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Kiwi Icons

Version-Shaun of the Dead

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  • _kiwiicons@livejournal.com
_kiwiicons originally started out as a place to put my Star Wars icons.
But after I ran out of those, I moved onto other things, namely Coldplay. But I love a lot of things.
Currently I'm in a Simon Pegg phase. Have been and probably will be for a while.
Enjoy it while it lasts.
I'm open to requests of any sort. Usually if they're along my fandom/interests, I'll do it. If it seems like something I might not do, then...You might try your luck with someone else.
Icon journals are easy to find. I'd say first find a community of something you want, then look through the entries for icon makers, etc...

That's definitely one way I get myself out there.
Well enough about me...


The Rules of the journal are as follows:

--->COMMENT! If you'd like an icon, you're more than welcome to have it, after all, that's the whole reason for _kiwiicons. however, I'd like to know if you're taking one, for my own sake. Also, Contrusctive criticism is very welcome!!

--->CREDIT! I take pride in my icons, and so I ask that they be handled with care. I like to be credited for my work, as do many many artists. That's reasonable, right?? It brings more people to this journal, and giving proper respect is more than courteous. Giving credit is very simple. When managing your pictures, type _kiwiicons into the key words

Looking for something in particular? browse the memories! If you'd like to request something, simply comment in one of my entries, and I'll get it, and make it for you! (or die trying)

Thanks much,


Want to be one of these fine people above? Comment! I'd be happy to add you!


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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

_kiwiicons is a division of galelasa. This journal is generated with lots of labor, love and Photoshop CS2.

{layout made by minty_peach.. many thanks}