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12 March 2009 @ 06:55 pm
I dont really write in this anymore. & i hardly read anything on it. so weird. i remember in middle school when everyone had a livejournal and you would update about each period and what you did & i would read my friends posts. ahhhh...easy days.

hah college is good. stupid ass housing rules, but other than that its funnnn. it gets kind of crazy when you can go out everynight without anyone stopping you. this weekend will be tight. just went to san diego with a bunch of friends last weekend, soooooo much fun. i must of gotten 10 hours of sleep total. hah. spring break next week!!! then one more month of school & ill no longer be a freshman anymore.

i wonder where all the cchs seniors(i still think of them as juniors, its so weird!) are gonna go. let me know? &&&& its crazy its been a year since cpy ended for me. seriously i miss it so much. the ending of sac is only the beginning of when everythinggg starts ending for highschool. its sad. i miss highschool =[ when you saw your friends everyday and classes were easy & if you ditched you didnt miss anything important.

anyway, peace :)
06 January 2008 @ 05:28 pm
30 December 2007 @ 02:59 pm
whats new:


merry christmas & happy new yearrrr!!!!

2008....best year ever is about to start.
26 November 2007 @ 04:12 pm

whos going to the winter dance?

i know some of you are like 'no that shits gonna be lame its in the cafeteria'
welllllll in case you dont remember thats what we all thought about the gym last year, & it ended up working out really well. so dont complain until youve been there and seen it.

its not even going to look like a cafeteria, its going to be on the left side and its just a room to dance in. the floors are gonna be cleaned, each wall is going to be completely covered & so will the windows. theres going to be so much decorations you wont even recognize the place. its kind of a wintery club theme. so its going to be real dark and shiny and tight. trust me, ASB wouldnt put on a dance if we knew it was going to turn out lame. SO GO! oh and its semi formal OR casual. semi formal for girls mostly and guys can be casual and wear jeans & a button up. but its up to you so dont judge it just because its the cafeteria. this is the first year where the winter dance is actually going to happen & you know homecoming was tight(if you went) so heres another chance.

ALSOOO if your not a junior or senior, then this is your last dance of the year cuz you cant go to prom, unless your asked. sooo get all your friends and comeee. TICKETS ARE ON SALE TOMORRRRROW. room 16. $15 with ASB and $20 without.

if you have any questions, feel free to ask me or someone in ASB.
12 November 2007 @ 07:19 pm
BOB1 was amazing.
02 November 2007 @ 02:26 pm

halloween :]

now im super fuckin stressed out
and i have super swollen glands
and sore throat and headache & fever.
and idk =[
30 June 2007 @ 08:34 pm

so farrr i went camping for 3 days. with simi, c bass, erik, jason, jackie, jay coller, kasey, and bruiser. it was lotss and lotsss of fun!! waterfalls!!!

hurricane harbor next week
& disneylanddd!!

cruise with sachi in august!!!

oh and class of 08..WERE SENIORSSS!
im gonna miss cory...i mean i already do.

who else is excited for summer?
10 May 2007 @ 09:22 pm
some people are nosey.

yeah, go tell all your friends what i write in my livejournal.
its the cool thing to do.
15 April 2007 @ 05:35 pm
i donno when the last time i updated was, but whatever.

uhm spring break is overrr =[ =[ =[

it was amazing though.
started out not so great & kinda scary.
but turned out to be amazing.

one of the nights i went to chris' pool with sachi ogechi sara kimi ashley chris justin nick annie andrew robbie briony gaby jojo ricky and alot of other people.
me ricky and sachi went to get free panda express after, cuz i can do that.
it was the funniest conversation in the car everrrrrrrrrrrr. omg.
it probably helps that we were...kind of out of it.
i said "oh guy god!!" instead of oh my god. and it was like the funniest thing in the world.

i also went to 6 flagsss!
that was alotttttt of fun and way cute.
i was pretty fucked up at davids party..actually more so after we left, but that night.
uhmm 3 sleepovers with the boy<3 haha
what else oh friday the 13th was amazizizng. we went to the beach, then swimming at his pool & tanning & jacuzzi, then unexpectedly took a nap, then went out to dinner, then walked on santa monica pier :]
and then i slept over again last night.

i went to westside with flo the other day. and we hung out with chelsie before that.
iv hung out with sachi alot. we visited UCSB, i wanna go.

yea this is turning into a lame ass post so im going to end it.
i just basically hung out with friends, drank, smoked, sleepovers, boy, 6 flags, party, and alottt of texting.

haha i really dont wanna wake up early tomorrow.
02 April 2007 @ 05:44 pm
life is finally GOOD.

nothings going wrong.

there was friend drama with lauren,
but now me sach raechelle ogechi flo and chelsie dont speak to her.
cuz shes shady.
so theres no friend drama what so everr.
my friends are fantasticcccc. besides lauren, but shes gone now.
i even think the sophomores she chills with are to cool for her.
some of them are so cute and nice. but she fits in with the age & height. HAH
me and sachi and my mom just booked a 5 night cruise to cabo!
july 9th!!!!!

k anywayy

family stuff is good.
my dads annoying about college.
i visited SDSU today
but my dad gets annoying.
my mom isnt to bad.
my dad just gave me 100$ for spring break.

or should i say boy.
everythings gooooood.
hopefully i wont fuck up again.
not hopefully, i know i wont.
were all gonna go to 6 flags friday.
yayy :]

what else,
oh school isnt that great. fuck that just reminded me.
i havent done like a week of finite hw.
physiology is hard as fuck. hopefull my book was good.
ap english iv been doing all the essays FOR ONCE.
us history i can never seem to get higher than a C+
gay shit. school is gay. i dont wanna do the SAT again
or ACT or AP tests or anythinggg. ahhhh
college seems SO scary

iv been with like my grade of people since 6th grade from ccms to cchs most of them.
some even before that.
and to go to a whole new school and not see everyone all the time
its gonna be scary! but i can meet people.
but everyones gonna be all over the country in random colleges.
thank god for myspace!

okay bye