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B-T 13th Floor with Moonshine Live Report

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Jun. 10th, 2005 | 05:07 am
mood: pleasedlucky!
music: rei harakami: grief & loss

Set list:

friday, 3 june 2005 府中の森芸術劇場どりーむホール

Tight Rope
Lullaby II
Mona Lisa
夢魔 -The Nightmare

First Encore
Angelic Conversation

Second Encore
Band Introductions


I wanted to do a dry run to Fuchu, as it was supposedly a 20 min ride west on the Keio line, but we spent too much time at the Cat Shrine in Gotokuji the day before and ran out of time. Alas, it took us about an hour to get to Fuchu-no-Mori's Dream Hall from Shibuya, and as we ran up to the concert hall, it was only 645 pm, so I wasn't too worried about missing anything other than meeting some of the fans. Walking up a few yakuza offered us tickets (they weren't quite as smarmy as the ones in front of NHK hall, who did their dealings as the police announced in bullhorns not to buy from the yakuza XDDD). The weather in Tokyo had been unusually gorgeous-- about 75F, 18C...with light rain falling as we approached our destination. Unlike the formal gauntlet check at NHK hall for Atsushi's show, they just looked at my ticket and said no camera and waved us in-- not even taking the ticket stub! A fan says the hall was mainly used for Enka and it was the first time a rock band had played there. The sound was overall VERY good (I didnt want to see them at NHK Kaikan because the sound there was dismal for Atsushi's show) and clear. Sadly, my actual report on each of the songs is not as detailed as last years' with Atsushi's because it was hard to keep up with everything!

LATER I found out that when the concert started, they actually started FIFTEEN MINUTES EARLY (615) and that the hall was only about 2/3 full (it did sell out and filled up eventually), because there was a huge football game going on in Fuchu and they needed to clear the area in front of the hall! WTF. Plus, I wasn't the only person who had problems getting to Fuchu-- according to several other bbs', it took longer than expected. A lot of people were wandering in even during "tightrope"!

There was one large bouquet of flowers, mainly sunflowers (Atsushi's favorite), sent by Music on TV. As we went to the second floor, to my HORROR, I could hear Cabaret X___X! I gnashed my teeth because "Kourin" is one of my favorite songs off the new album and I wanted to see how bauhausy it sounded live haha.

It was very dark in the hall and we thought we had the right seats, which were about six rows closer and a little more imai side than what I thought we had, but the usher sat us there anyway. It was a little hard to see without my opera glasses, and after seeing Atsushi live, all I can say is, seeing all five Buck-Tick members is a little overwhelming! Too much to watch! The sound was perfect, not too loud, and the crowd was very much into them, always paying attention, and cheering whenever Hide or Hisashi dashed down the side stages. And the crowd was at least 50% male. There were a lot of families there, and a lot of children between 5-10, including these ADORABLE young boys dressed as Maimai and Acchan in suits and little canes, a top hat for Imai and a lower parson's hat for Atsu. I wanted a picture but they left before the end of the show. Atsushi for the most part stayed center stage, and away from the audience. Imai was dancing and moving CONSTANTLY! Yuta was hidden, and Toll was actually close to the front, right behind Imai!

Atsushi-- very silky black wide satin pants with large bellbottoms, high heeled boots, a stretch black lace shirt with gold threading, flowers at the neck, and long poet cuffs, and a long stretch material black coat with a gold woven paisley pattern. The inside was a rich, antique gold metallic lame. He also sometimes wore a wide brimmed, short crowned hat that reminded me of the one in the speed pv. The whole outfit seemed like a more cabaret-y take on that bizarre coat he wore in the early 90s that had a gigantic collar of gold and black fake flowers (see mood icon). He was wearing some eyeliner, but his eyebrows looked nonexistent. His hair was simply combed down but of course by the end of the show he'd raked his fingers through it and it was slicked back on his head. While Atsushi was very graceful in this outfit, it also looked incredibly feminine on him...usually he can pull off lace or satin and still exude plenty of masculinity, but he reminded me very much of "Christine" from Phantom of the Opera this night...delicate and elegant haha.

Hisashi-- the red kodona-punky-clown outfit! Hisashi looked so awesome. The breeches had little ties at the knees and I think he wore black tights. HIS CURL-TOE PARTI-SHOES WERE SO COOL. deep blood red on the outside, a golden cream on the inside. I think they were meant to match his red guitar with the yellow F-hole design. His black shirt was unbuttoned quite deeply, probably 3 buttons down, and you could see his collarbones quite well. He had the B-T on his cheek of course, and a smudge of red on the tip of his nose. He wore heavy black eyeliner and his hair--which is--probably the longest I've seen it since 1997!--was gorgeous fluffy.

