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[06 Feb 2005|10:51am]
[ mood | content ]

I hate Celebration High School. I don't think I've ever even heard of a school with so much disrespect. We had an in school basketball game on Friday, and we(the dance team) were about to perform. First, we walk off to the court and we were booed. Nice, love the school spirit. So we did our first dance, which was not hip-hop and apparently that doesn't fly with our school, and so they were laughing. Our second dance was hip hop but to our luck the CD was skipping. Our school didn't clap for us or anything, they just sat there and laughed & one damn fuckin girl that I HATE was telling us to get off the stage, oh real cute. So we tried the CD yet again, nope still didn't work. But I can say that a few guys started to get people to clap for us because they probably realized how embarrased we were. But most of the student body just continued laughing. Oh and it didn't stop there. Nope. We sat back down as a team and people started throwing pens and gum at us. Awesome. I FUCKING HATE THIS SCHOOL!!!! But I'm OUT next year, goin to CELEBRATION ACADEMY with NORMAl people and people who don't boo you just because your white. Fuck CHS. I hate it. But anyways, on to my fun weekend....

Accepting it is the hard part, but it's what you have to do in order to move on. Everything happens for a reason, this is just another lesson learned.Collapse )

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[02 Feb 2005|10:52pm]
[ mood | frustrated ]

So a lot is still going on that I really can not deal with anymore. This song kind of fits the moment, and I love Jessica Andrews anyway!!


There's more to me than you Collapse )

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[30 Jan 2005|10:25am]
[ mood | crushed ]

A lot has been going on since I went to Georgia, which by the way was amazing. I fucking love anna and chelsey and seriously I don't know how I would go through life without them. They have shaped the person I am today & I love them for that. Chelsey, hang in there, ok? Six weeks is long but you'll get through it, I'm praying for you. I love you. Anna I love you too.

I decided that every single guy is the same, no matter what age, grade, personalitly, looks, maturity, or anything. They hurt, cheat, lie, and tell you every little thing they want you to hear, when really they could give 2 shits about you or your feelings. All they want is to get a little something. But, maybe this was all just waiting for me. I've been screwing up a lot lately, I think this was a wakeup call for me to get back into the life I was living before New Years. Maybe if I stop searching and looking for a guy, the right one will just appear in my life. Who knows though, life is weird.

Well to make me a little happy, this quiz is fun!!

I've kissed someone: (in bold)

on the cheek
on the lips
on their hands or fingers
in my room
in their room
of the same sex
of the opposite sex
younger than me
older than me
with jet black hair
with gray hair
with curly hair
with blonde hair & blue eyes
with flaming red hair
shorter than me
taller than me
with a lip ring
with a tounge ring
who was drunk
who was high

who I had just met
who was homosexual
who I didn't really want to kiss
on a holiday
on a dare
who was going out with someone else-never again though, it hurts people to much </3
who was going out with someone close to me
who was my good friend's brother or sister
who had been/is in jail
in a graveyard
in a church
at a show/concert
at the beach
in a pool, jacuzzi, or some type of water

who was legally too young/old for me to have sex with
with dyed hair
with a shaved head
who was/is my good friend
who was/is in a band
who has tattoos
who is of a completely different race than me
in the rain
in another continent besides where I was born
with an accent
with an std
on a boat
in a car/taxi/bus
on a plane
at the circus/carnival/fair
with a missing body part
in the movies
eskimo style
upside down
in jail
who I didn't know their name
who didn't know my name
who was wearing pink underwear
who was a complete asshole
who forgot about it

on a roller coaster
when I was 10
in an RV
who thought I was a member of the opposite sex
who thought I was drunk when I wasn't
who broke my heart
who's heart I broke 


Well, Church is calling my name.


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[11 Jan 2005|09:10pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

Did I just screw up again? Wow classic, going 2 for 2. But what can I do now? Dwelling on the situation doesn't help, but that's all I do. The only thing I can do is change, and deep down I know I want to. But by changing means changing me, and I don't know how to handle that.I don't know how to just stop what I'm doing. Of course I want to because I'm hurting a lot of people & I hate that. I'm just going to need a few people to help me through it. It's just a matter of having enough will power and putting up my guard. All in all, I hate boys. I think I need a break from them.

