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leaving [November 7th, 2005]
leaving livejournal.
it was great getting to know you all
add me on myspace if you want
bye loves
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[October 14th, 2005]
okayy.. since my phone is taken away, leave me messages here.
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[October 3rd, 2005]
i'm bored. so promote your rating communities here, i'll apply.
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I'M BACKKKKK [October 2nd, 2005]
[mood| thirsty]
[music| soul meets body-deathcab]

yay! i'm back!
so.. i love my new school its awesome.
i'll update later, but first i wanna catch up with everyones journals!
&& im gonna be doing a friends cut.
because i definitely cannot keep up with the lives of people i've never talked to.
but if i love you i wont cut you
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[September 14th, 2005]
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im made of you and you of me, but where are we? [September 11th, 2005]
[mood| nerdy-hw]
[music| gorrillaz as usual :)]

sorry i havent been commenting and updating, i've been really busy, more on that later
these are the girls i knew before i came to sem
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she can't keep a secret for more than an hour [September 6th, 2005]
[mood| stressed-so much hw!]
[music| the click five - just the girl]

okayy so...
first day of school
everyone looked super cute
but i got a shitload of hw, im taking a break from it right now. two essays and thats just the beginning.
i'm just a little worried because there's seven of us that already know each other
so we stick to each other like glue
i've met some other people
but we're all still being too clique-y
& i hope everyone doesn't hate us
picture day-- we got to see the pictures after.. i couldn't see mine clearly. everyone elses was really good. clara looked amazing, mostly because shes so fucking gorgeous
my teachers are wierd
the rest of the kids in my grade seem really nice, i hope i can get to know them

im trying to ignore the fact that we're being forced to go camping
on a friday
that carries on to saturday
my two favorite times of the week, friday night and saturday
i'll just think of it as a sleepover

thats all folks
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[September 5th, 2005]
[mood| excited]
[music| la gasolina]

pictures!Collapse )

only one more day of summer! :(
but i'm excited, i think this year is gonna be really fun
we have to go camping on friday with the freshman and sophomores
ew! i hate camping! and i have my period
ughhh i still have to do my second essay
i guess i'll do that and then go to the salon to get all pretty for tomorrow
even though there are no guys

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now i aint saying she a goldigger.. [September 2nd, 2005]
okay soo
taking invintory
what i bought..
-yellow shirt (banana republic)
-same shirt in black (banana republic)
-white sweater (banana republic)
-black sweater (mexx)
-red tank (theory)
-purple shirt (max studio)

i think i'm wearing the max studio shirt on tuesday.. i'm having like a wardrobe crisis because the first day of school is also picture day.. shitt

[mood| busy]
[music| goldigger-kanye west & jamie foxx (love both of them)]
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[August 29th, 2005]
I'M HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
welcome me back if you please :)
call me so we can make some planssss...
i love you all!
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[August 12th, 2005]
okay so you all know where we're staying... & if you don't, let's just say we're very privileged people here :)

well okay so the 14 of august is pakistan's independence day so there's this huge party that is at the place where we are, and theres a fashion show and everything so right now its the dress rehearsals but its at intermission.. omg the male models are so fucking hot but i think theyre all gay... the supermodels were all really nice, they were a bit snobby at first but then i think they figured out who we are and they were suddenly saying what gorgeous eyelashes we have lmao. i hope this thing is televised like it was last year so you all will be able to see us!

it's 1:00 in the morning here, so its 4:00 in the afternoon there.
i'm so homesick!!!

email me! downfifthavenue@yahoo.com
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[August 11th, 2005]
Hey everybody!!
I'm writing from Pakistan, we're (me and my sister) off to another city to party in an hour, no parents!!
Sahoor, I really wanna visit you while we're there so I'll try to arrange something.
Okay, I have to go, I'll try to comment on everyone's journals, I miss you all!
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[July 26th, 2005]

i'll be gone for the entire month, so please don't delete me from your friends list!
if you wanna talk, email me at downfifthavenue@yahoo.com
aim:: passionvogue, but i dont think i'll be going on that much
i'll miss you all!
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wake me up when september ends... [July 24th, 2005]
was fun. spent the days shopping & walking a lot & swimming
my dad was in meetings most of the time so
the first day we were there me, my mom, and my sister took a wrong turn
& ended up in the GHETTO
lmao my mom was like freaking out and being all, stay close! cross the street carefully!
then when me & my sis were in a pizza place some cute italian guys were very chatty :)

