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<3 kAyLa

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"no pare sigue sigue!" [12 Feb 2009|12:17am]
 so In the Heights lottery attempt #1 of the week (out of 5 opportunities) was a glorious success. 
I was the second name called. damn I am so lucky I cannot even believe it, thank you cosmic forces for getting my named called out.
Lin-Manuel pointed me out during the opening song "i hope you writin' this down I'm gonna test you later" kept making eye contact with me throughout. the last time I saw the show he said the lottery people in the first row keep up his energy and make it new and exciting.
the cast never fails to have so much energy, so much spunk.
oh god Champagne was painful to listen to, not because it was bad. because I fear the reality that that song is becoming my life.

I stage doored for the first time ever for this show. the cast is SO nice and grateful.
Lin-Manuel Miranda makes me life complete. he said "congratulations on winning the lottery, I saw you in the first row" Ahhhh i feel special.
I'm so obsessed. and on high, and don't want to sit down and memorize woyzeck lines.
i love this show, i love this cast. I'm so happy I won again. gahhhh
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Summer 2008, Leaving, & The Next Four Years [24 Aug 2008|12:18am]
For whatever reason I feel so inclined to write in this now, and possible continue to write for the upcoming year(s). Just simple updates about classes and my "new" life. I like have a semi documentation besides the notebooks I've been writing in about dilemmas, writing about just life.

so sue me if this is long and I don't use an "lj cut" i don't know how to do that shit anymore with this new outline. this pics are large. I am sorry. I am lj illiterate.

Summer 2008: After graduation I had a week and a half of basically nothing. And I guess that's what happened... basically nothing.

I at last inherited my lovelyyy 2007 Toyota Prius. It is true love.
I literally feel like I did nothing. So when it was time to leave I felt ready for it.

Westcoast Connection Trip #49 European Experience.
oh eurotrip. How the fuck do I sum up the 4 weeks traveling to London, Paris, Annecy, Zermatt, Venice, Rimini, Rome, Sorrento, Capri, Florence & Nice....
It was a an amazing experience, I got to see so much of the world in such a short period of time. I learned a lot about myself, which is a good thing right before college. I was put in the most terrifying situations I could ever fathom.. and I made it out alive. I learned about people, human nature in a strange way. Overall I don't regret for a second going, don't get me wrong. But now I know I will never feel as homesick at college as I did at times then. When I was milessss away from home dealing with my worst nightmare. I am now ready for college

The nutshell of my trip with a bunch of nuts....

we pretended to be classy drinking wine. ugh I hate wine though
we thought we were hot shit in France on Bastille Day
I LOVED. loved loved loved loved annecy
I HATED. switzerland. like beyond hatred.
experienced the beauty of Venice
we went on a gondola ride....
we were jewish tourist at the vatican
we went clubbing... and our counselors got drugged. and the entire trip hooked up with an international cutie of sort.
and i travelled on the last day. for 18 fucking hours in all.

then after europe I was home for 3 weeks.
The three weeks have not gone as I planned in my dream life. But I did get to spend it with friends.
And now, I've said goodbye to practically everyone. Either they are already gone onto their college locations all over america, or they are still in somers for another year or so.

I've been waiting for this day since I was in 7th grade. The day I would get the fuck out of somers and start my new life, the life I was "meant to live". I always thought it had to be better in college, I didn't get to experience the cliche high school life, but no college would be different.
But now, I am truly happy for... aspects... atleast of my high school experience. Stuff that if I was all cliche I would not have had the joy of. The day I left this goddamn place I always thought would be the happiest day of my life, but it's actually sort of bittersweet. I am so so excited for college, although a little nervous. It's also sad to be leaving this place. I actually grew to appreciate it in Europe.

New York University, shit man. If you told me a year ago, hell like 7 months ago that I would end up at NYU I would have laughed for hours. In my mind this day always involved a plane ride. I was in New York City on Monday. Maybe that's why this whole college thing is hard for me to swallow, I never thought i'd be so close to home, and yet living somewhere radically different.

To New York fucking University. Me and my "new ivey" prestigious school that I bullshitted my way into.
so, possibly expect metropolitan updates of my posh new life as a drama student. This shall be good.

