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Monday, August 1st, 2005
8:10 pm
so i can't even remember the last time i posted on this thing, hell, i only started checking it again about 2 weeks ago...

in any case, my summer has been unbelievably busy... lots of ultimate which is great... lots of work which isnt too great... and not enough climbing which sucks!

I was supposed to go to Canda to climb for two weeks but i had to cancel or face being fired. but besides that little unfortunate occurance my summer has been jam packed with fun. weekend trips have led me to: western Massachusetts (twice), Ottawa, and Tennessee. In two weeks i'll be heading up to Vermont for another ultimate tournament, then down to DC for ultimate once again, and then finally back to school, which will undoubtedly be filled with more tournies as well.

It would nice to get home a little more often to see friends from back home (ie: anyone who might actually read this blog) but summer has just been flying by. i dont think that i've spent a weekend in DE since the beginning of June. next weekend i will most likely be heading home, so if you are around dont book up your weekend just yet!

hope all my friends from back home have been doing well, drop me a line sometime if you are bored... if i'm at work i will almost always answer and talk for a minimum of a half hour!

anyway, i've got a million things to go take care of, so i shall end this blog...


current mood: exhausted

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Thursday, March 24th, 2005
10:58 am - KARAOKE STAR
Who's that lady
Coming down the road
Who's that lady
Who's that woman
Walking through my door
What's the score
I'll be the sun
Shining on you
Hey Cinderella
Step in your shoe
I'll be your non-stop lover
Get it while you can
Your non-stop miracle
I'm your man

Get outta my dreams
Get in to my car

My friend francis and I went bowling with a group of people last night. it was cosmic bowling night and, as every cosmic bowling should have, there was karaoke. Francis and I decided that we needed to share the magic that is Billy Ocean's "Get outta my car... into my dreams." For doing such a heroic act, we received a bowling pin trophy, for being the worst two singers of the night. we were quite proud of ourselves, and is expected of everyone who has an lj, i felt obliged to share my story of personal glory with all of you.

oh yes, and i leave in two days to go CLIMBING AT JOSHUA TREE NATIONAL PARK!!! HECK YES!!!

current mood: ridiculous!

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Sunday, March 6th, 2005
1:06 pm
Oh my goodness it's been quite a long time since updating this journal! i apologize to those who are constantly asking themselves, "i wonder what is going on in joe's life RIGHT NOW?"

Well, a LOT has changed in the past month and a half, some things i will get into, others i wont. China was amazing... and i still havent developed my pictures from the trip yet! i really need to get on top of that... school has been good, i have been very busy with ultimate and rock climbing and a somewhat demanding class schedule this semester... (i have papers due on monday, tuesday and wednesday of this week... yay.)

All in all i'm doing all right, still adjusting to several very large changes that have taken place over the past few months... spring break is coming up and I am extremely excited! myself and two of my friends are flying into LA, and from there either bussing or hitching a ride 2 hours east to joshua tree national park where we will be staying for 5 nights, and spend 7 days rock climbing and camping!!!! I feel this is going to be one of the more incredible experiences of my life, and i can't wait! we are already talking about what we are going to do with our month long winter break next year, and the idea of a month long climbing trip in texas, or a climbing road trip through the south are both good contenders!

I was supposed to be moving into an awesome house with 3 other friends, but the landlord rejected our application siting that it was "not strong enough." the only thing on the application is our names and contact information... we feel he chose another group of all girls rather than my group of two guys and two girls, which really stinks because there are no good housing offers available anymore. hopefully we will find something, and when we do i will be spending my summer down here in delaware, hopefully working to afford a new place to live. anyway we will see how that unfolds.

classes and my activities have not left much free time for me, and with spring break coming up in 3 weeks i am going to have to start adhearing to a very rigorous training schedule in order to be strong enough to last 7 full days of climbing in a desert with no rest... it's going to be amazing, but these next few weeks are going to be busy and tough.

anyway, i hope that everyone's lives are going wonderfully, IM me sometime and we'll catch up (that goes for EVERYONE)

as always,
little Joe

current mood: busy

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Sunday, December 12th, 2004
12:15 pm - I can't remember the last time...
...That I updated this thing.

