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800 years beyond the pale.

I will break the hardest of hearts.

10/15/05 09:40 am - High Noon at Beardsley Zoo.

Okay, so it is not usual for me to post something for public consumption without it first passing through my Angela filter, but I am hoping to get a few opinions on this by tomorrow (today). You see, I wrote it for a friend of mine whose birthday is tomorrow (today), so I need to hand it in tomorrow (this) afternoon. There is obviously a fair amount of fantasy in this piece, so I played fast and loose with the science-y type stuff. Please to forgive. It is different than the stuff I would normally do, and I am a little nervous about it, but tell it to me like it is. K? Thanx :)

Oh, and it is kind of long. Sorry. And the formatting at lj kind of sucks, but I did my best to make it readable.

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EDIT: This was originally posted in the wee hours of the morning, but the time stamp was fucked up. So I fixed it, and people can actually see it now. And it has also since been given the Angela seal of approval :)

4/11/05 05:35 am - Friends Only.

Yup. Read the info first, then comment to be added.

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