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Queen of the Earth


Valian Years

- Resides in marital bliss with Aulë. Thinks his deep singing voice is pretty sexy. Doesn't understand why he's so fascinated with stills.
- Has fun dreaming up exotic plants & animals. Works really really really hard on the trees, but doesn't let flowers bloom yet. Takes time to perfect everything. Talks over ideas for mountains and canyons with Aulë. :)

V.Y. 0 - 1500:
- Descends into Ëa with the rest of the Valar. Pours herself passionately into her work, unaware Aulë is spending an unusual number of late nights at the forge.
- Is hit on by Melkor. Throws a drink in his face. :P
- Storms home angrily to find Aulë still working. Finds him in the forge and finally learns about the Dwarves. Can't help feeling hurt. A full-blown row erupts.
- Admits a truce after speaking to Manwë. Goes back to her own creating.

V.Y.1500 - 1900:
- Works hard on two very important seeds. Plants them but realizes they need light to grow. Collaborates with Aulë for the first time since the Dwarves. ♥
- Still perfecting plants and animals. Wants to get it right. :)

V.Y. 1900 - 3450:
- Lamps are attacked by Melkor. Earth is utterly spoiled. Becomes enraged. Aulë gets out the whomping hammer for the first time.
- Comes to terms with having to re-do all her work again. Seriously pissed off. :|

V.Y. 3450 - V.Y. 3500:
- Aulë scopes out new residences. Moves to Valinor with the rest of the Valar. Discovers the Pastures. Decorates with Vána's help.
- Runs into Oromë while checking up on the forests. Flirts. Doesn't mention it to Aulë.
- Finds Aulë spending some late nights out again. Thinks his breath is starting to smell odd. Gets some gossipy looks from Nienna when ever she goes to the Pastures.
- Runs into Estë on her way to Lórien. Learns she's ditched Irmo. Takes her out for a wild girls' night. Creates more gossip.

V.Y. 3500:
- Still bitter over Melkor, gets the urge to create again. Thinks long and hard and finally sings a song of power at Ezellohar. Nienna waters the mound with her tears. Two small saplings grow, Telperion and Laurelin.

Valian Years of the Trees. ( V.Y.t )

V.Y.t 0 - 1000
- Finally discovers Aulë's home brew and gives out to him. They have a huge fight over rumours he heard about Oromë. Doesn't bother to correct them but feels guilty every time she sees Vána.
- Moves permanently to the Pastures and makes them into a deluxe boudoir.
- Spends a lot of time in Middle-Earth. Not alone. ;)
- Heals the hurts of Melkor on the Earth. Gradually rebuilds. Refuses to admit she misses Aulë.

V.Y.t 1000 - 1050:
- Goes to Taniquetil and pours her heart out to Varda, who begins the second setting of the stars.

V.Y.t 1092 - 1100:
- Fends off Melkor's advances for the last time. :P

- Elves arrive in Aman. Is fascinated. Meets a few Noldor. Finds them much more *cough* passionate than expected.

- Decides to create an image of Telperion for the Noldor to admire. Plants Galathilion at the courtyard of the the Mindon-Eldaliéva.
- While at the Mindon, is distracted by a Vanya. Forgets aaaaaall about the Noldor for a while.
- Entertains *cough* regularly at the pastures. Develops her own line of lingerie.
- Runs into a sad looking minstrel. Interest in the Noldor is reawakened.

V.Y.t 1400:
- Melkor released. Runs into Aulë at council. Can't tell if he's sober or not. Avoids eye contact.

V.Y.t 1495:
- Melkor returns with
Ungoliant, and destroys the two Trees.
- Is a complete wreck. Doesn't leave the Pasture for a full year.

- Sadly watches the Noldor leave with Fëanor's host.
- Runs into Aulë at the pub. Has a huge shouting match. Finds comfort elsewhere. <333

V.Y.t 1496 - 1500:
- At Manwe's direction, works with Nienna, putting all their power into bearing fruit from Telperion and Laurelin. They become the Sun and Moon.
- Is happy for the first time since the Darkening.
- Bumps into Aulë at Ezhellohar. Feels guilty again.

First - Third Ages:

- Settles into a routine. Goes to Middle Earth on occaision to check up on things. ;) Entertains regularly at the Pastures.
- Develops a line of stiletto heels and velvet coats.
- Manages to avoid Aulë. :S ;_;

Fourth Age:

- Gets bored of the Pastures. Decides to check out Tirion.
- Reacquaints with old friends. <3 :) ;) Makes some new friends also. ;) Sets up a meadow with a new boudouir. Is happy. :)
- Meets up with Aulë again. Much awkwardness. :S Feels guilty. Consumes large quantities of chocolate ice cream.
- Reconciles at last. Is in love again. :)))

Current Status:
- Enjoying unexpected motherhood. ♥!. :D

Format for this bio borrowed from Maglor. *bows to his mun* :))