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Wow what's with livejournal new "posting" layout, everything is so huge and right on your face but at least it looks pretty obvious. Check out this new Melbourne metro station advert, i thought it was the cutest with a taste of being rather...serious/sly? I don't know the word. It reminded me abit of happy tree friends too. The posters has been roaming around, proably very attractive to kids but also has an important message. In the end just don't do stupid things when you're around the train station, yeah like crossing the pathways when the gates are closing. like me...

We just found a new place and it's much bigger than our current one, can't wait to move in already. The thought of packing dreads me but it must be done in the end. Also i'm going back in to weeks time for a long break, i can't wait to eat mom's food. It's been too long.

Hello i have a portfolio website now and it's up and running: http://www.celsy-sabilla.com/

Two more days until i get to see Coldplay and The Temper trap live, finally! I've been waiting for months for this to happen. Actually I forgot about it because of the folio/assignment chaos that kept me busy. Feels good rewarding yourself to a big concert night after finishing everything (well most of it). I have to do my IELTS test again and i didn't realize how expensive the fees are. I'm also nervous the fact that i won't be able to get enough grades for the TR Visa which eliminate the chances of me staying in Melbourne. I'd probably should get onto more reading and writing now that i've got nothing better to do other than maybe watching...The Walking Dead?

Done with university life, three years of education and graphic design has taught me so much. I also had a lot of fun and stress studying it too, going to miss everyone so much now that we're barely going to see one another :(
HOOORAHH1!! So happy and so surreal, now to attend graduation and deal with the ""future""
whatever that means really

Some developed 35mm photos, i do miss having my cousin Uni Lisa around just because it reminds me back of home or the idea of having a sibling here. I have so much respect for her than any other cousin i know of. Days has been going so fast, ramadhan ended and eid begins and now we're eating normally again! Good to be eating brunch again, it's always nice to get bagels and chai latte in the morning.

karl pilkington is the best, nuff said. everything he says makes sense. I haven't been very loyal to this journal and i feel bad for slowly abandoning it. Too many things has been happening and i think my neighbour always have this massive crazy physical fight every night. There will be a day where i'll see them fight outside, awkward.


Just turned 21 on the 26th! hoooraaah!! I don't feel like i'm 21 though, it'll probably hit me later. I'm doing an assignments where i set myself to watch 99 youtube videos (the virals and must-watch). Somehow after watching an hour of the odds and funny videos, i feel like im wasting my time away but i'm not because this is for my project. is this right?! cuz i'm enjoying it and feeling rather guilty. somehow i'm doing procrastination for a piece of work, finally!

uni's starting soon? NOOOO. my last semester? NOOOO. Graduating? NOOOOO.

it is happening after all! it's going to be a crazy semester.

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