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Mar. 4th, 2006 @ 11:41 am NEW LIVEJOURNAL!
Just a reminder; please visit my new livejournal, circle and wave !
Do you like the new format and feel of the livejournal?

Many thanks,


Ps: I think I've friended just about everyone, but I still hope people add my new lj to their friends list! Please update me!

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Mar. 1st, 2006 @ 11:03 pm (no subject)
A new livejournal is born!

I might update this one for a couple more weeks, but my livejournal has moved to circle and wave

-- Dan
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Mar. 1st, 2006 @ 09:48 pm (no subject)

I'm not quite sure if this is a blog, but if it is, the guy did it right...
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Feb. 25th, 2006 @ 10:54 am (no subject)
I'm supposed to start reading Humboldt's Gift. It's much better to update livejournal. :-D

Long week, for a short week. As I get more and more busy, it seems as though the passage of time both speeds up and slows down. Individual days speed up because I never have enough time to do everything. Entire weeks take forever; I was home in Syracuse only seven days ago, but it feels like a lifetime. This way of experiencing time is not unpleasurable. It's just wierd.

Senioritis has, I think, finally hit.

It dawned on me this week that, if all goes well, I'll have a job locked long before I graduate. As long as I don't fail anything I'll be okay, just like in High School when I did early admission. The downside to that mentality is that it is becoming increasingly more difficult to do any real work. I find my mind wandering to the most random places. This experience, like the time-warp, is also not unpleasant. For example, I submit the following contents of my head in the past two weeks:

- I've been brainstorming a lego machine that, while doing no real work, would do something cool (like stacking coins)
- I've had three ideas for books but rejected them all
- I drew character sketches for a comic called "American Collegiate" but realized that a comic would just take too much time and effort
- I discovered that I could do "reverse pushups" in my dorm room by resting my ankles on part of the bunk bed and pulling myself up using the crossbars
- I watched "Last Saumrai" and tried to find out whether there were any samurai in America so I could
join -- I didn't find any :-(
- I researched the possibility of covering an entire wall of my room with whiteboard material and went so far as to shop for materials. Couldn't find anything suitable!

I have a bunch of ideas, but I feel nearly incapable of actualizing any of them. It's kind of cool, though. I'm also fascinated by the impending probability of having my own apartment. It will be so good to cook again. I can't wait to get a santoku blade and a cleaver. I'm also seriously tempted -- before I graduate -- to find a chinese restaurant and ask to work in their kitchen for a week or two. They wouldn't have to pay me, just show me how to make their amazing fried rice, chicken lo mein, hunan chicken, and szechuan chicken.

I also want to make a music video that uses simple plan's song "How could this Happen to Me" where a whole bunch of not-too-bad stuff happens to a guy (like, the elevator door closes just before he gets to it) and the song plays and he starts crying. Speaking of simple plan and songs:

Particle Man
Particle Man
Particle Man hates Simple Plan
They have a fight
Particle wins!
Simple Plan cries
Particle grins


Ok. This has probably been the most random post I ever made. Time to do work.

-- Dan
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Feb. 12th, 2006 @ 11:27 pm (no subject)
The weekend is over :-(

Betta and I spent a lot of time together, but not as much as we usually do. We're both so busy. I've been hearing a lot of professors this year joke about seniors having all this free time. I'm beginning to believe that they actually think we do have all of that free time! At any rate, the time we did spend was very good. First we played raquetteball, and then we studied, and then we went to the luau thing and got texas hots, and then we hung out with friends and played Soulcal II using ddr pads (so fun!) and then next morning I worked, and then we hung out all afternoon, and then we went to pizza hut, and then this morning I had to work the ASB breakfast and Betta came, and then i went to work my other job and she studied, and then she had to leave :-( Where does all our time go? I would think after spending so much time together she'd get sick of me, but she never does, and I never get bored with her. So it's good :-)

Still job searching, which in Buffalo is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

I'm really excited. Tonight I went back to Fruity Loops to spark some creativity, and when I listened to something one of the creators of the program had made, I got this idea for a really cool song. After a few minutes rearranging his prexisting loops and adding in some of mine, "Gotham" was born. It's got this great noire feel, with melancholy horns and strings and a kickin' drum line. Cheers!

By the by, I ate some 8(?) month old margarine (3 months past due date) today and now I'm twigging out. I don't think it was bad for me and I don't think it's related to me twigging out, but still... Ever get that sensation where you swear you see someone out of the corner of your eye? Or when you get chills down your arms and back and you feel twigged out? Perhaps it could be because I'm home alone, which is rare these days. I'm such a wuss sometimes :-D

-- Dan
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Jan. 31st, 2006 @ 09:01 pm (no subject)
The verdict is in: the thesis got an A !!!


I think it's one of those things that takes a while to set in. After all the time I spent worrying about it, you'd think I would be more happy. And I will be! If only this sore throat stops... Betta and I often note that guys could take bullets or knife wounds and keep going, but sore throats and runny noses have them whining and complaining. :-D

It's been a good week. I found that I'm going to Almost Heaven, which is a Habitat for Humanity site in West Virgina up in the mountains. We'll be building houses. It'll feel good to put these muscles to use. I'm also finally getting a real move-on in my job search; last week I sent out a resume, and this week I plan to send out about fifteen more. What's more, I had a random conversation with Dr. Sauer (marketing) and he's going to put me in touch with a couple of local not-for-profits. Maybe this is what I wanted all along without knowing it... this way, I could make money doing marketing, but not shaft people. This would help me accomplish my goal of doing something to build Buffalo up.

