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27th-Jun-2011 06:24 pm - E3 2011
yeah yeah, 5 month gap, shut up.

Before I start my usual updates again, some random thoughts on this year's E3!!

As for the press conferences: the Microsoft one was too Kinect-related, Nintendo's was pretty confusing, and Sony's was...pretty good. Although I doubt many people would consider it the best if it wasn't for Vita being $249. I also watched the Ubisoft one (they should make real games out of that retro stuff) and EA.

The actual games: I was mostly impressed with Battlefield 3, Skyrim and Bioshock Infinite.
Battlefield 3 isn't really my kind of game (at least, I don't think it is, I never played any of the Battlefield games), but OMG those graphics!!! That Paris level is definitely one of the best things I've seen in a videogame. Frostbite 2.0 looks to be an awesome engine.
Even though I'm kind of bored with fantasy RPGs, with what I've heard and seen of Skyrim I'll probably get it day 1.
Bioshock Infinite seems to have a weird atmosphere, and I'm not sure how everything I've seen will add up to a great/fun gameplay experience, but Ken Levine is awesome, I'm sure he can pull it off.

A game I also liked the look of was Ryse, that Kinect first person...game set in Acient Rome. If this turns out to be a good game, I might actually end up getting a Kinect at the end of the year. I still think it's far too expensive for what it is, but there are a couple of games I'm interested in, so...

The WiiU looks interesting, but there's still so much we don't know yet. It's nice that it'll have all the major 3rd party developers at the start, and obviously it'll have Zelda, Mario, Animal Crossing etc., but that's not really enough for me anymore, at least not to buy a console day 1.
As for the PS Vita, it's an impressive piece of technology, but just like with the PSP, it seems they made it just to have portable PS3 games. I do 99% of my gaming at home, so if I want to play a PS3-like game, I'll play it on the PS3. Just look at the announced games: another Uncharted, another Killzone, another Resistance, another LittleBigPlanet etc. I'd rather have some original games, thanks (this criticism also applies to the 3DS by the way). Only game I'm somewhat interested in so far is the new Shinobido.

Right, that's all I can think of for now.
mantorok rune
5th-Jan-2011 02:52 am - he who controls the past...
Yeah yeah, 5 month gap, shut up.

I think I have about 30 games to talk about. I really should update after I finish a game, because now I'll only be able to write a few lines on games I really did enjoy a couple of months back. Oh well. I'll start with the more recent ones:

Mass Effect 2
Well, I bought all the DLC (christmas sale on Xbox Live!). Kasumi is really not bad at all, very short, yes, but it's sort of James Bond-like heh. I liked it. Kasumi's an interesting character. If I could take 5 characters with me from ME2, she'd be one of them. (although, all I ever need is Garrus and a biotic)
Overlord is pretty cool. Creepy as well. The Hammerhead is a good vehicle, I hope they bring back planetary exploration in Mass Effect 3 and use this vehicle (although I really didn't have any problems with the Mako, I had problems with the stupid mountains!)
Shadow Broker is the best one I think. Not just because it's the longest (and most expensive - although with the sale it was only 200 points!), but because of the very satisfying ending. Reading the dossiers on some crew members (especially Garrus) was cool, and that talk with Liara...wow. So nostalgic, almost melancholic. Really well done. Satisfying boss fight as well. But most of the gameplay is typical corridor shooter heh. Oh well.

I think there's one more DLC episode coming, and later this year Mass Effect 3 is coming out. I think that's really really soon, I honestly don't mind if it gets delayed into 2012. Also, I have all the ME2 achievements except the insanity one, and I need to make some time to do that!
And also, I cleaned up the first Mass Effect achievements. Yay! I want to play through that one again as well. I still prefer 1 to 2. 2 is more streamlined, but is mostly just a bunch of recruitment missions. 1 has a story with a beginning, middle and end. And it's far more "open" then 2 (I really miss planetary exploration, even though it sometimes was a bit of pain).

