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Jul. 21st, 2009 | 09:56 pm

I'm looking back on my last post 5 weeks ago, and noticing even then I was commenting on the drought and the cool weather.  The pattern has stuck and stuck bad.  Cool and dry.  It maybe saving us actually, rather than cool and wet or dry and hot.  At least, that's how I got to look at it to keep a good perspective.  So much happens on the farm now that it's hard to know even where to start or to finish.  We're now mainly into production and harvesting mode and Adam knocked out thousands of weeds the last few weeks through diligent tractor cultivation.  Irrigating is always on the top of the list.  The last significant rainfall may have been 5 weeks ago, or we could have gotten one rain in between there, but not more than a 1/2 inch.  I think we got a 1/4 inch last night, so it can still rain here, but I've not yet seen a summer thunderstorm on this farm and I am yearning hard for it!  No doubt it would release a lot of tension for us, to take a break from irrigating for a day, and also just to experience the deep earthy smell of rain and the sounds and sights of the sky.  The big line of thunderstorms passed just miles north of us today--we could see the lightning so close and feel a few spare raindrops fall.  But apparently, not yet.  Like I said, the cool weather is saving us, although not propelling crop growth forward like we would expect and desire.  But, the broccoli and head lettuce is still gorgeous, sweet, and tender!  We're still picking sugar snaps and we've had Asian and English cukes from the greenhouse for well over a month.  We also ate the first Sungold tomatoes from the hoophouse--Shhh! We may not have money, but we sure get to eat well. 

We are growing our own kale for the first time in our farming career and it's beautiful.  Coming from a farm that produced acres and acres of absolutely gorgeous and tasty kale, one of our personal measures of success is by the kind of kale we can grow.  And we're growing pretty nice kale, considering drought and cabbage loopers!  I don't think most of our CSA members give a hoot about kale, but we sure try to convince them of its charms.  Eventually, I say, you will be won over by its earthy, deep flavor, bountiful nutrients, and robust texture.  For us kale is maybe number 3 on our top five favorite foods, along with beets, fennel and blue cheese a close fourth.  We fiercely love eating kale and we may love growing it even more.  Those are closely intwined.  We just got an Eat More Kale bumper sticker for our car.  I am not ashamed of our kale love affair, in fact I relish it!  We prefer the Emerald Sesame Kale recipe with a dash of toasted sesame oil, some tamari, garlic on steamed kale.  But really, I'll take my kale anyway. 

Kale a few weeks back.  Lacinato variety.  My favorite.

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