A lot has been going on I guess, some cool things have gone over this past week.

Last weekend I went bouldering at a place in PA called Haycock. Quite a few interesting events took place before we were even able to boulder. as we get pull up, we realize from the massive amounts of people with guns that it is hunting season. we, unfortunately, forgot to bring orange hats and shirts with us, and therefore were in trouble. we decided we would risk our lives for the sake of climbing, but when we got out of the car we were told by other climbers that there was a hefty fine amounting to 500 dollars for not wearing orange... fearing more for our wallets than for our lives, we decided to find a hunting store and get some orange. we returned with hats, hike to some boulders, and start climbing, only to be told by the game warden that we needed orange vests as well. so, we had to hike out, buy more orange crap that I will never wear again, and hike back in. with most of our day spent buying orange, we finally hit the rocks... after we were finished being lost. the climbing was awesome, it's always so much fun to be outside. and even after the craziness it was still a great day.

now wasn't THAT really long-winded...

anyway, I went climbing 5 days this week, and it's been so much fun.

I'm really excited for China, I can't believe I leave in less than a month! I really want to find some climbing there, although Beijing is apparently frigid at this time of year. maybe i'll find an indoor gym to call my second home...

I'll be home in 4 days... yippee!!! I can't wait to see everyone from back home again, and my family, and kellyyyyyyyyyyyy! Unfortunately I have 3 big exams separating vacation from me, hopefully I'll do allright on them.

With the ultimate season over it has really opened up a lot of free time that I did not have available before... it's actually quite nice.

Over break I'm going to try and make it a habit of mine to attend yoga classes again and to hit up the NJ rock gym at least once (hopefully a few times.) if anyone who reads up to this point is also interested, I guess just reply to this or IM me or something... whatever you find easier and requiring of less effort.

anyway, that's all for me. I need to start studying for my Chinese exam and for my Western Civ exam, two big tests that happen to fall on the same day (I'm so fortunate).

allright, bye bye

current mood: calm

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Monday, December 6th, 2004
9:10 am - gmail
anyone want a gmail account? first 5 to respond to this post will get them. I might get more later, but if you want one now, let me know.

ok, later

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Thursday, November 11th, 2004
10:31 am
So I went and saw Hero last night by myself at the on campus movie theater. I had a great time. This is my second time seeing the movie and I found it just as enjoyable as the first time i saw it. I'm going to try and make seeing movies at the theater a more regular thing, maybe once a week or so.

I've been watching a lot of SVU and West Wing recently, two awesome shows. Definitely should be studying instead, but oh well...

Need to get my ass back into a gym. it's been about a month and a half since I last lifted a weight, and even longer since i've practiced yoga, which is pretty bad considering I teach a class once a week! well, at least my rock climbing and ultimate have been improving somewhat. regardless, i hate being as inflexible as I am right now, and feeling as week as I do.

I can't wait for thanksgiving, I will be nice to spend a little time relaxing and enjoying the company of friends and family who I havent seen in a couple of months.

I'm going to try to find some rock climbers in China to hook up with and go climbing while I'm there at some point. I hear there are some pretty good places not too far outside of Beijing. I just hope that the weather will permit such events, considering I'm going in the middle of winter. I'll have to scope out the indoor rock gyms, that'll probably be the easiest way to find some people. It'd also be pretty cool if I could find some ultimate players. Maybe Peking University?? well, I'll worry about this more as the time approaches.

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Saturday, September 4th, 2004
6:40 pm
Well, it's been a while, so i guess it's time for an update on things...

I'm back at school. It's going well, my room is great and my roomate is cool, and I'm getting very excited for ultimate. It was tough saying goodbye to all my close friends home, but hopefully it wont be too long before i see them again (next saturday??)

I am now officially a history major. I just was not enjoying being an exercise science major, and i'm already thrilled about my two history courses this semester.

