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I look myself in the eye, but no one's there.

...just the same old vacant stare.

I'm 26 years old and I live in Seattle with my husband and our two cats, who are my furry children. I believe in being true to ones self. I love black, bold colors, eyeshadow, making things with my hands (fairy wings, sewing, ect), art, music, computers/internet, natural medicine, and expressive fashion. I'm quite eclectic person, and it shows in my interests, music, and fashion.

I love black. And rainbows.

Rainbows = so much happy!

rainbow moving line

This journal is Friends Only. If you add me please let me know HERE how you found me and/or why you'd like to be friends. Once I've added you you can read a summary to get "in the know" if you'd like HERE.

adventures, alice in wonderland, ancient history, animals, anxiety, aqua teen hunger force, arm warmers, art, avatar: the last airbender, being yourself, berries, bipolar, black, body art, bold colors, bracelets, candles, cartoons, cats, celtic, cleaning, clouds, computers, cooking, corsets, crafting, creativity, crystals, cuddling, dance, dancing, delayed phase sleep disorder, depression, different cultures, divination, doctor who, dr.who, dragons, dreams, earrings, elves, energy healing, energy work, environment, expression, eyeshadow, fae, fairies, fairytales, fantasy, fantasy movies, flower essences, foreign foods, friends, fruit, full moon, gay-straight alliances, glow sticks, gothic, harmonizing, hayao miyazaki, healthy living, herbs, incense, inner beauty, internet, jumping in puddles, labyrinth, legend, listing to people, love, magic, magick, makeup, mario cart, medieval, meditation, mermaids, moonlight, moscato, movies, music, mythology, nail polish, narcolepsy, natural medicine, nature, nightwish, observing, ocean, outdoors, outer space, painting, peace, piercings, pirates, pixies, playing in the rain, purple, rain, rainbows, reading, recovery, reduce reuse & recycle, reiki, religion, renaissance, roses, sailing, seeking my soul, self-expression, sewing, sharpies, show choir, singing, sleep, society of creative anachronism, somatization disorder, spirituality, stars, sunsets, sushi, swimming, swings, tarot, tarot cards, tea, techno, the arts, thrift stores, thunderstorms, tinctures, tomb raider, trees, video games, web comics, willow, wind, wristbands, writing, zelda