Pure Wind from a Pure Land (_luaineach) wrote,
Pure Wind from a Pure Land

New Year's Eve

I totally failed at uploading all my December Photo a Day things, but here are some pictures from New Year's Eve. We went to a masquerade at our local indi movie theater, where they were showing Labyrinth, timed so that when she sees the 13th hour clock, it was our midnight. It was fun and you know, David Bowie! And something we could take the various Teens to.

I wore a dress covered in feathers and was like a giant muppet.

Cool kids be cool. That's Jet on the right and two of his BFFs.

And you know what they say! The couple that watches giant screen David Bowie videos while dressed like birds together, stays together!

You can't tell Jim is wearing this great green velvet cape I found at the thrift store, but he is.

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