My room is one of the few on campus with air conditioning, and it is so cold in here that it is hard to type because my hands are so cold.

Looking forward to seeing kelly, whenever that may be, hopefully sooner rather than later.

oh, and joe, kel, and vicky: someone offered me fifty bucks for my pink no pirates shirt!!!! it was histerical, but i couldnt part with it.

I thought i had something else to mention, but i cant seem to remember. I guess it's about time to end this post then. hope things are going well in everyone's lives.

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Tuesday, August 17th, 2004
12:11 pm - This summer is quickly coming to an end...
Well, as I'm sure most of you know, Kelly went back to school on Sunday. Being that this is the second time I've had to do this, it was a little easier. However I still miss her very much. When you are so far away from someone, it really makes you appreciate them. I am truly lucky to have Kelly in my life.\

I wish Norfolk VA had a Chinatown, because I would love to find a cheap way to get down to Norfolk on some weekends that dont require me driving 4-6 hours each way. Anyone have any ideas? greyhound is about 80 bucks one way, and it takes 8 hours from wilmington delaware.

I got stung by a bee yesterday. After many curse words and some ice I was fine.

Rock climbing was great, I cant wait to go again. perhaps thursday or friday? we'll see.

AVP tonight!!!! w00t

I've been binging on Jet Li movies. I cant help it. I enjoy watching movies with poor dubbing (or subtitles), and kickass fight scenes.

Anyway, not much else going on in my life, I've gotta go pack up my room now so i can move.

Until next time...

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Wednesday, July 21st, 2004
6:36 pm - We Be Movin on Up!
My new housing assignment is Kent Hall, which is awesome. On the main Green of UD, Air Conditioned, still with the same roomate, and convenientlly located next to 2 dining halls!!!! This has made my day very good!
Still workin on selling our house, keeping our fingers crossed that it sells soon!

Summer is flying by, i cant believe we are 2/3 the way done with July already. Summer's slipping away too quickly.

Anyway, gotta get going. I'll update when i have more to update about.

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Friday, July 16th, 2004
3:47 pm - Yoga! Yoga! Yoga!
I'm sooooooooo excited that everyone seems to be getting into yoga!!! It's awesome! I love having people to go take classes with and i love having all my friends enjoy doing it! yipee!!!

I'm excited for the weekend an a little break from the camp. I love working there and the kids are great and my co-counselors are very fun, but it does wear me out by the end of the day. also, i got beat in tetherball by a 6th grader, and then he proceeded to kick my ass 3 times in a row and connect four. i will now refuse to play him in nock hockey for fear of being embarrased yet again...

I got an email from Dana over in Italy the other day. It sounds like she is having an awesome time. She's living in Florence currently, doing some non profit work for Slow Foods and enjoying Italy.

anyway, not too much else to post about. i'll write more later

current mood: content

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Thursday, July 15th, 2004
12:28 pm - And now, The moment you've all been waiting for...
I have a user Icon!!!!

Granted, it isnt the best user icon ever, but hey, at least i took the time to put one up. i sorta just looked under the pictures that we had on the family computer, decided that the Om was a pretty fitting picture for me, and used that. for now, I think it works quite well.

Well, I'm back home on lunch break right now after an exhausting first half of the day. several kids (between 12-20 kids) decided that today they were going to chase me around demanding piggy back rides and throw woodchips at me when i didnt do them. on more than one occasion i had to use my amazing climbing abilities (yea, right) to jump and grab a hold of the top of the swing set, and pull myself up on top in order to avoid them. In any case it was very fun, but very exhausting. The girls also made fun of me for having a girlfriend and even took it upon themselves to write a little tune about it: "Joeeeeeeeeee has a girlllllllllfriendddd, EWwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww."

Well, three hours left today, hope they're just as worn out as i am!

current mood: exhausted

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Friday, July 9th, 2004
8:24 am
Well I started my new job on Wednesday as a councelor for the Westfield parks and rec camps. So far the job has been quite a blast. the little kids are fun and the hours seem to really fly by at work. But I guess we'll see how i feel about it two weeks from now! Regardless, it's very exciting to have a steady inflow of cash.

