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even if your voice comes back again, maybe there'll be no one listening

& even if you find the strength to stand, doesn't mean I won't go missing

18 August 1988
I love, live & breathe through my writing, the books I adore, the music I love and the friends I have. I love dancing & rainy days in bed. I am the epitome of fangirly. I would probably really like you, let's be friends.

I co-mod a community for writers who have been inspired to plan, share and create their own works. The girls I mod with are fabulous and it's really exciting to share our dreams with everyone here so go to dreampoets and check out our application process.

My journal is friends only, but I am not strict with who I add, so long as you comment and let me know how we know each other or that we share common interests, I will happily add you :)

I took my love down to Violet Hill, there we sat in snow.

All that time she was silent still, so if you love me, won't you let me know?


because that is the nature of love, because one walks alone

through the ruins of the heart, because the young must sleep

with their eyes open, because the angels tremble

from so much beauty, because memory moves in orbits

of absence, because she holds her hands out in the rain,

and rain remembers nothing, not even how it became itself

Las Ruinas del Corazon

Lastly I need to credit the friends banner and original css codes of my layout to the lovely honeyelle
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