About halfway here. It's a very cool game, awesome atmosphere. But like Braid, it's not really my thing. I'll definitely try to finish it, but only to see what's next. Like with most puzzle/platformers, I come to a point where I'm all "okay, I'm stuck! stupid game! stupid brain!" but then a few minutes (or even seconds) later I figure things out. Although today I stopped playing because I really didn't see the solution. I'll try again tomorrow, if not, I'm afraid it's GameFAQ time.

Pac Man Championship Edition DX
So awesome! About a month ago, I finally got all the achievements for the original Pac Man CE, so this came at the right time for me. Gameplay's a bit different, a lot more hectic really, but I like it. I also noticed I always have an A ranking on the short time attack thing. Which is cool, since I only get a B or C ranking on other things. I need to play this some more, I only unlocked 3 or 4 other modes.

Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light
Again a game I bought on last year's Xbox Live christmas sale. Downloadable game of the year? Quite possibly. I works on 3 levels: as a single player action/adventure game, as a co-op game, and as a score attack game. It's all good. I really enjoyed it. I enjoyed replaying level to improve my score as well. Quite funny that I had really bad scores in the first few levels, but in the last 7 or so, I came first on my friend leaderboards. And that without replaying it to get a higher score. I think I placed 300th on one level without doing anythig special. Which is cool. I think I'm going to replay some levels anyway. I don't think I'll ever get all special items and stuff. The speedruns especially are hard for me.

Hydro Thunder Hurricane
Bought this when it came out this summer, and it's awesome. Downloadable game of the year? Quite possibly. Heh. No, I really had a lot of fun with it, especially since I added a whole bunch of people to compare times with. I've been doing pretty well, I'm usually in the top 3 or 4 (out of 15 friends or so). At one point I was in the top 1000 on every track, and in the top 100 on some of them. I dropped down quite a bit since this summer, but I still have a great time on Lost Babylon. Proof! (well, that was in august, I dropped down to 250 or something since then. But that's still one of my greatest gaming achievements ever heh). Maybe I'll post all my times in my next update. Yeah, I'm quite proud of it heh. I don't really understand how I became so good at the game, I had to replay each track maybe 10-15 times before I got to my best score.
I downloaded the DLC last month, and it was very worth it. Couple of new boats, and 3 new tracks. And again, I only played the tracks a couple of times, and already have great times. The second track (Castle Von Boom or something) is my best track, which is weird because it's very random, it has had a open U-turn which means boats come at you! Of course, if you crash, your time is ruined. So yeah, I had to restart a lot heh. And my best time is actually not a perfect run, so there's still room for improvement.
Bermuda is possibly my favourite track of the game now. It's a bit like Area 51, but good! Don't have a great time on it, but it's the most fun track in the game for me.

Harm's Way
Free game on Xbox Live Arcade. And it's pretty good. Except for the fact that the online is completely broken -_- Can't connect to any match. So stupid. Really, the game itself is good, but the online problem is unforgiveable. Still, it's free, and it's a good game, so...

Okay, this is already far too long and I only talked about 1/3rd of the game I want to talk about!! So, expect some more updates later on.
mantorok rune
10th-Aug-2010 12:05 am - More Singstar talk!
Hehe. Well, like I predicted, I suddenly found out how to "properly" sing Personal Jesus and Enjoy the Silence (ie: score over 8000). It's sort of ironic that I achieved that by actually singing in a much higher voice than usual. Which sounds incredibly crappy, I can tell you that. Anyway, the irony is that my real voice is much closer to Dave Gahan's voice, so it's incredibly weird to sing in a high voice, which feels incredibly unnatural to me, while the actual singer is singing in a deep voice. It's the world upside down.
BUT realising that, I tried another song that (somewhat) troubled me: The Dandy Warhols - We used to be friends. Guess how I suddenly got from a score around 6000 to one over 8000? When Courtney sings in a deep voice, I sing in a high voice. When Courtney sings in a high voice, I sing in a deep voice. Seriously. It worked. So, so, so weird. And wrong. I wonder if it's me, or if it's the game.