That's about it for now. More information soon.

Oh! If you haven't heard about the lumberjack-off (it's not as bad as it sounds... geesh, you people have gutterminds!) then listen to this: Steve insisted that his ghotee was better than mine. I insisted that he was wrong. So, in true captain-stinko-man style, I asked him for a challenge (are you asking for a facial hair challeeeeeeeeeeeenge!?!?!?!) and it's on! For two weeks, starting tonight after a clean shave, neither Steve or I is allowed to shave. At the end of those two weeks, our facial hair will be judged by two subjective judges and one objective judge. Moreover, on the day of that judging, we have to wear flannel shirts and knit caps. The loser buys the winner a big cookie. So, if you're a canisius kid, go down to Lt and put up a vote on the board for who you think will win!

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Jan. 25th, 2006 @ 07:59 pm Check-in
It's been a while, too long to recount here.

I finally have that damn thesis turned in! The first grade is an A, but I have to wait for another two. Here's hoping... all I want is fair recompense for my work. I'm back at school and working the job search full time, or as full time as I can what with classes and work. It replaced the thesis as an object of obsession. Every once in a while, I'm tempted to get down; searching for a job is somehow very emotionally trying. But I remember that it's only a job. My job is not going to be me, and I am not going to be my job. I just worry because the first job could potentially set up other good jobs, and so the cycle goes...

I've finally gotten back into a solid gym cycle. After reading Pavel's book the Naked Warrior -- sorry, no nudity -- i've been experimenting with variations on the one-legged squat and the one-armed pushups. I'm toying with a couple of different fitness goals; perhaps trying to match the fitness requirements for the Army Rangers (since I already got the army recs whupped) or maybe training for a half-triathalon. Either way i want to do something that'll maximize health.

I'm so proud of Betta for working it in the gym! She's been so dedicated, and it's really starting to show! She's doing well this semester. I'm glad we've been able to spend so much time together! If only I could finish the project I'm working on for valentine's day...

alright, back to work.

-- Dan
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Dec. 7th, 2005 @ 11:01 pm (no subject)
Today I went to sign for my thesis extension. I learned for the first time that taking the extension would disqualify me from possible Dean's List standing. And so I have a choice. Take my unproven, unrated thesis and push and hand it in on friday, or wait -- and lose Dean's List standing -- and hand it in later.

I've spent around eight hours today working on it since I learned about this latest problem. And I think I've made my decision. I will speak with Dr. Wood and see what he says. And then I think I will turn it in Friday.

If I fail, this will be the best thing I've ever failed.
If I do well... well, then no problem.

This is one of the scarier things I've faced in college.
I think I'll consult the Big Man's Word on this, too.

-- Dan, and Hatley sends his regards
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Dec. 5th, 2005 @ 08:26 am Pre-Finals Week
Long week.

It's official; excluding sleep, I spent more hours in the library than I did in my dorm room. And including sleep it still would have been a close call...

Last night I was bored, so I alternated between working out, downloading strange and foreign music to break to, and learning something called "a three-step" that is really just a glorified way to make me trip over my flailing limbs and bang my knees. The thing is, when the girl from the webpage does it she makes it look cool and sexy. And when I do it it looks strange and flail-y. Oh well. One more goal for me... The beautiful thing about breakdancing powermoves is that they rely on bodyweight training and strength, which uses innefficiencies in leverage -- any of my highschool friends should insert a chuckle here -- to act as resistance instead of external weight. So, I should be able to get EXTREMELY fit, what with my poorly leverage-able body...!

Alright. Time to actually do some work. The good news is I got an extension on my thesis. The bad news is I'll have to work on it over Christmas break. The scary news is that Dr. Wood now wants not only to get it published, but maybe for me to defend it at conferences in front of management-types :-/

Alright. I hope everyone has a good holiday and eats lots and lots of cookies. Christmas cookies, as you know, are a close second behind the fabled and generally divine chocolate-chip...

Dan, and Hatley sends his regards
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Nov. 9th, 2005 @ 07:38 pm (no subject)
This is one of those rare times when I update my lj because things are going well :-D

The play is over! Six nights of running, and all of them very good by any standard. Cheers to the new cast members who stepped up to the plate and represented; cheers to the old pros who, as always, did amazing jobs. And cheers especially to those demigods -- you know who you are -- who gave more effort than is humanly possible to see the show get completed. Rock on!

I made a discovery this week. Caught in the grips of an extreme unproductivity wave, I had the idea that it might be related to the recent weather. In the past I've showed traces of S.A.D, which affects people a bit like depression but also relates to productivity. So, I took a spare floor-light I had, put a bright bulb in it, turned on every light in the room, and went to work. For two days now, I've been hammering through all the things I need to complete. I don't know if it's the light or a placebo effect, but hey.. whatever it is, it's working. And that feels good. This has generally been a good week; I had a good interview on Monday that may lead to a job at Geico; I've resumed my +1 every day pushup program (where I do one more than I did the day before), I got a lot of little loose ends cleared up; I learned about a cool new sport named "free running," which appeals to the fit nut in me; and of course, tomorrow is our 8 month anniversary. It's amazing; sometimes that feels like forever, and sometimes that feels like little more than a moment. Through it all, Betta and I have not doubted the love we feel for each other. And that's something special. Very special.

That's pretty much it. THE END!

-- Dan and Hatley
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