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10th Grade Report Card (and 11th Grade Schedule)

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We had registration day today since school starts next week and so we now have his official report card. I would have of course been happier with an A in Honors Chem but a B is Spanish is fantastic. And the B in Honors Chem isn't anything to sniff about, given the AP class load he was carrying last year!

Cumulative GPA and credits earned count those classes in 6th, 7th, and 8th because they are high school level classes and so count toward state requirements (which is why most BASIS kids are already done with academics after 11th grade).

Cumulative GPA needs to be a little higher if he wants a better chance of getting in to some of the more elite tech schools, but since most of those schools look at weighted GPAs -- even if they do so "unofficially" -- I think he's good with a 4.41!

schedule for this year</a>

And here is his schedule for this year.

The Cinema History class is his required fine art credit and when he picked it we thought it was an 8th period class. I guess it makes for a pretty chill morning start but, on the other hand, I'm not so sure how well Silence of the Lambs is going to go down at 7:30 a.m......

The Diff Eq and Contemporary Literature classes are both post-AP classes. At the end of last year when he was picking electives, etc., that Lit one came as a surprise because back when he took the two-years-in-one LEAP English class in 8th grade, it was because we thought it meant he would be done with English a year early. Unfortunately it only meant he'd be done with both the AP Englishes a year early. State requirements require he take an English class this year, so he had to take one of the post-AP ones.

That snowballed into other scheduling changes off of what he would have liked to have had. He had originally intended to take Creative Writing as his Fine Art elective because the teacher is fabulous, but the post-AP lit class is very writing intensive and so he thought that would be way too much writing. But switching to Cinema, which turned out to be a morning class, meant he didn't get AP Computer Science which is also a 0 period class. When he decided on Cinema instead of Creative Writing he did so with the assurance that Cinema was an 8th period class (like Creative Writing) and that he could get approval to take all eight periods, and stick AP Computer Science in the 0 period slot. But, apparently they were wrong about when Cinema was scheduled (or it got changed) because in early July we got a "oopie! here's what you have!" email with the news that it was impossible to take both.

And the inclusion of both an English *and* a Fine Art class meant he only had two slots available for science and he's required to take Honors Biology. So, of the two AP science classes that should have followed from his classes last year -- AP Physics C and AP Chemistry -- he could only take one of them.

So, those things are kind of a bummer.
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