the party
was good, caught up with all the college kids that we havent seen in a while. then sabina & shaina & my sis & i got down to the music LMAO. sabina was hilarious all night long especially about that little girl who was SO annoying. shaina and i bonded over boy gossip :)

today at sem
it was pretty boring. but grace was there and we hung out for the thing. we got bored & took some pictures
clicky for PICTURESCollapse )

add me
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[July 18th, 2005]
heres the plan:
-tomorrow: packing. straightening my hair too i think which will take up most of my day lol
-wednesday: out to toronto for a few days. we're staying in the sutton hotel. lots of shopping for me!
-like the second we come back, we have to go off to some party. well, i'd rather go to brittany's at her beach house in canada! but i'll miss it ughhhhh
-then a few days of relaxation, which, knowing my dear mother, will be nothing like relaxing. she'll be freaking out over packing and all that. after that, on wednesday, we leave

so i have just about five days with you all. i'll try to get in touch
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[July 16th, 2005]
me & craig broke up

i think this lj is broken it keeps deleting everything
no its probably this computer
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[July 12th, 2005]

i'm also excited for the next book haha i'm such a dork

i've gotten over being sick finally that was pretty annoying
i've been to a few parties, nothing that great
wow my life is really boring right now

we're going to pakistan in just a couple of weeks now
i dont know if i want to or not

ugh my family has been driving me INSANE lately
4 years left till college!
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[July 8th, 2005]
wow so much has happened...
sorry i havent been on livejournal for a while

hmm so in the last week and ++ i've gone to a couple of parties, seen a couple of movies, & hung out with a couple of people.

latest purchases:
-chanel lipgloss & eyeliner
-2 shirts & a skirt from delia's (huge sale, go there now)
-earings from express
-a few necessities from vicky's secret lol

at a little party a couple of days ago, i had a conversation with shaina & sumah which was a little "unnerving" i guess would be the word
seems like there are some rumors about nasty little away messages?
kind of wierd, cuz who would put personal stuff in an away message...
well, i just want to clear that up, that stuff isn't true. i dont know how many people will believe me, but then, i dont really know anyone that seems to be talking about this rumor.
so yeah. that was a bit wierd.

gahhh & there's been quite a lot of drama in my little paki world. god, all i have to say about this is that these people have got to give it a rest. everybody is SO wound up in other people's personal lives, people they dont even really know.

& now, cuz of that pool thing, i have a huge red thing on my face and my arms hurt and theres a wierd red thing on my chin. who would of thought that a thrashing kid can push you into the wall with so much force. owwwww.

oh, and i forgot about the fourth of july. well, it was fun i guess, we all hung out at the little place with the stores near niagara falls. haha & shaina got all into that song carwash.

i have also been doing like no physical activity. now im sick. ewww.

god i am falling apart.

[mood| sore]
[music| carwash]
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dont dont dont dont you... forget about me [June 29th, 2005]

made by __iiicons

yes, so the last episode. thank god melinda got rid of that fag. i felt really bad for her. she & danny are so cute. my fave girl is melinda, hands down. so far, my fave guy is danny but i think wes is also sweet & cute, too. they need to show more of what hes like. next episode looks like it should be good.

like my new mood theme? & layout? and icon? lol.

today i went SHOPPING with sahoor, sabina, shaina, & tara. i bought:
-a dress (so cute)
-an purse
-a bag
-a pin
-another pin, which i put on & lost
-a ring
-a skirt
... fun

[mood| tired]
[music| dont you forget about me- simple minds]
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really long & pointless post [June 27th, 2005]
omg!!! who saw the andy milonakis show.
first, i want to say that America has reached an all time low.
second, i want to say that this show is genius
i mean,
so funny
1 in 10 household items are gay.
i bet i could beat you in a race, bitchhhhhhhhh!

the result of being boredCollapse )

[mood| bored]
[music| the andy milonakis show song]
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