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The Journal of Mael

One man's quest for one-ness

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My name is Mael. I counsel the troubled (and the troubling). You can follow my spiritual progress, and the spiritual regress of the coven, at carryondancing. Exhort them to better themselves at tomoon_and_back.
alternative spirituality, alternative therapies, ancient lore, being a proud hippy, being helpful, being keltoi, being my own man, being self-actualised, bianca solderini, counselling the troubled, daring seduction techniques, dr. phil, druids, ear candling, finding myself, flower children, forests, gaul, hating avicus, hating zenobia, hemp, hypnosis, incense, inner peace, inner torment, jesse reeves, keltic symbols, latching onto fringe religions, leather, lightbulbs, lurking outside churches, maharet, mending fruit bowls, mixed feelings about marius, not bearing grudges (really!), not being bitter (much), peace, primal scream therapy, pyres, quests, raelians, rebirthing, rituals, saving people from themselves, saving people from thiscoven, self-help books, silver jewellery, standing up to women, talking about feelings, the splendour of nature, the wicker man, there is hope, trees, wandering