I'M GETTING OUTTA HERE!!!! Can you believe it :)
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college... the final saga. the final scores... [17 Apr 2008|02:54pm]
how everything ended up is weird, and I don't think I will ever quite make sense of where I did and did not get into.... I honestly cannot figure out the rhyme or reason to any of this

UMiami for Musical Theatre and Music Therapy:
rejected all around. the blow that kinda hurt. it's hard when you've dreamed of a certain place for so long.

Syracuse for Musical Theatre
accepted academically, rejected to the MT program


U of Central Florida for Musical Theatre
accepted academically, rejected to the MT program.

Chapman for Music Therapy
rejected all around. wtf? i think they don't want eastcoasters though... whatever

Arizona State U for Music Therapy
accepted academically, rejected to mus ther program.

U of Arizona for Musical Theatre
accepted academically, rejected to MT program

NYU for Musical Theatre
accepted all around, not into CAP21, the really musical theatre based program, but into another amazing acting studio, Playwrights Horizons, that after frosh yr I can still do a huge concentration in music.

SUNY New Paltz for Music Therapy
accepted academically, never ended up auditioning

American U for Musical Theatre
accepted academically, couldn't make the audition

Muhlenberg- BA in theatre
waitlisted, wtf again. I think they realized they weren't my first choice though.

I had dreamed of miami for the entirety of my high school career, even bits of middle school. It was the drive that got me through, it was my escape.
But the more I think about it I'm glad I didn't get in there, because then it would have been a tough decision, and I would have beat myself up that wherever I chose, what chances and opportunities did I give up. And then I would have given up opportunities, networking and the best theatre location for... well the weather.
in actuality would I have fit in there? with the pre-gaming, rah rah, keggers and all? no not really. That's not me, and that still won't be me in college. I just like the warm weather and the beach-y college atmosphere.

so where am I going to college?
New York University, Tisch School of the performing arts, for drama, for acting
official as of april 5th when I sent the deposit in.
I am still in absolute disbelief when I tell someone oh I'm going to NYU. I never in a million years would have expected the whole college extravaganza ending like this. Getting into the most prestigious school I applied to, arguably the hardest program to get into at nyu. It's like shit man, I'm going to one of those "new ivies" when someone hears me say "NYU" they expect me to be smart, take a million APs, the SATs were a breeze and blah blah blah I'm so intellectual. Which none of those are the case with me. Why they want me I will never ever understand, especially when safety/ match schools like Muhlenberg & Chapman rejected my ass.
what wanting umiami so so so so bad really did for me? it gave me a goal, it gave me a drive. to work my ass off to achieve more, to not settle for warmth at the arizona schools. So indirectly it is because of miami that I killed myself in high school to be my best. Why I second guessed not taking physics at all, contemporary issues as my only science junior year, worried only having one [bullshit...] AP, why I worked my ass off to raise my chem grade, why I take these classes like calc that I hate, the drive for me to endure the other standardized tests after I bombed the first, and freaked out during the second.
Miami was why. But NYU is what I got.
and I really, truly am thrilled to be going there next year. To know that I will have my own private bathroom in my room and don't have to be stuck in antisocial substance free, to know I will finally live somewhere excited, that everyone won't know my name, that I will have built in friends at my studio whom I will spend 20 some odd hours with every week, that I am going to the #1 dream school?

i'm fucking going to NYU
how absolutely crazy is that?
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[13 Mar 2008|02:02pm]

college update as of right now.
I've been accepted to Arizona State, U of Arizona, U of Central Florida and SUNY New Paltz for awhile now. In all honesty I don't want to go to any of those schools. I was rejected from UA's & UCF's musical theatre programs, but honestly those aren't the important ones. ASU i haven't heard the results of my DVD yet, and SUNY New Paltz my audition was snowed out... and prob won't be rescheduled.

Yesterday I found out about American, which although it's one of the schools I know the least about, I was still pretty excited to finally have an acceptance to a private school on the next quote academic tier. I didn't end up doing a theatre audition there, so i wouldn't immediately be a Musical Theatre major, just general theatre.

Waiting for acceptances started to eat me alive. I sit in school wondering how many times I can check my Miami account before it would maybe show I was accepted.

Today my actual acceptance letter came from American, I was reading it all excited to see that it said I was in the theatre program atleast, when I went to show my mom who was on the phone with my dad.
She screams gotta go to dad and shows me this purple letter saying Congratulations.
Wait what.... it's prob saying congrats on being done with all your paper work.