Also changed the picture of my Pet Shop Boys group to one I took myself when I saw them live last year :D ...Still don't have any members besides myself :(
mantorok rune
6th-Aug-2010 12:10 am(no subject)
Also posted this in my "normal" journal, but it's worth posting here as well I think.

I was complaining to no-one in particular about the death of my Xbox360, and Xbox support actually asked me what the problem was, and some "have you tried this?" tweets. Very helpful (if slightly stalkerish/meddling, I didn't ask for their help), but of course the conclusion was that yes, it is dead.
It costs €75 to repair, which is half the price of a new console. I mean, seriously. It's like, if you take your car to the garage because something needs to be replaced, you don't expect to pay half the price a new car costs, right? It's just too expensive, not to mention it still holds considerable risk: who says it won't break down again? This year, next year, whatever - it's out of guarantee, and then I'll have to pay another €75. To me, it's just too expensive and risky. So I'm buying one of those new shiny black ones. Yes, it's even more expensive, and I do feel bad about giving MS (or M$, amirite lol) so much money again. But then I already considered buying one next year or so. It has a (significantly) larger HDD, and I actually need a fair bit of space, and also a built-in wifi thing (which should've been in the old models in the first place). And the hardware is apparently more reliable. Syeah right. But still, it'll be under guarantee for another 2 years, so it's all good. Apart from the price, I guess. Now I definitely have no money for a Pukkelpop ticket.

Now, Singstar talk!!!
I've been playing it off and on, whenever I was in the mood. Since last week, I was in the mood practically every day (my Xbox360 might've died of jealousy). I downloaded a bunch of new songs last week. About 7 Depeche Mode songs, 1 more Blondie song (Rapture) and Sam Sparro - Black & Gold. Oh, and the two Yelle songs from the french store heh.
Let's start with those: I expected it to be difficult, but seriously, it's just embarrassing. I can manage Ce Jeu somewhat, but A cause des garçons is a disaster. I almost never "get" the songs with female vocals though, as much as I try (but more about that later). Sam Sparro also isn't a big success, but I really love singing it. I only started loving this song after I saw a stripped down performance on some festival thing on BBC I think. Made me appreciate the lyrics. I think they're pretty good for a dumb electro song (yes, Calvin Harris, it is possible!)
The Depeche Mode songs then. Apparently, Enjoy the silence is one of the easiest songs to sing. Yes. Well. I don't get it all. Seriously. I've no idea what I'm doing wrong, but I can hardly get anything right. It's plain embarrassing, even more so than singing Yelle. Other songs (like I feel you and Precious) are fairly easy to me. Personal Jesus is also pretty bad. I'll figure it out someday I guess.

Just how I figured out how the sing the female songs. I don't quite know how it happened, but now I have pretty high scores on a lot of those. I'm now over 9000 on Moloko - Sing it Back. And I -finally- figured out how to sing the Blondie songs. That was another one of my frustrations. Last year I downloaded 2 songs (Atomic and Call me) but couldn't even get over 4000 with them. Last week I bought Rapture. I knew it would probably be the same, but I love the rap in the middle of the song, and it's really one of my favourite songs ever, so I didn't really care. Well, the normal length (with the rap) still isn't that good, but after 2 or 3 tries, I "got" the short version. And suddenly I had a score in the late 8000s. A day and a couple of more tries later, it's up to 9560, absolutely the best score I ever had. So weird. And yesterday I figured out Atomic as well, and it's now also just over 9000s. So weird. But awesome! Heh. Like I might've said in an earlier entry about Singstar, it really has become a high score game for me, where I just keep trying a song to improve my score (which is why I make such a big deal out of all this. I wouldn't play Singstar at all if it didn't have scoring). Joining groups and being able to compare scores definitely helped with this.
Oh yeah, I made my own group, a Pet Shop Boys fanclub of sorts. But no-one joined yet :( And there's plenty of gay people singing PSB songs on Singstar haha. But I don't feel like sending messages to people about my group. Bleh.