Hidehiko-- Hide looked consummately elegant in a black suit featuring a long slim fitting jacket, a white shirt, and his cross-tie at his neck. His hair was short and he looked up at the crowd often and smiled, but I was sorta disappointed in how "in the background" he and Yuta seemed at this show.

Yutaka-- It was very hard for me to see Yutaka clearly, as he stayed towards the shadowy back! Oddly enough, he did VERY LITTLE of his usual head-bouncing, smiling, and no singing along until the encores. Instead, he was very serious looking. He wore a black double breasted suit with a grey shirt that also was opened far down his chest.

Toll-- Toll's mohawk was perfect. It was the classic mohawk of fine feathery spikes, not as thick as he normally wears it, and colored as beautifully as a hawk's feathers, nearly platinum at the tips. He was in a particular good mood, and smiled often at the other band members. He wore a black suit with a boxy jacket that had cream or yellow piping along the lapel edges.

Stage: I really think back-up project has done an amazing job on this stage. It seemed to take the rich architectual scheme of their past stages (particularly the decayed ruins of Seventh Heaven and the uber-gothic cathedral look from the Aku no Hana days) and combined it with their more streamlined, mechanical looks of recent years. It was all very Phantom of the Opera looking XD. A pale, sheer gold curtain separated the band from the audience, and a chandelier that was a more sparkly minature of the 20 ft wide one used at the Devil & Freud show last year hung in the center. This chandelier provided not only traditional candlelighting effects, but would darken or would even have brighter stage lights coming from it. Sometimes a series of theatre rope loops, with many dangling ends showing frayed tassel edges (an homage to Atsushi's single frayed rope stage set last year?) would hang behind the chandelier.

During a few songs a big mirror ball would supercede the chandelier. On the floor, there were big oversided harlequin checkers!!! Red curtains were along the side stages. There were multiple lighting fixtures meant to look like candelabra. Along the back wall, there were very modern, stylised cathedral windows that rose up nearly to the ceiling, often shooting out colored lights from the top. During some songs they would be backlit by stained glass giving them a more traditional look. Toll's riser was situated behind Imai but was set diagonally so he was looking out toward the center stage. To the right of Toll's riser was a Victorianesque couch with red leather upholstery. On it were a bouquet of fake white calla lillies, several masks, and the blue-dressed, blond haired doll.

In the center of the stage rose 13 steps (I assume! I forgot to count ><;)beneath the chandelier. All along the edges of these stairs were candlelabra (or maybe single candlesticks). At the top of the stairs was the gothic throne you see on the cover of 13 kai, with large brass candlelabra on either side.
Just to the right of the bottom of the staircase was a cluster of furniture: a small gold table which held a couple bottles of water, 4 bottles of wine and liquor, a wine glass,a candlelabra, and some smoking items. (I think its bad if you make it a habit to require a portable bar on stage ._.;)
Behind this table was a little lamp with a red shade cocked sharply to the left. Propped up against the table, facing stage left, was a big ormulu mirror. Laying on the floor in the right front of the table was a pile of frothy white lace, presumably "the bride doll," but you couldnt see any body parts. In front of the doll and to the right was a red chair. Hidehiko stood sort of to the right and front of this chair. Yutaka's riser was sorta behind all this furniture, behind Hide.

Now onto the concert...giving a few details I remembered starting where I came in -_-; forgive me if some of the details are sketchy. It was really too dark to take down notes XD

Atsushi was singing on the couch, with one leg over the other. He'd tap his toe to the rhythm. I recalled some of his singing was a little off, like he couldnt hear the music. The mr said he was shocked it was a little out of tune too, but that was probably because he was curled up on the couch. XD The mirror ball was covering the stage with little glittery sparkles, so I thought of Lola ^^; I came in during one of my FAVORITE parts of the album, what I call "The Angelic Buck-Tick Chorus" during the break, and Hide and Imai both sang it. Sadly, I couldnt really pay attention as we were trying to tell the usher in our No-Japanese we didn't want to interrupt and would wait for the next song before trying to find our seats ><;

異人の夜- I love, love, love this song, but was sitting down as it started and only caught a glimpse of Yuta's spotlighted bass intro. I think I was trying to sink everything in because all I really remember about it was Atsushi did some very beautiful hand motions throughout the song, which led to some bad trainride home jokes about him being a sign-language interpreter for deaf Graces and Muses. Somewhere in here Atsushi threw off his hat behind him, like in the Speed pv, and it sat there on stage. He would pick it up now and then and put it back on, then throw it back off haha.

サファイア- *___* I was SO HAPPY to hear this song live. It's definitely one of their masterpieces, and I adore the lyrics to no end. Atsushi sang it in a very deep voice,not the delicate trembling one he sometimes does, and it was fucking gorgeous. The stage was mainly dark, lit by pale blue lighting that focused on him. He didn't sing along to the falsetto "oooh-oohs" at the end ^^; It seemed an very beautiful song to follow 異人の夜 -- the idea of a lonely phantom tracking down a foreign lover with sapphire eyes...

