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Colleges come to the child's school to give presentations, answer questions, etc. The school requires kids go to at least one in 9th grade, I assume because it starts getting them comfortable with them before they really matter. And it worked. J went to a couple in 9th grade even though he was dreading going (what if they asked him something?!), and then a few more last year which he was pretty "eh" about.

They've started up again with the start of September and he went to his first one friday: Duke.

And for the first time ever, he came home having nothing but good to say about it. He went to ones that included MIT and Case Western last year and all of them he had some issue with something in the presentation or the campus life or the academics or whatever.

But Duke he liked from start to finish. And Duke ticks off the few non-academic requirements he has so far: East coast-ish to be on that side of the country where all the MTG tournaments are and somewhere that it doesn't snow very much, if at all. Duke became more firmly in my radar when I realized they had a student:teacher ratio of like 7:1, and that the vast majority of classes have less than 20 students. That's a good environment for Jet. And Duke *first* hit my radar the summer after 8th grade when I was just curious about who would accept the 4 Jet got on World History AP. Because I found that they would and that they give a LOT of AP credit.

I could probably reconcile myself to becoming a Duke lover after years of NCAA basketball hatering.

The part that might NOT be reconcilable is that Duke costs $70,000 a year. :/

WPI is up for next week. That's also still one of his top contenders (at least on paper), other than the whole snow thing.
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