I've been playing some other songs to improve my scores as well, and now I have about 6 songs with a score over 9000. Rent and It's a Sin (that was my first song I had over 9000 heh), Rapture and Atomic, Sing it back and REM - Losing my religion. Especially that last one, I played so, so many times, and always got a score of around 8950. So frustratingly close heh. Finally did it today. I'm quite proud of myself actually!

Anyway, I'm already making a wishlist for another batch of downloads. I'm still annoying Nina (the Playstation person responsible for Singstar PR) every time she makes a blog entry about Singstar, to tell her which songs I want. I told her I'm going to ask for Alphaville - Big in Japan every damn time, until it's up. I mean, seriously, no karaoke bar is worth that name if it doesn't have that song. And the Singstore has over 1100 songs, but not that one. It's shameful really.

There's plenty of other things that could improve. I want proper leaderboards for songs, for instance. If you want to compare your score to someone, you have to join a group, and even then you can only see the score of their best song.
Also, it would be nice to share some of your stuff to non-Singstar users. I mean, I can tell you whatever I want about my scores, no-one is able to check it. But I can't lie about achievements/trophies, you can see them online. And some games even have their own leaderboards and stuff you can check online (like Halo 3 and Starcraft II). So why shouldn't Singstar get something like this? For such a "social" game, it's really lacking in online connectivity. Also, I would love some more stats. I'd love to know the last time I played that particular song, or on what day I got that high score. To me, these are all really simple things, and I just don't understand why they're not already implemented.
...I think some of the above is going straight to Nina haha. But seriously. Singstar is already great, but it's definitely thin on extras, especially when it comes to competitive play. Yeah, Singstar is supposed to be for everyone, and not everyone needs those things. But I, as a seasoned gamer, would love them, and I know I'm not alone in this.

I think I'll stop now, this entry is embarrassingly long already.
mantorok rune
5th-Aug-2010 12:32 am(no subject)
My Xbox360 is dead.

26/09/2007 - 04/08/2010.

He lead a short, but full life. He has suffered a brain hemmorhage a few days ago, and his condition progressively worsened. The family decided to let him go peacefully and took him off the machines today, as was his wish should such a tragic event occur.

Neither flowers nor wreaths please. You can contribute by donating an amount of your choice to the paypal account temujin@telenet.be. The family plans to adopt another Xbox360 soon.
mantorok rune
Right, I still have to talk about all the gaming I've been doing between early May and now.

No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle
Disappointment. Was I expecting too much? Or was the first game simply that awesome, despite its flaws? I'm going with the latter. This is really a by-the-numbers sequel. About the only difference in gameplay is that you can now use TWO swords at the same time! Which would've been cool if they allowed some form of customisation. Which they don't. Boss battles? Some good ones at the start, and the somewhat memorable last fight. Otherwise, nothing special. Overall, it feels like an unnecessary sequel. No More Heroes definitely deserves a better sequel than this.

Alan Wake
Disappointment. Well, not as bad as NMH:DS really. I quite like the story, the setting and the characters, but the gameplay is a bit, hmm, can I call it last-gen? The combat especially is very simple and extremely repetitive. In some ways it reminded me of Eternal Darkness, but at least that had an interesting magic system. The combat here is nothing but 1) point light at enemy, 2) wait until they lose the darkness, 3) shoot with whatever weapon you have. All throughout the game. Just like with most, if not all, horror games, I would've liked it more if there was less combat altogether.
Other than that though, I have no complaints. It's a good game, I would give it a solid 8/10, but I just get the feeling it could've been so much more. It really should've been a game of the year contender, but it might not even make my top 10.

