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add it.. I spent forever on the layout.. It's mine and ddvrazzkikr's community... we need skaters
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everybody needs to check out
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Have any of you guys seen Imaginary Heros with Emile Hersch?

I rented it earlier today and just finished watching it. Man is that an intense movie. It was amazing. I loved it. There was this scene that I fell in love with though. I checked on IMDB to see if they had quotes from that scene, and of course not. So, I wrote it down (took me forever, and will probably take me forever to type out)... here it is.

(note: Tim is Emile Hersch, the main character, Penny is his sister and they're at the park smoking durring this convo)

Tim: What am I going to do?
Penny: Start with passing me the joing.
Tim: In life? What am I gonna do for the rest of my life? All of a sudden, it matters.
Penny: Well, Tim. The secret to the success of life is to find something you love, is there something that you love?
Tim: Yes.
Penny: Good. Then you have to do that the rest of your life. And you better hope to hell you're good at it, because if you're not, then you'll probably fail.
Tim: How do you know if you're good at it?
Penny: Well, people tell you.
[long pause]
Penny: Is there such a thing as a human heart, now that is a better question.
Tim: Well, if you listen closely.... you can hear them breaking.
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ARJAY!!!!!!!! my darling cage boy o love. Happy birthday! wow... you arnt allowed to get any older kay? I remember when you were a little shortie with argyle socks up to your knees and shorts witha *Chunk loves sloth* ringer tees! awwwww. I think I might cry!
Happy birthday!! Disneyland Thursday!

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I cant handle this, it hurts so bad, all over too. I cant go an hour without crying out in pain. I kept waking up last night with tears rolling down my face because i moved a certain way in bed that hurt... or I tried putting my jeans on.. and cried.. And I feel like shit... I threw up lastnight because.. well, Im blaming it on my sun burn.. and I have to go into work today, and I cant even walk... yay.

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ow. Sunburn=pain. I can't even move without having to cry out in pain. Im burnt on my back, chest, sholders, neck, face, both sides of my legs and my lips. Not fun.. I love the beach, just not the whole getting burnt thing. Ow.

someone kill me now, please.

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