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I AM THE MUSIC [entries|friends|calendar]

The life of a curbside prophet.
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grey is my favorite color [Thursday
5:15pm September 22nd]
[ mood | good ]

yellow haired girlCollapse )

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11:52am September 22nd]
need new name for lj.
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i'm on drugs [Thursday
11:01am September 22nd]
[ mood | sore ]

123 take my hand and come with me cuz you look so fine that I really wanna make you mine..

there's stuff here: right here..Collapse )

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i'm unfolded, and unfolding, I am....color..blind. [Wednesday
10:30am September 21st]
[ mood | retarrrded ]

I had to do an assignment back in 7th grade using a song, trying to find literary elements in it. I chose a song that was so close to our lives back then...Joe, Christina, Katie, Chris, Chris, and I. I read it, and they were pretty much shocked, wow,it was written for us. To this very day, 7 years later, it stills feels like this is about my life, and that of those close to me. By a band you've probably stopped listening to, but definitely hasn't been lost. It's under the cut at the bottom. In other news: Math test today, probably again on fractions, I sound like highschool, but that's pretty basic math I'm takin there. Also: please do not take allergy medicine and attempt to maneuver a vehicle. Maneuver doesn't sound right in that sentence, but my brain is dead. I took medicine for my cough and I'm all drugged out feeling. Not pretty...I was going to drive to go eat, but now I have to eat here and wait so I'm not all weird at walkng/driving. Ah I hope I don't fall asleep since we have COM in the dark...who does that?

Anyway, the song my loves:

it's over nowCollapse )

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gotta like what you do.. [Tuesday
9:02am September 20th]
[ mood | annoyed ]

I woke up to a rainstorm this morning.. :)

come, come, come on and let me out..Collapse )

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