But anyways...
I'm goin to Georgia on THURSDAY to visit Anna & Chelsey.
I need this so much.
Just to get away from EVERYTHING that the New Year has already brought upon me.
I need to spend time with the 2 people that mean the world to me.
I need to get away from all the drama & bullshit that goes on in this town.
I'll finally have a good vacation where I can just relax & have fun!!
I miss them so much, and I am finally gettin to see them <33

Anyways, I fuckin hate cell phones & computers. All I want to do is get a damn ringtone, but it said I already singed up, hmm I definetly did not and it's pissing me off because my phones are never cool & I want a ring tone! I'm having a bad night:(:( All I want to do is fast forward to Thursday night when I leave!!! And I just got bit on my foot by a mosiquito ... awesome.

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[08 Jan 2005|11:39am]

So basically Jesse McCartney is my life and he is absolutely amazing. He is for sure the new & improved Aaron Carter.

My future HusbandCollapse )

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[02 Jan 2005|03:26pm]

Wow, so it's 2005. Seriously, every year in high school goes by faster and faster. I can not belive that I'm going to be out of school in a year and a half. That is so soon, and me being 18 in like a year, wow, thats so scary. I still look like I'm 15. Life goes by so fast, especailly high school! So here are some pictures of the past year, starting with last years New Year's Eve party...haha good times, good times.

Always hold on to the memoriesCollapse )

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[28 Dec 2004|01:01am]
[ mood | pissed off ]

So I'm really bored, and I stole this from Carolina, I thought it was cute <3

:15 Random Favorites::
chocolate chip cookies
aaron carter
britney spears
diet coke
Tiffany & Co.
cotton candy chapstick

::14 Favorite Foods::
choclate chip cookies
grilled chicken
yellow cake with chocolate icing
wheat thins
french fries
logans mesquite grilled chicken salad

::13 Most Watched Shows::
wow I don't even know 13 shows
One Tree Hill
7th Heaven
American Idol
Lizzie McGuire
& thats it

::12 Good Singers/Bands in your Opinion::
Britney Spears
Lindsay Lohan
Hil Duff
Justin Timberlake
Aaron Carter
Jessica Simpson
Rascal Flatts
Something Corporate
Dixie Chicks

::11 Memories::
Teaching Academy
Birthday parties
Meeting famous people with my girlfriends::Aaron Carter, Joey Fatone, Jessica Alba, Paul Walker, Derek Jeter, Michael Jordan, Paris Hilton, Nick Carter, Sammy Sosa, Kyle Farnsworth, the guy from Growin Pains, Darrens Dance Groove guy, Barry Youngblood :)
Me & Courtneys huge fall out, we're ok now:)
Family Reunion
Climbing trees with Jesse Ricadelli
Cosmopolotins and Green Apple Martinis

::10 true Friends::

::09 Things you're looking forward to::
New Years Eve
Spring Break Crusie
Graduating in a year and a half:)
Goin to UF
Turning 18
Loosin weight
The summer
Finding the right boy <3

::08 Things you wear daily::
promise ring and cross ring
eye liner
cross necklace

::07 Things That Annoy You::
people who smack their gum
people who only care about themselves
little spots on the white board that the teacher missed
stupid drunk people

::06 Things You Touch Everyday::
toliet paper

::05 Movies You Could Watch Over and Over::
Center Stage
Harry Potter 1,2,&3
Holiday in the Sun
The Notebook

::04 Of Your Favorite Childhood Toys::
american girl dolls
little barbie car

::03 People You Have Kissed::

::02 Of Your Favorite Songs::
Rumors-Lindsay Lohan
Sometimes-Britney Spears

::01 Person You Could Spend the Rest of Your Life With::
my siter courtney:) yeah haven't found that boy yet....

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[28 Dec 2004|12:34am]

Yes, so basically this is Joey Fatone, we met him today at the mall in Nordstrom, yeah maybe it made my effin year, just because I love NSYNC and I jam to them like every day in my car secretly ... not so secret anymore, but anyways, he was soooo freakin nice, like I was shocked! He was like havin a full on conversation with us and everything, like we talked to him for atleast 5 minutes, and tahts a lot for a celebrity. Oh well, heres the picture <33333


woo hoo, I <3 N*SYNC <333 They rock my worlddddd!!!!!!!