Prince of Persia
I bought this as in "in-between" game, a short distraction while waiting for a "bigger" game. I've played it for about 3 hours, and now I know why I don't like platformers like this. It's so easy to get frustrated when your character isn't doing what you want it to do. I know it's me, it's my fault, but the game is hardly helping me with my clumsiness. I may have a bad memory, but I think I was less frustrated with Mirror's Edge. ME definitely had some trial-and-error moments, but at least Faith jumped where and when I intended her to jump. Can't say the same about the Prince. Eh, no point in getting mad about it. I can tolerate a game like this in short bursts, but I'll never love it. I still want to finish it though.

It's pretty much what I expected it to be. The single player is definitely repetitive as hell - either I'm falling out of love with arcade racers, or games like Outrun, Sega Rally and Ridge Racer are actually more fun/interesting in single player than this. On the other hand, multiplayer is extremely addicting. The "just one more game" thing, you know what it's like. You also level up and unlock new cars and stuff. I think I'll play this for another week, maybe two, but no more.

Gears of War 2
Even though I didn't love the first game, I was able to pick up the GOTY edition for about €12, so I went for it. And I'm glad I did! Wow, it really improves on the original in every possible way. Finally, a sequel worthy of being called a sequel! The single player is more of the same I guess, but with better set pieces and story progress than the first one. A lot more "oh shi-!" and epic (lulz) "hell yeah!" moments. Friendly AI is a lot better this time (yet the bots in the multiplayer mode are pretty braindead 90% of the time - but sometimes they really surprise me as well).
I spent a lot of time in the multiplayer training mode, to get a feel of the maps and stuff. Even though I'll probably don't play much online. Well, apart from Horde. Horde is so awesome. The matchmaking, however, isn't. Today I searched for a game. I was thrown in with people around level 50, and one was level 86. Yeah. We got to level 14 heh. I was killed almost instantly by a boomshot -_- But I certainly picked up a lot of useful tactics. I don't think I'll ever get to level 50 though - unless it's on easy mode and I have four awesome players with me.
Overall, I'm enjoying this so, so much more than the first game, and a lot more than Halo 3. I'm even excited about Gears of War 3 now!

Ace Combat X
I bought this on PSP last year in june, for my birthday heh, but only started playing it last week. I've only played it for about an hour, but I'm pleasantly surprised. The story is pretty interesting, with some nice cutscenes. Gameplay is the Ace Combat I remember - I expected a much simpler control scheme, but it's pretty much the same as its console brothers. I haven't played it in a few days, but once I finish up some of my other games I'm definitely coming back to this one. I'm now also keeping an eye on the next Ace Combat game (also for PSP). If the reviews are any good I'm definitely buying it. And I might even track down some other games in the series I haven't played yet. Yay, Ace Combat!

Steam had a summer sale, which means I bought a whole ton of games again -_- Biggest one is Left 4 Dead 2. I only played the first campaign so far. I still think it's Left 4 Dead 1.2 instead of a real sequel, but I admit the melee weapons add a lot to the game. Otherwise, I haven't really played enough to talk about it.
Another game I bought was Shatter. I was waiting for a sale to get this heh. And to be honest, I'm happy I didn't pay full price for it. I mean, it's good, but the main single player game is really short (the bosses are pretty awesome though), and it's not really my kind of game when it comes to score/time attack stuff. The music is awesome though, easily the best part of the game.
And before the big summer sale - but also on sale- I bought some Civilization games. Started with number 3. Not bad. Went on to number 4 and its expansions. Better. After playing them collectively for over 10 hours, I'm still not very good at them I'm afraid. Even on an easier difficulty the AI can sometimes surprise me with its military might. What can I say? I'm not a war-like person in empire building games like this. I prefer cultural victories and the like. And I prefer playing the dumbed down console/handheld version of Civ (Civilization Revolution - own that on Xbox360 AND Nintendo DS!)

