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23 June

This is my special place on the net. I need this so I can get all of these thoughts that invade my mind, body, and soul. I'm really sick and twisted when you get down to it ^_^.

I hope someday I can become an alternative model, giving my viewers a different kind of beauty.I am the sweet girl in the corner with the destructive thoughts. My friends are very important to me, as they have helped me thought the tough times in my life.

I'm a cutter trying to quit, but that seems almost impossiable. I would like for someone to make me scream their name ;)

...and I want you all to remember-- that you must not dream yourselves back to the times before the war, but the dream for you all, young and old, must be to create an ideal of human decency, and not a narrow-minded and prejudiced one. That is the great gift our county hungers for, something every little peasent boy can look forward to, and with pleasure feelhe is a part of--something he can work and fight for.
--Kim Malthe-Bruun