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Oh Fuck. Here I Go Again.



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So I managed to not post for another month. Its hard to pour my heart and soul out when I'm constantly around mah man. Its really great though, all of my depressive moments are literally cured. Everytime I would be like "baw. this sucks." I get this burst of "well its not that bad, at least I'm loved." Which is all I needed really. I had like three or four good years of emo whiny faggotry on this site spewing out, and now its just all gone. All that old hurt dried up into a tacky spot of discomfort, like when you spill juice and just leave it to dry up, and accidentally brush your hand over it in the dark when you're looking for something more important.

Well as you can see my talent for ridiculous analogies still exists.

Anyway, I'm still not dead. I was just stagnant all summer. I've been working at a photo rep agency, and it was the complete wrong direction for me to go. It kept me occupied and paid my rent, but otherwise it was a complete waste of a summer... Well, as far as my photographic skills go. I found a lot of great resources and looked through a lot of amazing photographers books. I learned how much things are actually supposed to cost. However, unexpectedly I was not blessed with any side jobs assisting, which I was completely convinced I would be able to pull off.

As far as home life, there wasnt' much of one, which is in part why I'm so dissappointed in myself. If I had gone ahead with trying to assist then I wouldn't have been doing a god damn 10-6 and being home at 7pm every night. I wouldn't be office fat right now. Its killing me, I haven't been able to excercise because I literally have no free time. The second I get home I usually curl up with Chris and don't want to move for a while. Then I go all housewifey and make dinner. Then, wtf, already sleep time. I don't think I'll need anymore hints that office jobs are not for me. Hopefully I won't make this mistake again.

Now comes the time where I rant about how awesome my kittens are. Holy shit. So, most of you know how shitty the two younger cats at my parents house are. Chi and Copper. They're assholes. And Kitty Kat is a sweet heart but she gets bored easily with people. Then I hung out with Jared's cats, and they were alright, and then Sasuke-con-etc; was the most awesome cat I had met. So I had spent most of my life thinking cats were more of a vermin destroying necessety. Then I met Chris, and Chris adores cats. So, I figure we need one, we're in a situation where there might be pests that need a-killin, and kittens are cute.

Turns out one of my friends has a million cats, and some of the wild ones left kittens on their doorstep. So I went out there and picked out this little orange fucker, pretty much exclusively because he was the only one there that didn't have a cold. Two weeks later, I come back with Chris to pickup the cat, and they had found another adorable tabby on the doorstep. Now I would've picked this kitten out right away, but I had already commited to the orange one. And Chris goes, "Can we please take two?" and I was just like, fuck it. So we end up taking home two kittens.

As soon as we get them home, I figure out that these are the sweetest strangest cats ever. I've never had any kind of cat that would sleep in my lap one second and have epic battles with its brethren the next. As I type Momo (named after adorable squirrel thing in Samurai Champloo) is purring in my lap and just staring at me with loving sleepy eyes. And Mr. Kennedy (named for the wrestler) literally will give mouth kisses like he's people. And any time either of us is on the couch and they aren't rampaging, they come up and flop down on you like you're born to luffle them. They both walk around the shower while its on and sometimes jump/fall in. AHMIGAWD. I cannot get across the extent of their luffadorability as much as I want to. Have you ever seen something so cute you wanted to explode into spurts of rainbows, candy, and love? Well that's what its like.

Anyway that's my rant on that. I think that's about all I can update on right now. I'm sure in another month or two I'll have something to add. Remember, phone is always on, people with my number feel free to call whenever for the most part. If you don't have it and desperately want it for some reason, comment. KTHXBAI.
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