I think that's about it. In the near future I'll probably get Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, which would be my first MGS game since the one on PSX - and I really loved that one, I still don't understand why I haven't bought the others. Anyway, it looks like it has some interesting gameplay aspects. Could be interesting. And if it isn't, well, I can get it cheap so I'll just sell it off.
Oh yeah, and there's this new Starcraft game coming out in 2 weeks. Anyone heard of that game? I think it's the reason why I want to be done with all my games within 2 weeks heh. I still have a bunch of unopened games: my Valkyria Chronicles copy has been collecting dust for over 2 years now, and more recently I bought the God of War collection and Silent Hill: Shattered Memories. I also want to continue my hard run of Bayonetta (still my GOTY so far, by the way). Ugh. Too many games. Not enough time.
mantorok rune
6th-Jul-2010 12:50 am - summer sleep
hi friends!

There's a big (well, not that big) update coming on the games I've been playing recently, but now I want to talk about the E3 this year.

Well, I was actually on holiday when E3 happened, so only when I got home earlier this week was I able to check some videos and stuff. Obviously the Nintendo 3DS was the talk of the show, with reason of course. I won't be able to judge on the 3D thing until I actually see one in front of me, but to me it's just one part of the experience, and it's "just" a grapical thing after all, it's not an entirely different way of playing games. What did surprise me about the hardware were the 2 cameras on the outside, allowing you to take 3D pictures!! Of course, being Nintendo, the resolution is ridiciously low, but still, I think it's a very nice touch. It's also cool that they showed 3D movies, and already confired DSiware for it.
I haven't been that impressed with most of the games. Like, Kid Icarus looks decent, but it's still about PS2/PSP level. But then there's that Resident Evil demo, of which I can hardly believe it's in real-time. It really makes Kid Icarus look like a 10 year old game. It's also a bit unfortunate they're still porting N64 games - but to be honest I wouldn't mind going through Ocarina of Time again in 3D (and I'm sure they'll be adding 3DS-exclusive minigames!!). On the other hand, there's stuff like Resident Evil, Metal Gear Solid, Street Fighter IV and Dead or Alive that will probably REALLY show what the system can do in the first year. To be honest I wouldn't mind waiting until summer or fall 2011, if it means the games get more polish and aren't simply expensive tech demo's/remakes like some of the DS launch games were.

All in all though, I'm pretty sure I'll be getting it at launch. I can't wait to find out more about the games and features. But I don't think it'll launch this year.

As for "the rest", I'm very much looking forward to the new Mortal Kombat. Really looks like it's going to be the best MK since 2 (or 3. or Ultimate MK3). Those x-ray moves are brutal, and the finishing moves I've seen were pretty good as well. Gameplay seems to be a lot faster, more fluid and flexible. Really can't wait to play it, shame it's not coming out this year...
Secondly, I liked this Metal Gear Solid Rising trailer I saw, with Raiden cutting up lots of stuff. I'm sort of an ex-fan of MGS (loved MGS1 on PSX, but haven't played any of the others), but I'm pretty sure I'm going to buy this one when it comes out.
Thirdly: Halo Reach. When I saw the first part of the trailer, I was all "ugh, same old show, why do people keep buying the same game over and over? Halo is like the new FIFA or something". But then, OMG, space combat!!! If it's a major part of the gameplay in singleplayer and a seperate multiplayer mode, I think I might buy this Halo 3.3 :)
There was also Kirby's Epic Yarn that impressed me. Portal 2 had a nice trailer. I'm obviously looking forward to Dead Space 2. Child of Eden looked great, I hope it turns out to be as good as Rez. I'm obviously going to buy Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, but to be honest I'm less impressed with it than some of the games I mentioned above. Also looking forward to Donkey Kong Country Returns. And Shogun 2 was a very nice surprise, I hope it'll be better than Empire.

All in all, Mortal Kombat would be my game of the show. There was also this great short live-action movie showing a more realistic take on Mortal Kombat (confirmed not to be a trailer of a new MK movie, but still). If you haven't seen it yet, here's the link. It's awesome. I already saw it about four times haha.

