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So, I never posted that J wants to go to MLGVegas, another huge MLG event like the one we went to in June but in Vegas (woo!). I was back and forth on the issue because it's the weekend before Christmas (can i afford the time? the expense?), he'll have to miss school (after just missing extra for thanksgiving, right before weeks off for break), but I really enjoyed the last one, and I love Vegas. Etc.

When he first brought it up, I told him one of the considerations to going would be how well he did on the PSAT because I knew scores were coming out just days before we'd leave.

Kinda mean, I know, considering he took the PSAT back in October when he didn't even know about MLGVegas but, hey, let that be a lesson to ya that you should always make your best effort because you can't know what unforeseen consequences it will have down the line. (Am I that sort of Mom? Yes, yes I am.)

I mean, it's not like he didn't know the PSAT was important in general when he took it -- National Merit Scholarship qualification -- and he had more than enough time and reminders and resources to be able to choose to do some preparation or not. He did some prep beyond what he did for the PSAT10 last year but not a ton.

My criteria for what I considered "how well he did on the PSAT" (even before MLGVegas) was that ideally I'd like his score to be above 1450 because that's pretty much the minimum SAT score he'll need for the universities he's interested in, but that I'd be happy enough with a 1400 or above.

He got a 1410.

As with the PSAT10 he took in 10th grade (on which he got a 1340, so you can see the improvement), it was the Language/Writing section where he lost the most points. He only missed two math questions total out of 46, and four questions total out of 47 in the reading/analyses section. And that's pretty encouraging as far as the actual SAT goes because the Language/Writing section can definitely be improved upon via drills, in my opinion (thanks Schmoop, our favorite academic resource ever). So I think with this score -- and the improvement over the last one -- we can realistically look at a potential SAT score of around 1500 and that's what I'm talking 'bout.

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