Pure Wind from a Pure Land (_luaineach) wrote,
Pure Wind from a Pure Land

365 Grateful Project - 356


Finally cashed in our change so that we could put together some "blessing bags" to have in the car for those times you are stopped by a homeless person you wish you could help.   We had $37 so that allows for a $5 bills in 7 bags.   We brought this one almost completed bag with us so we could put the $5 in and drop it with someone we had been stopped next to earlier.   The bag also has socks,  tissue, chapstick,  power bars, sunflower seeds,  peanuts,  oreos, peanut butter cheese crackers,  a mini can of coke,  a bottle of water. ... all the things I buy in bulk for the teachers' lounge.  They can do without a week's worth.

We tried to do a mix of protein/fuel foods (power bars, nuts) and straight up luxury (oreos).  The cash is obviously optional but we wanted to make that use of the change jar since we already had the other stuff, except the socks, chapstick and tissue (and the former are fairly inexpensive ones from target and the latter two are super bulk deals from the dollar store).

Jet plans to put the rest of the bags together with Kjersti when there is that lull on Christmas eve day when there is nothing to do but wait for our dinner party.  It will fit the spirit of the day.   Then we'll just keep them in the car.  Makes us feel like we're doing more than just shoving cash out the window.  And Tucson has many homeless teens, and I'd much rather feed them than enable the pretty hefty drug usage going down.

#Grateful for plenty.


Edited to add:  we had also grabbed a can of dog food on the way out because we knew he had a dog with him.  that generally won't come standard!

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