Right, that's enough for now.
mantorok rune
3rd-May-2010 05:29 pm(no subject)
Right, just to plan the months ahead, I checked a release calender.
What I will buy on launch:
- No More Heroes 2 (Wii)
- Blur (Xbox360)
- Alan Wake (Xbox360)
I'll wait until a price drop/until after summer to buy:
- Red Dead Redemption (Xbox360)
- Demon's Souls (PS3)
- 3D Dot Game Heroes (PS3)
- Sin and Punishment 2 (Wii)

Oh, and I might buy Fifa 10 or Fifa World Cup on PS3.
(and maybe some old cheap games, yeah)

But otherwise, I'll be cleaning out my (mainly PC) backlog for the coming months. Just watch me!
mantorok rune
3rd-May-2010 01:47 am - e-peen extended!
So, about 4 days ago, while cleaning up my room a bit, I suddenly felt the urge to play Tekken 6 on PS3. I didn't stop playing until I got all the trophies. Yes, e-peen extended!
Most of the trophies are earned in that crappy scenario mode. Like I said the last time I played this game, it's awful. I hated it. But playing it again now, I actually didn't really hate it that much anymore. It helped that I played Paul, who has some pretty good/damaging combos. Oh, and using r1 to change targets. That's a lifesaver right there. My main problem with the scenario mode was actually the fact that most of the cutscenes at the start of the mode are longer than the actual gameplay bits. It doesn't help that the story is pretty stupid, and so is Lars. After a while there aren't that many cutscenes anymore, and they're all fairly short. I also loved playing as Paul, because he says dumb things at the start of a stage, or when seeing a boss. I played Panda for a bit and it was equally funny. Not that I'm going through it again, but still, eventually I found some stuff enjoyable.

What was not enjoyable: online play. Worst online play of any fighter, ever. I think I must've started 60 or 70 matches, but only finished 30. Yeah, the whole disconnection thing is that bad. If it's just the PS3/Wifi thing, then how come I hardly ever get disconnected when playing Street Fighter IV? Seriously, I'm never playing online again unless it's against friends. It also doesn't help that my win-loss percentage is the lowest I've ever had since playing fighting games online. I never knew I sucked at Tekken that much.

Guess what? I bought some more games on Steam -_- Games I don't need, obviously. The GTA classics collection (GTA1, 2, 3, Vice City and San Andreas), and the Codemasters racing pack (Dirt 1&2, Fuel, GriD, Toca Race Driver 3). All because they were cheap, not because I needed them. I'm so dumb. Still, I plan to play San Andreas, and all those race games. I already played Grid, not my thing at all. Too "simmy", I'm used to my arcade racers. I'm hoping Fuel and Dirt are going to be more arcade-y.

Anyway, my list of games on steam is now up to 107. One hundred and seven. Guess how many of those I played for more than 2 hours? About 10. So yeah. This is an absolutely huge backlog of games I have, worth hundreds, maybe even thousands of hours of gameplay. It's insane when you think about it really. I'm thinking of doing a full console game stop in the summer months, and play nothing but PC games. There's plenty of variety on my list (shooters, arcade games, the GTA games, racing games, strategy games, etc.) so I shouldn't be bored. AND then there's about 10 PC games on disc I haven't opened yet. Oh sigh.

Next update: Super Street Fighter IV impressions I guess.
mantorok rune
28th-Apr-2010 01:04 am - e-peen

Can you see the above image? Good! As you can see, I- I mean, my avatar is wearing an After Burner Climax t-shirt. I earned that by playing the arcade mode a few times, and unlocking all the EX options. It was fun doing it. And once you unlock automatic missiles, the game becomes a very zen-like experience heh. And even more if you get the "no attack from enemies" option. It's an entirely different game, really.
Also, I played score attack again. I said that I wanted to get over 800.000, right? Well, I have a little over 900.000. (Yes, it's over 900.000!!!!!! okay nevermind). I didn't expect that at all to be honest, but I guess going trough the arcade mode and watching (and trying to remember) the patterns does help. I'm now ranked around 650 on the leaderboards, out of about 12000 people. Not too bad I guess. I also noticed that the top 10 players (who get crazy scores around 2 million) are all japanese heh. I'm not surprised to be honest. Anyway, my next goal should probably be to get over a million next, but I'm not sure if I'll ever make that. I already consider myself lucky to get the score I have now.
Also, because I love the game so much, I'm thinking about buying the theme, and the gamerpics (if only for that AM2 pic). I'm using the After Burner title picture now, but the AM2 would just be so much nicer.

