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Merrily merrily merrily merrily... life is just a dream.


_malayadesigns: icons, headers, fo banners

This is the icon lj owned and operated by _malaya. I love creating icons, banners, etc. but I didn't want to put them in my regular journal and make a hodge podge of personal day to day rants and icon graphics. That would just be weird. (Although I do have to admit to some graphics being posted in my regular journal as well. It's friends only access there, mind you.)

So here we are, at _malayadesigns, where everyone can come and enjoy the graphics that make me happy to create.

_malayadesigns: rules to follow

I don't require much from you except the following simple rules. ;)

  • HOTLINKING: is a big NO NO! Please do not hotlink because bandwidth gets eaten up, I start to get stressed out, and icons and other graphics will get more and more scarce. It won't be a happy day for anyone, so please, just refrain from doing it at all.

  • PERMISSION: isn't necessary when taking any of the icons or graphics I design. Just always assume that yes you can use ANY of my icons and graphics, as long as you credit me, it's in this journal, and in the entries section. Anything else is strictly "ask first".

  • CREDIT: is mandatory and very much appreciated. To credit me in your keywords section or info section, just use "_malayadesigns". (**Note: I especially require crediting me when my bases are used.**)

  • REQUESTS: are encouraged and you'll sometimes see me asking if anyone would like to see something in a certain theme. Don't be afraid to ask away!

  • MISCELLANEOUS: Just to note.. please DO NOT do any sort of alterations on the already made icons, even if you plan on giving credit. I just would rather you keep the icons/graphic that you take, as is. Bases are more for your own type of interpretation-- those I encourage you to take if you'd like to alter it in anyway. If you see an icon but no base available, just request it and I'd be happy to provide it for you. ;)

_malayadesigns: crediting others

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