Pure Wind from a Pure Land (_luaineach) wrote,
Pure Wind from a Pure Land

AP Prep Books Arrived

Just a li'l bit of AP prep....


Report card day, today, for all those classes (plus Honors Chemistry and Spanish 3) for trimester 2.

Not as good as I would have liked, because I ask for more As than Bs** but at least they WERE all As and Bs. With the exception of a solid C in Euro which I pretty much knew was coming because he flat out failed (as in 50%) two tests toward the end of the trimester.

**And I expect more As than Bs because he is a pretty big slacker as far as academics go. If I knew he was working full out, and getting Bs, that'd be one thing. But he's not, and the Bs he got could have been As with a little more effort. (So what happens when he gets less As than Bs is that I start policing the effort, with homework/study requirements that generally are his to govern on his own. More Bs than As and he gets ME as his government!)
Tags: 10th grade
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