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Let's make a list of who we need

& we'll throw it away cause we don't need anyone

12 September
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Alright, writing these things always make me feel stupid, but here goes:

I'm Becky, people tell me a lot "You look like a Becky" and the funny part is, I kind of know what they mean.
I recently turned 19, and so far it's my favorite age. I think I'll like Twenty a lot too. Notice I say Twenty and not 20.
I just recently married the love of my life, and moved from Southern Virginia to Northern North Carolina. Looong drive. Biiig difference. Riiight. Anyway, I do like it better down here, and it is infact different, believe it or not. In little ways.
I went to Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond for my freshman year, and completed the Art Foundation Program there, but other than that, I didn't see myself staying there.

I want to be like Fifty-Million-Trillion things. My life could go in any one of those directions and I'd be content. I'm sort of going to school for a bachelor's in teaching art or english, but I want to always sell my artwork, and just do things for fun. I might do Interior design, cause I have an eye for that. Or maybe I'll learn to cook one day. When I have kids I wanna be a stay at home mom. For a while. I get bored quickly. I love change. Embrace it. I embrace pretty much everything.
And I can read people like whoa. You wouldn't believe.

And I love good music. I said good music. I hate pop. I hate pop punk. Gag-ish.
Uhh, I hate when people say "I hate pop" but I just did.

Moving on. All my jobs have been in food service. I worked at a Pizza Hut Express for a spell, then I worked at Moody's Pizza, an Italian place in my old hometown, VA, and then another restaurant, Country Skillet in the same place, and then Cracker Barrel which I hated with a passion, and I quit there, and now I work at Applebee's in Roanoke Rapids. I hope I like it there. I'm always looking for something else, something better than where I currently am. I never settle for the not-so-best.

That's why I'm married to Joshua. He's the best for me there is out there. :) Truly.

I've been legal for over a year, and I just got a real cell phone and I don't have any tattoos yet. I just recently got my nose pierced, I'm really excited about it, kinda. I'm probably not as cool as you, and you probably wouldn't hang out with me unless you got to know me. You won't get my sense of humor at first, if ever. And sometimes I'm boring. I don't drink, I don't smoke, and I don't cuss. And I love Jesus Christ.
I grew up real bad, being the anti-Becky that I am now, but I don't brag about it. You might even of liked me better back then, but I don't care. I get high on life now, not drugs. And I get drunk off fun now, not Jack Daniels. And Jesus makes me joyful. That'll never fade or change or leave me high and dry.

...more later. It's a never-ending story.

Proud to be childfree