If you like Adventure/Thriller novels, you should check out DaVinci code. It moves fast and doesnt take too long to read.

It's been great to be with friends and Kelly almost every day, I've really been enjoying it.

That's about all for now. Hope everyone else's summer is going great as well!

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Monday, June 21st, 2004
5:10 pm
This summer is going pretty well so far.

The weekend was a blast. went up to the catskills with some great friends and had sooooo much fun. tubed the esopus creek in freezing water (only flipped once!), played some board games, went swimming, roasted marshmallows, went to woodstock and then to the TKD monastary (a tibetan buddhist temple).

The TKD monastary was beautiful. it was truly and awe inspiring sight for me.

been keeping busy with the occasional work, kung fu, and yoga. kelly has really gotten me back into my yoga practice, which is great. it was definitely missing from my life.

lots of craziness going on right now with the whole moving situation that is going on around here. lots of work being done around my house in order to keep this house looking good for potential buyers.

well, that's all for now, hopefully i'll get this posting thing down to a more regular basis.

current mood: happy

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Monday, May 31st, 2004
2:44 am - And now the moment you've all been waiting for...
Well, At the badgering of several friends, my highly anticipated third LJ post is being released to the masses.

Starting off with a recap of saturday's antics, which involved a picnic in watchung park, group naptime after a delicious meal (courtesy of vicky and jodi), playing on the jungle gym and swinging on swings, frosty freeeeeez, ending with my house and a trampoline.

today was spent at kelly's cousin's graduation party, then over to sara's and then back at my house. slightly eventful, yet again full of enjoyment.

It feels sooooo good to be done with school. I'm loving being back in my own home, wiht my family and close friends and kelly, it's just something that was missing, the general feeling of being surrounded by people who care for you. anyway, i'm getting all mushy on everyone, so i'll end this subject.

my family is moving. we're all quite excited about it, even though me and Laurie wont have a room anymore, it is still really exciting and fun. I always have enjoyed moving (or at least from what i can remember about it) there's just something fun about rearranging the things in your life, putting yourself into a new environment. sometimes the change is good, and i find that moving is a good way to change some things in your life around.

lots of work being done around our house. it's funny, our house is never cleaner than when we are moving, and we never spend as much time worrying about the house until we are trying to sell it. i think this is the case with most people. it's just funny though, how you never take better care of it until you are trying to get rid of it. just interesting i feel. blah, i knew i rambled when i talked but i didnt think i'd also be doing it as i blogged. that's interesting too perhaps...

anyway, just trying to live each day to the fullest and enjoy every moment that i am so lucky to have here in this life.

a new summer goal of mine (besides becoming a more controlled driver, ps sorry to jodi, vicky, kelly and joe for saturday night's display of what road rage is):
I'd like to smile more often. it'll make me happier, and hopefully the people around me happier as well.

Anyway, definitely too late for me to be thinking clearly, so I am ending this here...


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Monday, May 10th, 2004
12:14 pm
Had quite an enjoyable weekend!

-Saw straylight run and hung out with val and rick
-The university is paying me money to be a lab rat!!! (nothing dangerous, just testing the athletic performance differences between midly obese and people of a more healthy weight)
-had fun at an ultimate party in which singing, as with most ultimate parties, was involved, and i was a primary member in the choir
-played racquetball with my buddy margaret for 2 hours, and was beaten every time (best score i had against her was 15-8, wiht most others being about 15-4)
-all in all it was an enjoyable weekend.

That's about all that's going on right now... i guess i'll update more as stuff happens in my life...


current mood: cheerful

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Thursday, May 6th, 2004
1:26 pm - up and running...
So I finally got around to making an lj... woo hoo.

-seeing straylight run tonight, should be fun...
-looking forward to rick visiting UDel...
-wish it were summer already...

other than that, not too much going on really. i know this is quite a weak post, but hey, give it time...


current mood: good

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