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been forever.

Just thought I would post here, to let my friends list know that I still read your journals! I never post here anymore, but I am still here, reading and watching, and sometimes commenting if I have a moment. :)

Aug. 11th, 2006

Just to let you know, I've been without internet for a bit, so I'm just now getting caught up on over a week's worth of entries!

I'm baaaack.

I just spent the last five days back home, to visit my family and celebrate my best friend's baby's first birthday. It was a great trip... *almost* made me want to move back. Almost.

Trying to get back into the swing of things, but enjoying some 'me' time... feeling a little lonely, and really wanting to hug that cute little baby again!

(early) Monday Five

It's not quite Monday here yet (another 20 minutes) but since Jane already posted the Monday Five, I'm going to do it :)

Five Things That Happened This Weekend:
1) I worked.
2) I knit. A lot. And only have to sew on three more buttons on The Baby Sweater!
3) I went to a baby shower.
4) I went to my boss' house and hung out. Kinda weird!
5) I ate a sinful piece of a Chocolate Mousee Torte Thing.

And fade out again and fade out againCollapse )
Somehow I missed the Monday Five this week... so I'm doing it anyway!

Five Things I'm Looking Forward To:

1) My trip to Chicago - I leave two weeks from today!
2) Um, pay day next week? hehe
3) Finishing my first baby sweater. (hopefully successfully!)
4) Getting my iPod (a trade with a friend, yay!)
5) Getting my car fixed and driveable again, although it gives me a panic attack just thinking about it.

Yesterday I went to one of the LYS (local yarn store) that I've never been to before, and I have to say they were really nice! (That is their motto: The friendliest yarn store in town... the other two I've been to were pretty darn snotty, so I agree!) I got some sock yarn to make a pair of socks for my sister. She came along with me (and didn't complain *too* much, haha) and I asked her if she wanted me to buy some yarn she liked to make her a hat and she said "You already made me a hat... I want some socks!" So, socks it is. I just hope she takes care of them, because pretty much everything I make for her (hats, scarves, purses) all end up unused for the most part. Ah well. I am a process knitter for the most part, anyway.

And just because I need to get this off my chest: My work-boyfriend* can be such a jerk sometimes. Whenever HE wants to do something (movie, shopping, drive around, even the batting cages) he expects me to tagalong and be all happy about it. And even when I don't want to go - he MADE me go see Silent Hill, which was a disgusting movie - I do, because he is my friend and it makes him happy. But when *I* want to do something, it's not even a matter of "Oh, you know, I don't really want to go, I'm sorry" - I barely get the words out of my mouth and it's "NO. *jerky little smirk that means 'like I would even go with you there'*" Jerk. I can probably count on one hand the amount of times we've done something because *I* wanted to. I swear, the next time he asks me to do something, I'm not going. I know he doesn't mean harm by it, but he is very selfish - and that a good friend does not make.

*for those of you that are wondering, a work-boyfriend is a guy at work that isn't really your boyfriend, but at work you and he look out for each other, talk a lot, like to work together, and hang out outside of work too. He generally makes works better and more entertaining. (unless you have a kind of assholeish one like I do, then it's kinda 50/50)

listy listy

Monday Five!

Five Favorite Beverages:
1) Diet Coke
2) Hawaiian punch + Sprite
3) Chocolate milk
4) Sobe's Courage
5) Limeade (frozen, from a can)

Happy May Day

Monday Five

I wish I...
1) was more disciplined in music.
2) owned my own house and land.
3) was a little more social.
4) could have more confidence.
5) could win the lottery! (me too, Jane!)

It is May 1st already, crazy. There are so many things I need (like, need) to do... but I keep putting them off for longer and longer, it's getting ridiculous. I don't know why I get so chicken about stuff that is *not* a big deal. Argh.

I bought my plane tickets to go to Chicago in one month! Yay! =D

Listy listy

Monday Five:

Television shows I enjoy:
1) Law and Order: SVU (I am in love with everyone on this show)
2) Family Guy
3) Ghost Hunters
4) Late Night with Conan O'Brien (I have been in love with him for like ten years now, hehe)
5) Reno 911


Our weather forecast for today is a high of 87F! 87F! Hot tamale. Mmmm tamales.

why why why why

I worked the early shift today. I could barely get out of bed. I worked allll day. I was ready to fall asleep when I got in the car to come home.

And now it is 3:26AM and I am still up! Arrrrgh!