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Oh Fuck. Here I Go Again.

Opening up.

Opening up.

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So its been pretty good being at Chris's house for a few days. Spending a bunch of constant time together has made me really trust him way more. Last night we had pretty much our first serious talk ever. I opened up and told him a bunch of shit that I only tell the people I really trust and care about. It was really hard, but instead of backing out and bailing like I usually do, I just went ahead and tried to explain why I seem to have so much trouble dealing with his pretty much constant affection. I'm hoping it makes things easier, it should, because now I'm watching for the stupid things I do, and he knows that my mind is still a little fucked up from certain things. Also, he told me a lot about his past that explains tons of things that I was wondering about.

I think I might be going home either tomorrow or the next day. I still don't know. I'll just go when I run out of clothes or something. He probably won't be coming to visit me on the 6th though. It'll probably be more like the next week.
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