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All the ugly girls die pretty.

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I am

Drug free, poison free
Raised fist against corporal rule
Intellectual feminist by day; vixen sex kitten by night
Obsessed with body modification
Unwilling to give second chances
Disgusted with society
Destined for bigger & better things
A dream in which you're dying
Better than you

Got a problem with me?
Take it up with my cunt.

Check out: http://www.wickedtalent.com

50's pinup girls, abstract art, aim, animal liberation, animal print, animal rights, anti-censorship, artistic nude photography, bdsm, bettie page, bitch boots, biting, black and white photography, body painting, bones, brains, branding, bubble baths, burlesque, candle wax, cathedrals, catholic imagery, cheekbones, cherries, chunky boys, correct grammar, corset training, corsets, crucifixes, cuddling, curvy women, death metal, dermal punch, drag queens, edgar allen poe, electrical tape, electronica, erotica, fake eyebrows, fake eyelashes, fetishwear, forbidden fruit, foreplay, free will, garter belts, gay rights, glamour, going barefoot, gore, grindcore, handcuffs, hardcore, heels, hollow needles, horror, horror films, house of 1000 corpses, industrial, inscents, intimidating people, kissing, lacey underwear, late night phone conversations, leopard print, lip service, liquid eyeliner, liquid latex, long eyelashes, looking better than you, lucky 13, mac, mannequins, mark ryden, maryjanes, medical supplies, national geographic channel, needle therapy, new school tattoos, novels, nurse uniforms, paranoia, party monster, perfume, photography, platform boots, play piercings, playing footsie, playing with knives, poetry, poorly drawn hearts, psychology, pushup bras, pvc, red lipstick, red nail polish, retro fashion, roadtrips, rocky horror picture show, rubber, rubber ball, scarification, scars, septum rings, serial killers, sex, shiny things, short skirts, sick minds, silent films, silk sheets, skin two, sleeping naked, small breasts, smudge proof lipstick, soy milk, spiderwebs, stockings, straightedge, stretched earlobes, stretched piercings, surgeon masks, surgical mods, surgical tools, suspension, sxe, tattooed boys, teeny bopper magazines, tofu, torture, transsexuals, vanity, vegetarianism, veins, vinyl, waist clinchers, waist training, well done tattoos, whippings, xxx, zombies