Alive- let me say I love the lyrics to this song, but I HAAAAAATE that horrible "strangled chicken note" Atsushi hits in the choruses ><;;; It literally hurts my throat to listen to it. And the song just doesn't fit on the album, musically, in my opinion. So as it started, I sorta payed attention to see if it were better live, and it was! The hall lit up brightly, and Hisashi began his awesome tick-tock dance, wandering far stage left. He had the spotlight on him for most of the break and the entire audience downstairs seemed to flock to him in a single wave, reaching out for him. In Fuchu at least, Hisashi appeared to be the favorite. I heard a lot more "Imaichan!"s than "Acchan"s. The crowd actually did very little yelling out, but I did hear Yuta and Hide's name a lot too. While Imai held court stage left, Acchan just wandered to the stairs and turned around, with his hands on his hips, almost like "HMPH. NO ONE WANTS TO PAY ATTENTION TO ME!" hahaha. Then Imai came back toward the main stage and SAT ON TOLL'S DRUM RISER. XDD Toll looked over at him and waved with a drumstick and they smiled at each other!
At the end of the song, Atsushi was taking a drink from a bottle on the liquor table. He then took off his coat and turned it inside out, wrapping it around his waist so that the gold lining created a glittering skirt. And all went dark.

Tightrope- I love this song, and Atsushi danced so beautifully during it. It was completely hypnotising...like a ghost dancing for herself. Something was up with Atsushi's voice, I don't know if he couldnt hear the monitors, but he tripped over several lines and stayed towards the staircase. It was very dark, and you couldn't really see the rest of the band except for Imai's guitar occasionally. Everyone was very still. I have read that Atsushi has been pretty sick with throat problems lately, and god knows after that Alive chorus my throat would hurt too...anyway, the guitar was especially beautiful here. very sweet and pure. Okay, il_pleut, get this: during the "Swimming in space with you, we can meet at the end of the dream, I close my eyes" part towards the end, Atsushi motioned at Hisashi and sang to him while on his knees. Hisashi stood there, with the faintest smile on his face, not his usual "Im just here to play the guitar, not pay attention to you meh" look XD. It was so sweet and beautiful.
I'm glad they've performed this song so much lately because its beautiful loving message is so important. This was the part where the stage ropes were lowered. At the very end of the song, Atsushi batted at some of the ropes like a cat.

Near the end of this song some more people were coming in and the usher apologised and took us to our proper seats, which were in the center about six rows back. At this point, it was very hard to make out facial expressions in the dark lighting but the sound was even better as it was perfectly focused. And I could see Ani's face and Yuta more!

Do you know how hard it is to have a conversation in the dark in a language you don't know? XD
The Fuchu staff were VERY polite,as were the people we had to move for...I was afraid they'd assume we were trying to get better seats because we were there first.

CLOWN LOVES SENORITA-- I LOVE this song, and it was INCREDIBLE LIVE. As it started, Atsushi wandered to the back of the stairs and put on a gold half-mask and said "WELCOME" in english, holding out his hands. Hidehiko came over and sat on the couch. As the music started, Hisashi was making all kinds of crazy warping noises over the usual sounds! And Atsushi started rocking back and forth with the creaks like a pendulum of a clock with his back to the audience. He then started wandering back and forth between where Imai and Hide would stand, and suddenly turned tp face the audience and had this O_O scary skull face-masque of the red death dark gold and white colored mask on! AAAAAAGH BUCK-TICK NO MORE SURPRISE SKULLS *fears*
His gold coat made a gorgeous skirt around his hips, which were swaying like a boat in a tempest.

誘惑- I was really looking forward to hearing this, as its been a favorite song for all my B-T years, even though it occured to me the sax and piano would be DAT. But no! Hidehiko actually played a little extra rhythm guitar part that was very jazzy, 1950s lounge sounding-- a great update for this album-- and Yuta pulled off the double bass sound on his bass guitar. The drums were very, very cool and brushy jazz style, and Hisashi was playing Atsushi's sax parts through his midi guitar!!!!! At the end there was a super extended sax-midi solo *_* Atsushi smoked during this song and swerved his hips about, and I think at somepoint threw off his mask. It reminded me so much of that awesome scene in "The Aristocats" (god i loved that as a kid) where all the alley cats had a party and sang the jazz tune "Evrybody wants to be a cat"-- definitely an inspiration for the Cure's "Love Cats" song and PV i think. LET ME SHOW YOU.

