. On Mom's side. Shocked? Yeah, so was I. I'd lived for over 23 years with no inkling of any of this. I also have very slight (and very unreliable) Precog. I'm Telekinetic and also an Empath. It's thanks to the Empathy plus an embarrassing episode with the Werewolf who's now one of my best friends, and a few run-ins with some Vamps who definitely AREN'T, that I'm kinda hyper sensitive to Weres and Vampires. I'm learning to deal with it. It's not always easy, especially around Moon times.

I work alongside other Witches, a couple of Werewolves, a Skin Walker, a half-Vampire, a half-Demon. And that's just some of the adults. Don't even get me started on the kids!

And just when I'd gotten used to that, I met Him. Spence Mortenson - NYPD...and more. Started off as sex...the best sex. And I thought that was all it was. Thought that was all I wanted. Took being kidnapped and nearly killed by vampires to open my eyes. Now...not all that further down the road, we're engaged. We live together (well, to be honest, we pretty much did that from day 1). We've got two dogs, Orson and Godiva. And we've got each other. I don't need any more than that. Ever.

So, I guess that's about it, except for the obligatory pet peeves, I suppose, which are:

See above about 'names'. I may be small, I may be slight, but I am not a child. Don't treat me like one.

I'm allergic to alcohol. And no, I don't find it funny to have my drinks spiked. As more than one person has discovered.

I Hate, Loathe and Abhore Country & Western ANYTHING. This covers the range from tacky John Wayne crapola movies right up to the prison gang, train wreck, dog dying, alcoholic Momma songs, along with the travesty called Line Dancing which usually accompanies them. You want me to watch a Western? Then show me 'Blazing Saddles' or show me the door. At a push, I can handle 'Desperado', but only because of Antonio Banderas.

Can't stand most war movies either, especially the John Wayne ones. Notice a pattern here? Good. If you need to show me John Wayne, show me 'The Quiet Man'. It's the only one I can stand, and that's because of the other actors.

Other than all that, I reckon I'm pretty easy to get on with. Unless you're a Vampire, of course.

I am not Winona Ryder. She is simply the visual representation of a character in the ny_j RPG.

This journal and any that made be connected with it, is in no way a true reflection of the celebrity/ies represented within it. This journal is used for a fantasy Role Playing Game that in no way is meant to infringe the rights of the player, the celebrity represented, or any associated trade marks.