Congratulations. You have been accepted to NYU Tisch.

holyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy fuckennnnnnnnnn shitttttttttttttttttttttttttt.
my mom and I both start crying, screaming, hugging and shouting OH MY GOD simultaneously (I really was screaming, I woke up my brother and everything.)
       How the hell was I accepted to NYU? I didn't think had a chance in hell to get into the school, let alone a drama program of sort. I'm absolutely freaking out still, I got into my hardest school, and an incredible program. I don't know what studio I got into (Cap 21 for musical theatre or one of the only drama programs), but i dont care. because I am accepted. and in amazement.
best hell week gift everrrrrrrrrrrr.

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RIP Jonathan Larson [25 Jan 2006|09:52am]

turn thirty, 1990
bang your dead
what can you do?
Jonathan Larson, from tick tick boom

Tick Tick Boom is a rock musical loosely based on Jonathan Larson's life. Composed by Jonathan Larson, the show talks about the failure of his first show, Superbia. Talks about his best friend finding out he has aids. Breaking up with his girlfriend. Leading up to the creation of "Rent". and mostly, Jonathan Larson's fear of turning 30 and realizing he is a failure and has yet to compose a masterpiece.

Jonathan Larson died of aortic aneurysm on January 25, 1996. The night of the final dress rehersal of his masterpiece, Rent. Age 35 "one by one, only the good die young" -- queen.
the part that still strikes me as creepy is that line. he was in his 30's, in the 1990's.  "the sense of your leaving, was it the way it was planned?" -- queen.

Today, on the 10 year aniversary of this amazing man's death let us remember him.
his creativity, the musical he has given us, and even more meaning to the show's motto "No Day But Today"

Jonathan Larson, we will always be remembered. You may not have gotten to witness your own work of art, but millions have. I hope you are smiling down upon us right now thinking that you got what you wanted, you wrote not only one song, but 2 full musicals worth of songs that people will listen to, people will remember.

RIP Jonathan Larson
February 4th 1960 - January 25th 1996


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[09 Jan 2006|07:23pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

i got it :)

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"let's make a resolution, let's always stay friends!" [01 Jan 2006|12:08pm]

and wow what an amazing new years eve. basically the best new years of my life.

hanging out at cesca's with caroyln, naomi, lizzie, and cesca's family friends graham and zach.
it was just so much fun, laughing, taking a million pictures.

so i wish to all of you a happy and safe `06.
and last night as i fought the jet lag at 2 AM (which in london time is 7:00.. the time i woke up there. yeah i was up 24 hours at that point) i did my yearly lists and resolutions like i have been since i was 7 years old.

My resolutions / goals 2oO6 /// LONDON BABYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYCollapse )

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[28 Nov 2005|09:24pm]

finally uploaded the pictures from the RENT premiere <33

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summer pictures have already begun!! [25 Jun 2005|11:45pm]
that is where the camp pictures will be when i get my cheap disposable cameras devoloped :)
that is where the pictures courtesy of Jenna and my blury camera phone are so far.
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"can i hear your love babe, i can make you smile. i'll forget whats on my mind for awhile" [07 May 2005|06:29pm]

because i can put this under a cutCollapse )

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picture update [18 Apr 2005|04:13pm]

with my girls <33Collapse )

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april 12th 2003. never forget [12 Apr 2005|05:35pm]

some people wait a life time for a moment like thisCollapse )

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[12 Mar 2005|11:12am]

 A Midsummer Night's Dream the rock musical

   Come to SHS to see Shakespeare's story modernized with a hot, new soundtrack. The story of 4 lovers who constantly switch who they love. The workers, Bottom and crew who want to track down the 4 lovers, so they can play at the mayor's wedding. The fairy king and queen, Oberon ["king of darkness... who has his gothic fairy groupies] and Titania [the queen whore in her sex palace with her whore groupies...] are having marital issues. They both want this changeling, mortal boy. In order for Oberon to win this boy, he sends his jester Puck to get this magical flower. When the juices of this flower lay on sleeping eyes leads the man or women will fall madly in love with the first live creature it sees.... whether its a man, or a horse, or a bull, or a bear... whatever it is.
   With this powerful flower Puck has her own playing dirty tricks with the 4 lovers... and causing Titania to fall in love with a jackass.
This is one crazy play you do not want to miss!

with me, Kayla, as a gothic fairy [oh comeone you know you wanna see me gothic]
SHS March 18 & 19 at 8:00
March 20 at 2:00

My mom will pick you up at the train station for the Sunday performance if you are interested in coming. I can't really hang out for more than like 10 minutes after the show, but i would seriously loveeee if you could come and support me. thanks in advances

COME TO THE SHOW! BE A PART OF KAYLA'S FAN CLUB! [errr yeah i had a fake fan club made for rent... so sure i have a fan club...]