キラメキの中で… !!!!!!!! I had totally forgotten I might hear this song, and I was very excited, because god knows Atsushi can be so fucking sexy with his cooings and moanings and screams during it. But alas, his sore throat must have prevented too many antics because he gave out a shivery moan or two but that was pretty much it ;-; But I reaaaaaallly love this song, especially the dub drums and bass, and it was a superb followup to Yuuwaku's classy jazz. The lyrics of course fit in incredibly with the morbid theme of the tour. The song started with the stage completely black, then you only saw Hisashi bathed in pale blue light for the song's super long "chaos" intro with all the harmonics. The sounds he made were numinous, and everyone was completely silent and in awe of the man as he played beautiful arpeggios and scales on the guitar. Probably the best live version I've heard of the intro. Then Yuta's bass kicked in and the spotlight fled to Atsushi, who was wearing his gold-half mask again. He stayed pretty close to the bottom of the stairs, and held himself tightly, rocking back and forth for most of the song. In the middle during the guitar solo, Atsushi got up and PIROUETTED with his arms outstretched while Hisashi played the theme from SWAN LAKE!!!!!
It was very very cool.

道化師A-- this was a song that when I first heard it, I was sorta like, huh?! because it reminded me at once of a britrock band like blur or oasis meets david bowie. I grew to really like it, especially after understanding the lyrics. Atsushi had wandered to the mirror at the foot of the stage, and put his hat back on and fussed with himself, like a star preparing to go out on stage (appropriate as the lyrics are about a frightened child being forced to perform, yes?). He picked up a walking stick that must have been back behind the table, and sat on the floor singing to his reflection for a moment, tapping the mirror with the cane before he got up and walked slowly the to center of the stage, hitting it against the floor hard enough you could hear it. During the wild circus calliope part in the middle, he spun the cane around (hahaha, not too fast-- he still hasn't figured out that whole spear-spinning thing from Longinus I guess. XD no drill team flag corps for Acchan!). At the end he bowed down and held out his arms, grinning like a gaffer (or the evil manager in the song).

LULLABYE 2- the stage darkened, and there were a lot of extra Hisashi drill noises on his guitar, and then he played with his theremin some! The hat was flung from the darkness to sit at the bottom of the stairs.

PASSION- Atsushi sat on the bottom of the stairs again, drinking some wine, then dragging out the bride doll by her skirts so she was laying in front of the table more. Her skirts were spattered with "blood" and I didn't really see any hair-- just a bald mannequin, no veil. and then he lit a candelabra. (FEAR!). He got up and wandered to the edge of the stage (first time all night, really), and takes off his gold mask. THEN HE HOLDS THE CANDLELABRA OVER HIS HEAD AND DRIPPED WAX ON HIS HEAD. I swear, that man really makes me laugh sometimes. XD After that he waved the flames over the audience (i think they were too far back to really get damaged!).
During the middle part, Hidehiko wandered to the stairs and did his solo, facing left. He played his black Bunny guitar for the whole show except when he used his 12 string acoustic. Also at some point a techie came out and sat on the stairs for a long time, and they left the lights on him so he could fix something.

DOLL!!!!!! I really think this song is my favorite on the album, because it makes me titter with wicked glee. It's all the cheezy baroque excess of early Malice Mizer but done far more gorgeously. And of course everyone knows how much Atsushi adored Sarah Brightman in Phantom of the Opera, and the main scale is very evocative of Andrew Lloyd Webber's main phantom theme, especially given this setting of a glittering chandelier, vermillion upholstery, and golden candlelabra. Atsushi wandered to the couch, and picked up the porcelain doll. Oddly enough, the doll's long golden hair trailed down her front, like her head was on backwards. She wore a soft blue dress and white stockings and shoes and looked very much like a Jumeau or Bru. Atsushi went to the top of the stairs and looked like the damn virgin mary, he was so beautiful as he clutched the doll to his breast and stroked her hair with reassuring, graceful pale fingers. Not a bit of sinisterness to him at all-- he looked like he would make the perfect mother as he rocked his arms slowly and kissed her head. He walked down the stairs sideways, and slowly, nestling the doll, then during the chorus, waltzed in circles all over the stage. it was so beautiful seeing him dance. he looked like a viennese debutante from the 19th century. He would hold the doll in one arm and then hold out his gold "skirts" with his other hand.

