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I am human and I need to be loved...

just like everybody else does.

7 November
I'm just a 20 year old female.
80's music, \m/, accents, adrien brody, all things celtic, all things russian, alternative music, anissina and peizerat, anton sikharulidze, art history, artur dmitriev, australia, ballet, belle epoque, berezhnaya & sikharulidze, berezhnaya and sikharulidze, bono, bridget jones' diary, cate blanchett, chait and sakhnovsky, charlie chaplin, chateaux, chicago, chopin, clarinet, classical music, colin firth, corsets, cultures, depeche mode, diet coke, doctor zhivago, dreams, duran duran, elena and anton, elena berezhnaya, elena sokolova, england, europe, evgeny plushenko, faiella and scali, figure skating, fiona apple, france, freakin' liashenko, french, french revolution, friends, fusar-poli and margaglio, garbage, god, grishuk and platov, hair dye, happiness, history, hopeless romantics, horatio hornblower, hugh jackman, ice dancing, impossible dreams, impressionism, ireland, irina slutskaya, italy, jesus, kate and leopold, kazakova and dmitriev, lang and tchernyshev, languages, laughing, literature, lobacheva and averbukh, london, love, making icons, man melons, middle ages, moulin rouge, movies, mr. darcy, music, musicals, mythology, night, nine inch nails, no doubt, obsessive compulsive disorder, overcoming fears, paris, peter tchernyshev, petrova and tikhonov, photography, piano, poetry, pride and prejudice, procrastination, pyotr ilyich tchaikovsky, queen elizabeth i, rain, reading, red, red hair, rock music, romance languages, roses, russell crowe, russia, russian, russian composers, russian figure skaters, russian men, russian revolution, saint petersburg, scotland, shakespeare, shirley manson, silent movies, sleep, someone like you, soviet union, stereophonics, sting, swing music, switzerland, tango, tatu, tea, techno, the cutting edge, the orient, the roaring twenties, tofog, totmianina and marinin, travelling, u2, uk, understanding, union jacks, viktor petrenko, vodka, wales, winter, wolverine, writing, x-men, Бережная с Сихарулидзе, СССР, Тату, Хуи Воине!,