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this is a movie about MY LIFE.

made by me.

30 November
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    "Division Street", Thursday:
[...] Lights out on Division Street / I'm repeating / Goodbye to the memories, / the night is pouring down, / it's not enough to put this out / I'll burn up before I wake up. / This is serious / This is serious / If this is serious / I'll hide my heart in dark parades.

Lights out on Division Street / I held you tight like an empty bottle / But the glass broke / Hello? Hello? Is anybody there / The house turned black and sat in silence / lalalalala, listen to yourself / go on and on, as if you spoke to someone else [...]

  my so-called life by wakelee ___
    Born penniless on the streets, Fleck struggled to make it big as a country musician in a world dominated by hip/hop and R&B. By age seven she had already created quite a buzz in her 'hood after recording her first multiplatnum single "Honky-Tonky Love"; but it was not a commerical success. The album received rave reviews from Country Music Monthly; however good reviews dont pay the bills. Fleck then had to choose between following her dream of being the opening act for the Dixie Chicks or to go attend an all-girls catholic school in hopes that her education would someday equate to big g's to finance her music career. So far the plan has worked accordingly, but dont act surprised if one day you catch her belting out her famous line "My biscuts are burning, my stomach's a churning, all of this school but not enough learning. i love the southland."

Live by the Journal, die by the journal.


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