Okay, this part is for misatojaganshi XD. considering the very first B-T recording i ever saw was "climax together"'s taboo, and that the first live atsushi i ever saw was his stripper performance of "X-Lover" last year, I really didn't think there was much the man could do on stage to make my jaw drop. But during the middle "mamaru, yureru" part, he stopped dancing and just let the doll hang by her hair from his hands. He grinned demonically and let her swing back and forth to Hisashi's scales (who, by the way, was doing this awesome bouncing up and down dance XD), then he slowly climbed up the stairs. As he sang the final "yureru!" he spread his hand over the dolls' head and crushed its head to his crotch. I think everyone in the hall gasped at once XDDDD. HE KEPT IT THERE while the song finished, standing in the spotlight on top the staircase. I have since read in other live repos the reason why you didn't see the doll's face is apparently at some show in late May he dropped her and smashed her face :X

月蝕 setting the doll back on the couch, Atsushi went to the mike and MC'd-- and I had to confirm my disbelieving ears-- "DANCE, MATADOR!!! The drums were excellent, loud and commanding...you could feel them in your chest. Atsushi did some microphone thrashing, which was the most he moved all night aside from the waltzing. The best part of this song was Hisashi, who has constantly done his little tick-tock dance all night, danced over to Atsushi, who was being all super broody and clingy to the mike, and began to do his dance in a circle around Atsushi over and over and over again!. Atsushi leaned down to reclaim the candelabra he'd sat at the end of the stage a few songs back, and dripped wax on his hand for a while. Then he put out the flames by blowing them (unsuccessful) and pinching them out-- the candelabra went out at the same time ALL THE LIGHTS WENT OFF. it was a very nice touch.

Seraphim: Atsushi wandered behind the couch and picked up a long bouquet of white calla lilies and started singing. He'd wave the flowers about as if he were waving goodbye. Imai came over and danced next to Atsushi for a little bit during the guitar solo, and Hidehiko did some pick throwing games.

Mona Lisa: !!!!! Of all the songs off of the last album, this is the one I wanted to hear most. Somehow, the lyrics "hyper opera" fit the current album well. Atsushi went over and laid back on the couch, curling his arms under his knees. While singing "Adios Amigos" Hisashi did Atsushi's little "gun to the head" finger motions, and then during some part, he put his fingers in his mouth like he was gagging XD. During the guitar solo, Atsushi threw his head backwards and pointed at Hisashi XDDDD.

Muma: Yeah, yeah, Im one of those people who don't really like this song, mainly because of that terrible bass-sequencer that makes it sound like a bad goth club hit. But i lovvvvvvve the lyrics, and Atsushi's singing, while a bit bombastic, its very very good here. Everyone played their hearts out, and Atsushi sang very powerfully, the loudest and clearest he'd been all night. Towards the end, he held out his gold skirts on the right side and twirled around, and slowly, slowly and extremely gracefully ascended the stairs to sit back on the throne, holding his walking stick like a sceptre (I imagine the opening song Kourin started with him in that position, with him slowly descending). The gold curtain was falling as he sat there.

The hall remained dark and there was about a 10 minute pause while the crowd chanted "ANKORE."
Then the curtain rose to a dark blue stage, and the band returned, Toll tossing out a drumhead they all had signed, and the three guitarists throwing out picks.

Encore I
月世界: Another song I was really honored to hear. I was really hoping to hear a beautiful version like Devil and Freud, where Atsushi sang in that heart-shattering falsetto towards the end, but actually, this was one of the plainest deliveries I've ever heard him do. He actually sounded tired and dragged a bit. Hisashi did not sing along. Atsushi clung to his mike without moving except once he stepped back and staggered, and there was an awkward moment where he batted the mike around trying to regain his footing o__o; it almost looked like his heel had broken or something. But the highlight of the song was definitely when Hisashi put down his midi and played a fucking amazing theremin solo that was much different and longer than the usual one. I was very curious how this would be live, because my husband is a huge theremin fan and while he appreciates a lot of people attempt it, he knows Hisashi is very talented and it was fabulous seeing someone who knew what they were doing at work. Hisashi's hands reminded me of a magician or a conductors'.

Angelic Conversation: Hide pulled out his 12 string and immediately the whole hall cheered. Everyone sang along to this one! I was glad I heard this instead of "Misty Blue," although I thought of the part in Misty Blue where Atsushi says something like "nail tips romance" and I was wondering if it got included in this tour because of the romance pv XDDD
anydamnway....Atsushi sang this song perfectly and lovingly, and the music was spot on. It was a very reverent revisit to one of their most beloved songs. Towards the middle Atsushi put a hand on his hip to hold back his coat-skirts and slowly walked up the stairs facing Imai's side. I didn't think too much of this until he sang the lines "鋼の空の上 天を織る Fallin Angel立ち昇る MELODY 光の中で羽根を焦がす" -- ._.; im not even sure what that means-- and he motioned to Hisashi, pointing at him at the end of that part, and they smiled at each other ^o^ Hidehiko sang the high pitched parts with Atsushi, who delivered each one perfectly.

