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Ramblings of a mad artisté

artiste with the little ' above the "e"

an angel in search of wings
20 July
tHe RaMbLiNgS oF a MaD aRtIsTe...

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m e a s u r e i n l o v e ♥ 11. 23. 05

iharthdarth is Love

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Fiyero/Elphaba is love

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Elphaba is love

You are the lovely Christine Daae. You have the
voice of an angel. Origanally a chorus girl you
gained your chance to shine in the limelight on
stage when Carlotta threw one of her fits.
There your music took wing and everyone loved
you. Espescially Raoul your childhood
sweetheart who recognised you when you took the
stage. The Phantom also loves you, feeling he
owns you since he is your teacher, you fight to
break the bonds between the two of you so you
can be free to love Raoul.

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well....im a senior in high school, im 5,2 ft, have durty blonde hair (but im only dumb in a common sence sorta way lol...i hope), love my friends, school(sometimes),love reading (fav book Great Expectations), listening to music , and watching movies (fav movie as of now is Phantom of the Opera) uhm i have 2 dogs and im spending the next 9 months praying that my parents let me go to New York....yep thats bout it for now lol

What Beatle are you?

Paul McCartney

You have a soft heart. You love animals, nature & quite evenings with good friends.

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shopping is love
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my pet!

American Cities That Best Fit You:

60% New York City

55% Boston

55% San Francisco

55% Washington, DC

50% Philadelphia

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