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I love my girlfriends <33 [27 Dec 2004|02:03am]
[ mood | cold ]

Hey ya'll. Well Christmas is offically over, now we just have to wait till next year! Aw its so weird, like I only have one more Christmas left until I go to college. That's so weird. Like how the hell am I goin to be 18 in a year & 3 months ... and like me goin to college...yeah wow thats scary! But anyways, tonight was so much fun!! Me, Ashley, Courtney, Christy, Jessica, and Cory had our secret sister/girlfriend/christmas nighttt! They all came over to my house, and then we ate cheese fondu with bread and vegetables for an 'appetizer'. Then we took some pictures and went to eat at Hard Rock at City Walk. All of us girls have not been to City Walk together in soooo long. Lol it was funny, we said it was Courtneys birthday, well it kind of was because her birthday is Januaray 7th, but yeah they made her stand up and like had everyone sing to her, she was like posing and stuff, it was funny. After we ate, we came back to my house and my mommy had chocalte fondu ready with strawberries, bananas, and cake, aww shes so cute, she had it like all set up pretty and we had milk in wine glasses, then randomly my mom gave us some like inspirational speech on how we should always trust eachother and that high school is so hard on us and friends come and go, but we chose eachother and we have to stick together and stuff, I dont know it was cute, I love my mommy. So we opened up presents and I got the best stuff. Jess was my secret sister and I got amazing earrings, panties that say "I've been kinda nice" from AE, ahh and all this Vanilla Lace stuff from Victoria's Secret, that seriously is the best smell ever. So then we ate like a tub of cookies that my mommy baked tonight for us girlies to get fat on;) But yeah startin tomorow, I go on my hardcore diet again..blahh I hate diets, but  I gotta loose the 10 pounds! So this entry was a lot of ramblin on and on, so here are a few pictures for shits and giggles :)

These girls are my life!Collapse )

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[25 Dec 2004|11:09am]
[ mood | surprised ]

Merry Christmas yall!! I hope yall got what you wanted <3 I love Christmas, but its so sad because no one really remembers the true meaning of Christmas. It's Jesus's birthday, so happy birthday Jesus:) Spend time with your family and remember why we celebrate this amazing day! Of course presents are awesome, but the gift of life...the gift of Jesus' life is priceless.

Merry Christmas again. Oh and I'll be postin up some random pictures later, I have to go and watch Harry Potter with my daddy and sister haha.

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[08 Dec 2004|07:26pm]
[ mood | sick ]

Talent Show Pictures!!!Collapse )

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[01 Dec 2004|08:17pm]

Hey ya'll!! Well its Wednesday, and I've been home from Atlantis for 2 days now :( I'm so sad. I had serioulsy the time of my life in *AtLaNtiS* in the bahamas. It's complete paradise. Me, Cuppy, Christy, Cory, and Mallory had so much fun together, meet some cool kids, and have so many nights we'll never forget <3 I would tell you all of our memories, but that's like inside jokes, and I know how annoying that gets. So I'll put up some pictures instead :).


PaRaDiSeCollapse )

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[23 Nov 2004|11:00pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

Sometimes I  run, sometimes I hide, sometimes I'm scared of you, but all I really want is to hold you tight, treat you right be with you day and night, baby all I need is time <3

I defiently leave for Atlantis in like less then 48 hours with Cuppy, Chrity, Cory, and Mallory:)!! I am so excited like you have no idea. I haven't been back to atlantis since last January, so basically I can't even handle just one more day of waiting...

So yeah I went to this BIG dance convention this weekend, it's called Company Dance, and like every single dancer was                   A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. Not just like in ballet or jazz or hip hop, but they could do every type of dance no problem. I was so jelous. I wish that when I was younger my mom like forced me to dance, but she didn't, and no I'm just like a wannabe the best dancer haha. But I can't complainin cus I love to dance and I love performin and I'm not bad ... but like I could be so much better if I would've been committed when I was younger. It just makes me sad to think about all I could've been. But I have to deal with what I am today, right now, and I happy:) Oh and so basically our cheoreographers were these big time dancers that cheoreograph for Britney Spears, Janet Jackson, Pink, P-Diddy, and Barry Youngblood was our hip hop cheoregorapher and he has been in like 500 music videos. He's amazing. I love danceee soo much!!!!!