National Media Boys: This song is just one of their best, from the ridiculous pseudo-fascist pv to the satirical lyrics. Atsushi did some pretty ridiculous things, like his own ...what is it called, when everyone does synchronized hand motions at japanese concerts, puripuri? He walked over in front of Imai and grabbed his(own) crotch, which was a little more obvious than usual given the flowy-ness and shiny nature of his pants. XD Then he did something totally silly-- he stood on one leg, resting his right shin across his knee in a crane stance-- and hobbled on one heeled foot with both arms stretched out to the side, and just about busted his ass. While he was being a clown, Hide and Hisashi switched sides of the stage, running across it and down the side stages at a rapid pace before returning to their respective positions. Yutaka was actually in bright light this time and smiled and bobbed his head, singing with the oh------oh's. At the end Atsushi blew the audience a kiss and they all exited quickly, but the curtain did not come down over the darkened stage.

Encore II
Romance-After about 5 minutes, the band came up and took their places, and Atsushi did a simple MC: "Romance." He then really surprised me and danced the ballerina's part from the PV for the whole introductions, pausing and holding his arms so gracefully, kicking out his legs and twirling around. It was definitely a treat to see! The song was MUCH harder live, with forceful drums and harder edged guitars. It reminded me of Pornography era cure or even some Smashing Pumpkins. I love this song and they performed it flawlessly. At the first "aaah" he pointed at Hidehiko, then at the second, he motioned with his hands and bowed deeply at Hisashi like during the PV. Then he held onto himself for a while. Hisashi went and sat on Toll's drum riser again, and Atsushi sat on the floor in front of the mirror. He then drug the bride doll to her feet-- she was probably about 4" tall!-- and twirled and swayed and dipped her so elegantly, and stroked the bloodstains on her dress. He held her in one arm pieta-like for a while, then sat down and laid her down on the stairs, like he was laying out a corpse, crossing her arms. And that's how the song ended...then the lights came up some.

Band Introductions Its still weird to me that they would do this...is is for their 20th anniversary, or do they normally do it? I haven't heard of it before...
Atsushi stood on the stairs in front of the corpse-bride, and introduced Toll first, who went into a long drum solo! Hisashi was still crouched by Toll's riser and smoked a cigarette (alas, no cigarette play-- in fact, they haven't done that in 4 or 5 shows) and Atsushi hunched down too. He then turned around and said "BASS- HIGUCHI-KUN" while the crowd cheered Yutaka. Then he waved toward Hide and said "GUITAR- HOSHINO HIDEHIKO" Hide smiled and the audience cheered him loudly. He then stepped down the stairs some, and bowed a little and said "GUITAR- IMAI HISASHI" and the crowd cheered the loudest they had all night. Then Atsushi reached down and put his hat back on, pointed at himself and said "VOCAL- SAKURAI DESU."

DiaboloAtsushi left the doll on the stairs as he walked off, and rainbow colored lights began to dance off the chandelier and side lights as a loud, clanging bell began to ring. As the music started up, Atsushi was dancing with his cane like a cabaret star, and during the "shitahari sakesou na" part--the whole line which was translated (by sparklingai, thank you ^^;) as "Dance to the song, beneath the table questionable drink seems to burst forth"...he put the cane in between his legs and stroked it, pumped it, then let his fingers burst open during the "na". .

Now. For some reason, I always thought of that part about a questionable drink under the table being something like, oh, sneaking in some absinthe or tainting a drink with a drug. But knowing the next line is "Making the vulgarity shine"(as trans. by Lola), and seeing Atsushi's uh....cane masturbation, "a questionable drink" bursting forth TAKES ON A WHOLE NEW MEANING >}

The rest of the song was fairly routine, except for some more not-quite-right cane swinging and twirling by our beloved vocalist. Everyone shouted out "Kampai! OI!" at the end, and Atsushi's voice bellowed the final syllables deeply, like Peter Murphy! then everyone quickly exited and the stage became very dark and the exit song started up.

WHO'S CLOWN? this was really neat-- the entire stage suddenly was just outlined in those little lights like they have in the theatre so you don't fall down the steps, and the electric candelabra lining the stairs came on very faintly. and the chandelier flickered on and then off and on again dimly, like there was a power outage. Then during the cymbal thrash part that sounds like a knife being drawn, a white light lit up the bride-corpse. colored green and purple lights (the colors of mardi gras, so I instantly thought carnival here!) flickered on and off madly as all the little white lights began to race-- very psychotic, but still, everything was mostly dark. The lights raced as the drums and keyboards became more insistent, and then everything came to a halt... as if frozen in time, the white-lit doll, the dimly lit stage with its fairy lights, and the colored lights barely illuminating all the props: couch, table, chair, lamp, throne, the child doll, the masks, the callas, atsushi's hat a black disk on the floor...all still, like a theatre stage that had been abandoned midproduction.