I downloaded another game from Steam: Beat Hazard! Like Audiosurf, you can use your own music collection, and in this game your music becomes a shooter! It's pretty good really. With a good song, it can get very intense. I only played a couple of songs so far, it's a good game to play for 15 minutes or so. Just like Audiosurf, this will be a game I won't be playing hours on end, but I'll still spend some quality time with it, even if it's days/weeks/months since my last session.

Warning: rant ahead!
Now that I maxed out another 2 games when it comes to gamerscore, I've been thinking of why I'm actually so obsessed with gamerscore and stuff. I guess everyone has different reasons and goals; in my case I don't really care about my overall gamerscore, but I do care about getting as much achievements as I can from one game. As long as it doesn't become a chore, of course. Like, Silent Hill Homecoming has pretty logical achievements, and you only need to play the full game twice (even though you have to replay some stuff, but that only takes an hour at most). But when I game has stuff like "10.000 kills online", I pass. It's really no surprise that I have a low gamerscore for games like Gears of War and Halo 3. A lot of these are online ones that take quite some time to get, or a special condition or whatever. I consider those a drag to unlock. Same as with "collect a million things". I could get 1000/1000 on the first Assassin's Creed, but that means hunting down flags and whatever collectibles. Boring. (Although, I might do this for the sequel - it's only a 100 feathers and I already have 20.)

To be honest, ever since I went to the My GamerCard site, I've been thinking of achievements in percentages. I'd like my overall percentage to be 60% or above. That means I'll have to get at least 600/1000 on retail games. As you can see from my list, this doesn't always happen, but it gets evened out by games I complete or near-complete. Like I said, some games are a drag (King of Fighters, Dead Rising - have I even reviewed that one? I hated it, honestly, can't see why everyone liked it so much) so I just ignore the achievements, and focus on more fun games.
The weird thing is that I'm far less obsessed with PS3 trophies than I am with achievements. Trophies just have a weird system I think. It's a mix between actual trophies, and the percentage of trophies you get. It's weird and somewhat confusing. I much prefer the simplicity of, you know, numbers. Other than that, I think it's also because I started getting achievements almost 4 years ago, trophies are relatively new, and they just don't have the same "weight", you know?

Anyway, I still plan on going through Dead Space on the hardest difficulty (mostly to get the 1000/1000, but also because it's one of my favourite games of this gen, and I'd consider it an honour having this game on my list of 'completed' games), and do the remaining achievements for the first Mass Effect. Also, if I see Fallout 3 GOTY edition for Xbox360 cheap, I might get that, and go through all the expansions again. Then I'll have maxed out Fallout 3 twice! Again, this wouldn't be just for the gamerscore, Fallout 3 is a game I bought twice because it's pretty much my favourite game this gen, and just like with Dead Space it would be cool if I maxed it out again.

So, in conclusion: I'm an achievement whore, but an elitist achievement whore!
Anyway, if anyone is reading this, I appreciate what you think of achievements/trophies/whatever. Hate them? Love them? Can't live without them? Personally, I can live without them (it's not like I suddenly stopped playing Wii games), but sometimes they offer rewards to players who explore, or do things differently. I like them when they're creative, and not just that "collect 5000 stones" stuff. Also, they shouldn't have too many multiplayer achievements, or at least offer a good balance between the two (unlike Gears of War, hah).
Rant over -_-
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