KiSseS <333

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[14 Nov 2004|09:20am]
Do you ever do things that you really didn't intend on doing? You're caught up in the moment and you give in. You know deep in your heart that its not you and whatever you are doing is not something you do. But then once you do it, you're totally care-free. You're at that high where everything is OK. Yeah sure you dissapointed a few people, but you didn't hurt anyone, and what you did wasn't even that bad. I mean yeah it is, but it's not going to kill you. I guess you just have to live a little while you can. Nobody's perfect, right?
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[13 Nov 2004|01:02am]
Tonight was fun with Cuppy, Lucie, and the cool kids<3

Hanging out with new people is always interesting :)

I wish I could be younger again ... just so it all doesn't hurt as much.

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[06 Nov 2004|12:12am]
[ mood | drained ]

You think you know meCollapse )

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Love = Hate [04 Nov 2004|11:07pm]
[ mood | curious ]

I love:
1. Courtney effin Rodrigue and our magical insideoutters.
2. That it's Friday tomorow.
3. Christy and our amazing weekend ahead of us.
4. The Twig and Berry smoothie I had tonight.
5. Anthony for making me hit amazing.

But I still
1. The fact that our damn insideoutters didn't turn out as planned...lol.
2. Friday night= babysitting night
3. We have to make up an entire dance, which is so stressful.
4. Yeah fattning ... not so good.
5. I still won't make the team </3 Anyways, to make my night, I saw a guy get handcuffed with 3 cops outside of Publix tonight. Pretty exciting, first time I've seen that in real life. Show's how sheltered I am in Celebration. I'm going to bed, night <3

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HaPpY HaLLoWeEn! [31 Oct 2004|09:43pm]

So my family (Scott, Shelly, Blake, and Jack) have been here since Thursday. They are the best family ever. We've done so much fun stuff, I love them! But they leave tomorow:( I'm so saddd!! But tonight was Halloween! It was great, aw lol my 2 year old nephew, Jack, was crying. We were trying to get him to put his costume on, it was Mike from Monsters Inc., the cutest outfit in the entire world, but he was crying and scared of the whole Halloween deal. Poor baby. But yeah so us girls, me, cory, jenna, courtney, and christy went trick or treating with Blake. I think we were the only high schoolers out there, haha we loved it though, everyone loved us. They kept calling us Paris and Nikki and Briteny Spears. Like please, we were cowboys, and Barbies...like whats up. Here's ONE picture of tonight, freakin courtney and jenna took pictures of themselves the whole time, and only one of all of us ... losers.

TRiCk or TrEaTCollapse )

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MeMoRieS last FoReVeR <3 [13 Oct 2004|11:09pm]

Homecomming!!Collapse )

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So sad it's over:( [11 Oct 2004|09:14pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

Wow so I had an amazing weekend. Anna and Chelsey came down, I love them. They make life so much easier! On Friday, we went to the game, I was on homecomming court, but didn't win. It's ok though, I didn't even expect to get on court. But COURTNEY won yay! I was so happy. Haha anna, courtney r., kyle, clark, and scott definetly painted themselves purple, it was awesome. And the best thing was, Celebration FINALLY WON a game. No it was the best thing ever haha. Ok so then on Saturday after we had the carwash for dance, we got our nails/hair done and got ready for homecomming <3 OMG I love my boys, they definetly surprised us with a STRECH EXPEDITION LIMO ... it was amazing. Everyone looked so pretty <33 I'll have pictures up tomorow <3 yay! But anyways, we went to PF Changs, best food ever, then off to homecomming! It was ok, except the music was HORRIBLE. But I got over it. We had a fun night <3 Last night was anna and chelsey's last night :( We got their belly button's peirced!!!! Then we went to Halloween Horror Nights!! OMG it was amazing. Haha me and Christy had to ditch some boys then elias, daniel, and chris came! Lol Elias definelty slipped the fast past people some money so we could get in. It was so freakin scary. No like I've decied I really do hate clowns, they freak me out!!!! Aw Anna and Chelsey just left :( I'm so sad. Like why can't everyone be like them? Well thats it for now... pics will be up tomorow <3

Wanna get lucky?

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