Afterward, we hit the merchandise table only to discover they had sold out of tourbooks on May 31, and were very short on nearly everything. You were only allowed to buy 1 of each tshirt ~__~
but they did have order forms if you wanted to do mail order, which was nice (if you lived in Japan!!!). Atsushi's tshirt was very cool-- a strolling skeleton much like the sandeman port gentleman, beneath a crescent moon. The skeleton is wearing Hisashi's curled toe boots! and there's a big skull on the back ><; but I bought it. they only had it in S, and its a very odd shaped, small small (more long than wide, but not a babydoll t O.o). those of you who sent me paypal: i am unpacking today and will sort out what all we bought, so look for an email soon. If you don't want the stuff I have to offer (not much, sadly), I will send you a refund. </b> I was soooooo disappointed I couldnt get the tourbooks. They said they would have more by the second leg of the tour...so maybe mousoucarnival can be of better service than i? ._.; gomen ne.

my husband (who had dressed as a gothic senorita-lolita-ballerina XD) and myself (I was wearing a long waistcoat of black and white harlequin diamonds lined in red satin over a lace and pinstripe ruffled miniskirt, and fishnet thigh highs with red satin bows, and a black stretch lace shirt with a jabot and flouncy cuffs, all topped off by a 1910 shadbelly coat with tails, and my knee high victorian black leather boots. I wanted to go for a neo-Hisashi gaffer look!). We were the only non-Japanese there save for this Indian woman wearing a gorgeous gold sari in front of us. I filled out the enquette as best I could, and since there wasn't a gift table I dropped by bag of presents in that box hoping some kind person might see it was from the USA and try to get it to the guys. There was some cinnamon gum for Hisashi and my husband's "ghosts" cd of creepy old violin music for the band in there. After making what purchases I could, we went outside and the same man who was selling those crappy computer printed bootleg posters outside of Atsushi's show was there again! I broke down and bought a couple, and then I saw where one guy was selling several sets of photographs from this tour of Atsushi. I bought a few of those (see my post here from the other day), although id say 30 out of the 50 pictures offered (they came in sets of 5) were downright unflattering. But I wanted to get some to share with you all. At this point it was pouring rain, so we had to dash back to the train station, a good five minute walk. All the paper stuff I had got completely drenched as our little conbini umbrellas were no match for the storm. But the lightning and thunder were a perfect ending to the evening.

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M.A.D. Queen of Malak Ta'us

(no subject)

from: _maldorora
date: Jun. 10th, 2005 09:05 pm (UTC)

Thank you for the translation of that line...its a neat reversal of Kourin....maybe it was a tribute to Imai's music redeeming Satan-Atsushi, who'd probably be some biker yakuza if he hadn't joined B-T XD.

I thought of you alot while I was in Japan...I think you and I have the same appreciation for small beautiful things that get lost in the neon and the crowds. I hope to travel there with you soon, or even better, visit you as you are working there!

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(Deleted comment)

M.A.D. Queen of Malak Ta'us

(no subject)

from: _maldorora
date: Jun. 10th, 2005 10:35 pm (UTC)

i really want to see them in Kyoto. Problem is I've used up most of my vacation already, so it would be impossible for me to go this year.

i don't think i'd want to go to a budokan DiQ. in fact, I don't think I'd like to see them in a big hall. Fuchu was only 2100 seats I believe, and it was a little too distracting from where I was sitting. NHK just isnt my type of venue. I'd love love love to see them in Gunma.

I really wish I could go to one of the anniversary lives this summer. I hope they include footage from those on the 13th floor is moonshine dvd!

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I Was Zero

(no subject)

from: alienchrist
date: Jun. 10th, 2005 06:52 pm (UTC)

that was an excellent report. i really want to see them. ;-;

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M.A.D. Queen of Malak Ta'us

(no subject)

from: _maldorora
date: Jun. 10th, 2005 09:03 pm (UTC)

thank you~ yes, we need to save up money for DiQ!!!!!

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Deer Winter

(no subject)

from: misatojaganshi
date: Jun. 10th, 2005 07:30 pm (UTC)

um OMG!!! poor doll!! atsushi has soo many ISSUES!! kyaaaa haahhaa *cries*
i hope he doesn't um...hurt himself one night...*COUGH*
erm they should get him a new doll XD; oh oh omg taboo is just soo mesmerizing. it's one of the most amazing things that i've ever seen! i was so in awe when i first saw it. i mean i couldn't believe a man could move like that! *-* and i thought i was the only one that thought that atsushi moved like a striper up and down his micstand! yey for not being alone 8D;;

During the wild circus calliope part in the middle, he spun the cane around (hahaha, not too fast-- he still hasn't figured out that whole spear-spinning thing from Longinus I guess. XD no drill team flag corps for Acchan!).