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[01 Mar 2005|11:07am]

yesssss i got my pictures :)
comment cuz i know you looked at them!
[ and it took about a million times to load up these pictures]

disney | universal | saturday night **PICTURES**Collapse )

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WiNtErBaLL <33 [for those not on the friends list] [13 Feb 2005|12:13am]
winterball recap: crazy night of insane and hot dancing. i love you guys too much!!!!!
and i felt amazing, no joke.
pictures up soon don't worry.
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[08 Feb 2005|05:59pm]

pictures from the past month or so... enjoy!
*school/ random
*somers vs pac bball
* city w/ isabel and Leo <33

hands down this is the best day i can ever remeberCollapse )

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[04 Feb 2005|11:10am]

half day:
bus-- reminising about Drama with colleen (the penetrator, NITRO! what a scary little dog, random keyboard letters in shoes, the falling computer, cameos of the stage crew and izzy!)
math- i hate my class full of retards.
spanish- got the midterm grade, 91. but for some reason i'm not happy with it, idk i was expecting a lil better but its still good
gym- speedball. oyyyy, that was crazy. my team won, some how. a sport that combines soccer and basket, so that completely screws me over
english- reading amsnd. all i kept thinking was titania singing "you make me wanna ah ah ah ahhhh WHOAHHHHHH cant you hear my crazy love for you" [i love that song]. and just for the hell of it i shall quote puck's line in one of my favorite songs "What fools these mortals be!"

hmmm idk if i'm gonna go to the movies now. FEEL BETTER ANT [you faker!]



.... boredum? ALREADYCollapse )

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"i should tell you i have always loved you. you can see it in my eyes" [31 Jan 2005|02:48pm]
i hate coming back to school after seeing rent
this has happened to me everytime after seeing it. i always wonder why i bother going to school when all i want to do with my life is see rent and act. Add the anxiety of midterm grades and i'm going freaken crazy right now.
i hate going back to school after the perfect day. January 30 2005/ May 16 2004. so hard to cope after those days.
and i know what day is coming up. i know it and live in fear of it. i fucken hate winter it only brings bad things

my day... .first day of 3rd quarter. took me until Saturday night/ Sunday morning at 1:00 to realize this. i'm more then half way through. the battles almost won. and camp isn't too far. pshh nevermind

math- holy shit. holy fuckennnnnn shittttttt. I GOT A 92 ON THE REGENT. and thats just beyond amazing. i am in disbelief. i didnt even do that well on Earth Science last year. so atleast i have some happiness to my day
spanish- dude i really am the spanish master. read some story about lions and fleas.
gym- my game was skillful. the other game was not.
chorus- how sad the student teacher was sick. uhhh sang in hebrew. heh sopranos only sang for like 3 minutes.
lunch- hmm talking about what Jordan taught us. and look i'm really not the master on that topic. give me some more credit damnit
global- i did alright on the midterm. it pisses me off people that aren't happy when they get high 80's. i am fucken thrilled to get 80's.
bio- i'm screwed for that midterm. and confused. she was nice to me today. until she had this EXTREMELY loud spazz. it was scary
english- i didnt do all that bad. but i was extremely tired at that point. so freaken boring.
I STAYED AFTER FOR THE FIRST TIME SINCE MUSICAL STARTED!!! that was fun. of course it was, what is better than freezing ur ass off outside the school with friends?

and now... well i'm just singing Rent at the top of my lungs. cuz yes i am that obsessive.
god damnit i must see it AGAIN

"find one song. before the virus takes home"
and that quote has for the most part nothing to do with anything. i just love this song and thats what i'm listening to at this moment
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promoting :) [27 Jan 2005|10:14pm]
your invited..we await you.
| La Vie Boheme!

****** KAYLA MAKES HISTORY ****** [27 Jan 2005|07:05pm]

I, Kayla Ruth Miriam Esther Kleinman, have seen all 222 episodes of Roseanne.


this is the most amazing thing in the world. i would like to thank Nick @ Nite, Oxygen and of course my idol Roseanne for making this all possible.

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