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_marisa_'s Journal

Marisa Ramirez
15 September
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Name: Marisa Ramirez

Birthday: 9/15/77

Family: Her parents divorced when she was 4. When she was 19 they remarried giving her a baby brother.

Ethnicity: Mexican, Irish & American Indian

Education: She attended St. Anthony Jr. HS and then went to an all-girls Catholic High School called Ramona Convent in Alhambra, CA where she was crowned The Homecoming Queen of Don Bosco Tech (their brother school). She participated in yearbook & drill team before graduating in 1995. She briefly attended a Jr. college before deciding to model full time.

Location: "I was born, raised & still live in California"

Vices: Hello Kitty, tennis shoes

Height: 5' 8

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Brown

Measurements: 34-25-34

Dress Size: 4-6

Shoe Size: 7

title or description

[[NOT REALLY HER!! This is just a game.]]