ahahaha aww poor sushi :/ he should practice in his spare time. maybe he's like paranoid about dropping it if he does it too fast o.O;;

Hisashi's hands reminded me of a magician or a conductors'.
^^ i always think that when i see him use it *-*

"Dance to the song, beneath the table questionable drink seems to burst forth"...he put the cane in between his legs and stroked it, pumped it, then let his fingers burst open during the "na". .

ahahahahaha *cries* >.> <.< atsushi's so graphic desu! i always thought something pervy anyway 'cuase it's ATSUSHI!!! x.x; haa

and omg your outfit sounds sexy! heeeee

what a great report *-* it sounds soo theatrical and wonderful! i can't wait to see it...ON THE DVD >.>;

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M.A.D. Queen of Malak Ta'us

(no subject)

from: _maldorora
date: Jun. 10th, 2005 09:06 pm (UTC)

thank you! i really look forward to the dvd of this, cos each show has been a little different and they do so many cool things on stage it was impossible to sit back and watch them as a whole.

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(no subject)

from: fjfjbb99
date: Jun. 11th, 2005 12:25 am (UTC)

WOWO GREAT REPORT~~! down on the details~
So the one you went to are the football one that was quite the talk among fans~ wow~
I think in the recent Hoshino interview, their theatrical stage performances are what made Hide describe as 'the most tiring' (not physically, but mentally), meaning he can't slack off, just stood there playing only XDD He had to 'perform.' From what he said, the band are getting the hang of it better and better (the early shows must have been awkward).
It's so awesome you caught the live, I wish I have time to go as well~~ T__T
I remember the first time I went to BT live (SSL period), before that I've only been to female fans dominant vk bands live, and I was plesantly surprised by the amount of male fan in BT live compare to others (and yeah lots of moms and kids~XD). The way you describe the stage sounded so fantastic. XD --> the slow cane-spinning

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M.A.D. Queen of Malak Ta'us

(no subject)

from: _maldorora
date: Jun. 11th, 2005 02:33 am (UTC)

thank you!

Hide was very much into the crowd-- smiling and doing hand tricks to throw picks, but i couldnt really see what he was doing!

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The Hamster Of Death

(no subject)

from: vampyrichamster
date: Jun. 13th, 2005 11:46 am (UTC)

Yo! Thanks for the great report. Details so muchly appreciated. Sorry to hear they started the thing prematurely, but it's good to hear you had a good time (that's more important). The little cosplayers sounded cute. It's also cool that the crowd was properly co-ed. The various Phantomisms made me laugh. But the Red Death? Priceless. ;)

sign-language interpreter for deaf Graces and Muses: Requires DVD. So requires DVD.

誘惑: And there, and there, that must be on the DVD too.

Swan Lake: Twas not very long ago that I told a misatojaganshi, I could see Atsushi pirouetting when Imai did that. And lo, in comes your review and OMG he really did that. Chalk another one up for Things That Must Be Seen.

Atsushi mashing gothic dollies into his crotch: This beats the crap out of roses.

I crave the Imai Tick-Tock Dance. I craveth it like one craves his Dire Saturday Night Fever Re-Interpretation.

National Media Boys/Atsushi clowning: *foreheadslap* Just, *foreheadslap*

Romance: A much harder version sounds muchly cool. I can't get sick of this song. Atsushi dancing like a ballerina begs and begs to be seen. Between Tick-Tock Dance and the Ballerina Dance, I'm seriously thinking by the time they get to filming for a DVD, there will be much direness afoot.

Band Intro: So good to hear Yuta and Toll and Hide getting cheers (although they did cheer loudest for Imai, which is always really cool to hear).

Diabolo: Sadly, I never had the innocence to think a drink bursting forth under the table as anything other than a drink bursting forth under the table from the spout that wasn't. :P Not quite right cane-swirling is...yes, I need a DVD...

*purrs* *headwarms*

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M.A.D. Queen of Malak Ta'us

(no subject)

from: _maldorora
date: Jun. 13th, 2005 01:06 pm (UTC)

they've filmed a couple shows so far, and had 2 cameras at this one...I'm hoping we get a "Best of" mixed with the 20th anniversary shows. the dvd will be essential...too much going on to keep up with it all, and i want to see it close up!

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The Hamster Of Death

(no subject)

from: vampyrichamster
date: Jun. 13th, 2005 01:41 pm (UTC)

Oooo! I wonder if they'll release a 13 Kai-specific tour DVD and a 20th Anniversary show DVD, or if they'll release a double DVD special of some sort. I don't know if I could afford something like the Devil & Freud boxed set again this year, so it'll be most dire if there's suddenly a 5 disc box or some such thing for pre-order in September. :/

But yes, from the sound of the theatrics, it does look like made-for-film.

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