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Trimester 2 report card day (11th grade)!

Posting for the record:

All improvements over T1 with the exception of the AP Physics C grade (his third AP Physics class, btw; after having already taken and passed ELEVEN AP classes/exams already). He said he's not as good at rotation as he is at other things and that the final was really tough. I don't worry about the physics grade at all because his physics grade generally hovers much closer to that T1 99.

I should note for the record that during this trimester he played a considerable amount (time self-regulated) of Call of Duty, started a gaming org, took time off school to go to Vegas, and missed four days in the last two weeks of the trimester -- the entire in-pain-and-miserable-and-exhausted element of the injury aside -- because of his knee**. That latter part not only included three in-class workstudy days for the aforementioned physics final which he missed, but also made every trimester-end final, essay, or project a pretty heavy load. But, he apparently pulled through! And his weighted GPA (which both his top schools -- Duke and MIT -- look at) is a 4.7something because post-AP classes (which most highschool kids never even get to) count for a bazillionty.

Report card day is a household checkpoint day, when I step in and suggest (or lay down as law, depending) changes to how he is managing his time and energy. This time there's not much to say other than "well, alright then! carry on!


He tore his MCL on Friday the 20th during school. He's been in full leg, straight leg brace since the Monday following that (when we went to his pediatrician and then an orthopedic surgeon for a diagnosis; had gone to urgent care on Friday but they couldn't tell what the problem was). He had a follow up with the orthopedic surgeon this past thursda and his MCL tear appears to be almost healed. However, the healing of that made it obvious that he had had a minor kneecap dislocation happen at the same time. We thought this was the case because we saw (and he felt!) it pop back into place when we were examining the swelling that first day after school, but the doctor -- while telling us it was common for them to happen concurrently -- couldn't be sure that it had actually occurred when the MCL damage was so obvious, swollen, and painful. But, he is still having trouble with an unstable patella and both his symptoms and his exam present as if all the ligaments/tendons holding the patella in place have been stretched out of shape.

So Monday he will get fitted for a patellafemoral stabilization brace (which isn't full leg) and he will also start physical therapy on Thursday to help strengthen both his quad and his knee ligaments/tendons. We hope the recovery will continue rapidly after that.
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